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The beginning of The End

     We'd relaxed for about an hour before we decided that it was a good time to set off. We had a good enough lead on the HoN Co. guards, even with them being on a high alert. If they hadn't found the shack yet then we were likely to be safe from here onwards to the portal. Preparing ourselves for the next long leg of the journey, UOPETA flicked the lever on the far side of the room; the bookcases began to part in four directions, exposing a small, thin corridor beyond. We ensured that the barricaded door wasn't going to be easily broken through before individually heading into the corridor. COLUS led the way, keeping the rifle at the ready at all times, just in case HoN Co. had managed to find a way inside to the portal. We hadn't found any evidence of that yet, but with HoN Co. you could never tell. We remained quiet for most of the way, mainly because there was little to talk about, but partly to remain as silent as possible in case there were HoN Co. guards lying in wait up ahead.

"We're counting on you THEROS to get us back through the Endermen building and to the portal. From what I remember, that place was a maze, and we can't waste time by getting lost there..."

"Don't worry, I can remember it vividly in my head. We enter through the entrance we found, head to the end of the corridor, take a right, head down to that end, then head right again. Go up a flight of steps and head back on yourself down to the end of the corridor, before turning left. Then turn right and head down a set of steps, before entering a long corridor after a right turn. It's a straight line from there, going up another set of steps and up to the portal over a narrow walkway."

"That's pretty accurate... wow..."

"That's my eidetic memory at work. It's what helps me finish off the maps in detail and from an aerial position without gaining that vantage point. Not many people have it, but the ones that do are usually in careers where exceptional auditory or visual perception is vital."

We had a way to go, and a lot of it was going to be slow going due to the confined spaces. Much of the way before us was also paved with obsidian, which made moving about difficult due to it's inability to reflect light. Any torches placed near them seem to be ineffective, and it was often hard to discern the difference between obsidian stone floor and a giant hole into a black pit! First though we came to the large pit of lava that we had come across when I was digging out a tunnel that SERVERE had started. It veered off sharply to the left as a result of the lava pit, which we found we were unable to cross, but had to navigate around instead. Luckily there was little in the way of a detour, and we continued on our way through another long, thin corridor. Towards the end it opened up slightly, before narrowing again into the obsidian tunnel that we had expected.

"From the other side of that, we have the bridge to cross. The one we patched up with wooden slats. It'll take us to the left where we'll soon then enter the Endermen structure."

"Let's just hope we don't have any more of those weird visions. I felt sick after that last one we had. It was incredibly disorientating too..."

I recalled the last time we were there, we had all begun to disappear individually, having the same vision. An Enderman had begun to communicate to us all, but separately, telling us of the Keystone and how they had come to be trapped in The End. We had learnt all that we had come to do up until now in a single moment, conversing with an ancient being across dimensions. If it was known to the public, it would have been a day to be marked as one of the most important in the history of humanity. To us however, it meant an easier end to HoN Co., which was all we wanted. Just like THEROS had remembered, we exited the thin tunnel and came out onto the obsidian bridge which had been patched up by us. Arcing to the left, we would then enter the main structure. We were nearly there...


     We were here! After navigating through the structure with ease and accuracy, we headed straight through a paved tunnel and up a single flight of steps, up to the portal. Just like before, it sat ahead of us on a platform suspended above a dark hole. The only light came from the torches that we had placed around again and the lava pool it sat above.

COLUS took the five Eyes of Ender in his hand, and gave them out to each of us closest to the portal. We surrounded the portal, ensuring we could reach the slots they fitted into, before waiting for everyone else.

"This is the last moment we have before we either near the end, or unleash untold evil upon the world. If it's the latter, I want everyone to know, it's been an honour working with you."

"I'll see you all on the other side..."

THEROS placed his Eye into the slot on the far side, before returning to the back. AMPHIS was next, then COLUS, me. THEXIS was the last one left. Holding the Eye in his right hand, he remained looking at the portal, hesitating slightly.

"Let's just hope we're doing the right thing..."

"You and me both..."

THEXIS began to lower the Eye into the slot, letting go once the base was fitting in. It clunked into place, and THEXIS stepped back immediately. We waited for something to happen; the portal remained still, and only the bubbling lava pit beneath it showed any change, as it bubbled. Then, as we watched, the lava began to froth violently, as it visibly changed in colour, to a darker orange, through a series of red hues and eventually to black.

"Is that meant to happen...?"

The twelve Eyes began to glow, before silhouettes of them floated up and out of the slots, merging into one, hovering above the blackened lava for a few moments, before dropping downwards. The lava surface exploded into an array of pinpoint of lights, dotted around. Looking into it, we could actually see more lights moving below, as though it were pane of glass.

"Who's first...?"

Syeonyx signing off

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