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Day 164: Sorry thermodynamics...

     For a moment I couldn't tell what we were supposed to be looking at, but as I looked around the room, unable to find THEROS, I suddenly realised he was standing right in front of me! It was amazing! As far as I was concerned, I was looking at a wall; there was no hint of distortion like with the Elite armour, and even slight movements seemed to be compensated for. THEROS then suddenly started waving furiously, and he was only just visible, as the sensors and projectors attempted to keep up in real time with the change in environment.

"It has a few delays and bugs that could be ironed out with a lot more work, but it more than functions as required for the purposes you'd need it for. I was going to use it to simply walk out of the door, leaving HoN Co. behind, but with this you have a better chance of crippling HoN Co. entirely, ensuring that we all get to leave!"

"How does THEROS see though? I would have thought with the light being projected away, if we can see behind him, he won't be able to see us."

"No, no I had thought of that, or something similar, but the light is semi-refractive. We can't see through the projected light to see THEROS and the device, but THEROS can see out. It doesn't interfere with his vision at all, nor should it ever provided it remains functioning as intended."

"I have to say, I don't feel different at all. I thought it would make me invisible to myself, but I can still see my hands, feet, body, everything I'd normally be able to see."

"That's for the same reason; the projection is done so away from you rather than onto your body so you still appear visible to yourself. Whether that was intended or not I don't know, but I'm glad it worked out like it did. If you were unable to see your limbs, coordinating them may have proved tricky."

"What does it run on then? I would have thought something this powerful would need a massive power-pack to work, but I can't see a power source at all!"

"That's a little secret of mine, which, until now, no-one has ever known about. When I performed experiments in the Nether, I was often teamed to find certain objects to conduct tests on. We'd always go in teams, collecting small samples to determine their energy efficiency of. One day I came across this strange, orange rod. It was just lying on the ground, and after determining it wasn't putting out radiation or heat into the air, I picked it up and packed it away for personal study. I've had it for many years now, and I've determined that it contains mass quantities of potential energy that can easily be converted to fuel whatever is necessary. It's about 120% more efficient than any fossil fuel that we currently use today, and could easily power the CPD for a full day!"

"What happens when in runs out then? Can it be recharged, or is that the end of it?"

"No, but that's another beautiful property I found out about it. It self-recharges! When it's not in use, it will recharge itself when in contact with anything that radiates heat. The intensity of the heat source determines the recharge rate, but it can essentially recharge itself from body heat! It would take quite a while, but this ability makes it an incredibly potent power source."

"Wait, so you managed to take this from the Nether? But we thought that all energy sources from the Nether instantly lost their potential energy when being brought back through the portal to our world...?"

"That's what I thought as well, but I suppose it may have something to do with the recharge ability it possesses. The other energy sources are much like any normal source, and when the entire source has been spent, the material is useless. Like when burning coal, you are left with ash, and a residue which contains no more potential energy and has little use for anything other than waste. That rod however recharges, and is the only source of energy we have ever found that can do so."

"Why didn't you turn this over to HoN Co. then? This could have made you incredibly famous! An energy source that recharges itself! You've actually find infinite energy!"

"Yes, but with great power comes great responsibility. Pardon the trope, but if HoN Co. were to get their hands on this, they would only abuse it. I couldn't have that riding on my conscience. If I had they would likely have activated the master portal by now too!"

THEROS popped back into view as he removed the device from his belt and handed it back to Jeff. He took it and slid back a small panel that revealed a small, thin, orange rod. He carefully took it out and placed it onto the table top, placing the device behind him.

"This is it."

"Wait, hang on a minute. What about the conservation of energy? If this thing is able to convert heat into potential energy to use in the CPD, what energy form is it giving off when it's being used? The energy doesn't just get used up..."

"I simply don't know. I've monitored the device while it is operational, and the only form of energy it expels besides converted electrical energy is heat, and that is insubstantial to count for the amount of power it is supplying. It's not emitted in radiation form, at any point along the EM spectrum, so I simply don't know. Some form of energy that we haven't encountered yet, possibly. As such we can't detect it yet, so we don't know what form that takes and what effect it has."

Jeff placed the rod back into the CPD, which hummed as the back plate was slid back into position, before growing silent.

"If your friends only have one of these... Eyes to find, they should be back by now. I recommend we go back to the cafeteria and stay there until they come back. Everyone else will either be asleep or working in their own labs, so we'll need to keep out of sight of the other guards, and especially the Director."

Taking the device with him, slipping it into his lab coat pocket, we left the lab, going through the mandatory disinfectant mist again before heading towards the cafeteria.

Syeonyx signing off

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