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Day 165: Recall of the Endermen

     Just like before, we woke up before any light had begun to creep over the horizon, giving us plenty of time to get moving. Restarting the remains of the fire, we cooked a small amount of food to serve as breakfast, before packing up and continuing our journey to the East. We still had a long way to go ahead of us; across barren and frozen tundra, to the South, across small deserts and though thick forests, before finally reaching our base. It was going to be good to be back, although we wouldn't be able to stay there very long. We had a job to do that required the utmost concentration and speed. We had to ensure we recovered the Keystone from The End before the master portal was activated, and before HoN Co. was able to catch up to us. Now we knew that HoN Co. was aware of the alternate use for the Keystone, we couldn't let them get there first. They had technology and many other factors on their side to catching us, but we hopefully had concealment. We were the only ones to know where our base is, where the entrance to the iron mine is and where the portal to The End is. Provided they remained a secret, we could ensure victory provided we reached our base before they found it.

"Is there anything at the base that they could use to help them find the portal? We can't give them the opportunity to find it, especially if they discover our base."

"I don't think so, but there is access to the iron mine from the base, so if they find the base, they've found the iron mine, and will definitely find the portal eventually. Let's just hope we get there first."

"Well as far as we know they don't know where our base is. If they did, why have they spent so long in trying to capture us? They had their chance when we were in their base, right under their noses, so they obviously couldn't have known who we really were. The base should remain hidden for the time being, unless SERVERE sells us out..."

"I don't think he'll do that, he's too dedicated to our cause for that. Although now they know where his allegiance lies as well, so he is likely to keep himself out of the way of anyone."

"Yes, but what about the tracker in the armour? He said they were able to track him no matter where he went in the world, and it wasn't worth giving up the suit for that..."

"Maybe SERVERE was able to talk the Director and the others round. The sedative has a mild amnesiac effect so he may be able to play on that. Maybe he'll convince the Director that he let us go so we'd lead them to the portal. At most it would make everyone weary of him. Knowing SERVERE he was able to talk his way around them."

We all knew that SERVERE had put his position on the line by essentially attacking the Director, but we had a good idea that he was able to get back into his good books by pretending that he placed a tracker into one of our bags. It sounded like the kind of thing SERVERE would do, and it would allow him to maintain his position, but if I were the Director, I would be incredibly cautious. The idea that he could be a double agent would certainly have crossed his mind by now.

"What about these Endermen though? They said they were trapped in The End and needed to be released by us. How do we know we can trust them? At this point in time we can't be sure of anyone or anything we can or can't trust."

"I agree. They're meant to be ancient beings that existed thousands upon thousands of years ago and became trapped in The End by trapping the evils that began to escape through their portals. They wanted us to travel to The End, take the Keystone and destroy the master portal."

"But thanks to HoN Co. the portals are slowing releasing the evil back into this world. By destroying the master portal, we rupture all of the remaining portals, active or otherwise, and remove the threat of invading evil altogether."

"Yes, but what I'm saying is what if they were trapped there for a reason. We were all told by them through the vision that they trapped themselves as a sacrifice to protect the Keystone. What if they were really trapped by some other force...? What if they're the evil ones?"

"What, so the Endermen aren't the ones saving this world from the evil... They're the evil that have been trapped by something or someone else?"

"Yes. We only know what they've told us, and it works in our favour as we want to destroy the master portal to ensure HoN Co. doesn't succeed.in opening the master portal. What if they are actually trying to convince us to let them out, so they can continue their reign of evil?"

"Well we can't take that risk. With the amount of effort we've put into finding these Eyes, HoN Co. has likely made massive progress in activating the primary portals. They're likely to be closer to activating the master portal than ever before. We have to continue with the current plan and hope that we're right. We have to hope that we're rooting for the right team."

We continued heading East along the snowy area, discussing the endless possibilities that lay unknown before us. We didn't know who we could trust, but with the amount of effort we had thrown into retrieving the Eyes for the portal to The End, it only made sense to continue with that. If the Endermen did turn out to be the contained evil, I doubt we'd have long to regret it, and if they weren't then we were one up on HoN Co.! This Ender Keystone was still part of the whole mystery; we didn't know what it was, how big it was and whether it even existed, but we had to at least hope we could gain access to it and take it to the conducting tower. For all we know it could be as large as a skyscraper or as small as a grain of sand. Either way, transporting it could be a problem. However it could be as simple as activating the portal, entering into The End, talking with the Endermen, taking the Keystone and destroying the master portal. However, in my line of expertise, I knew nothing ever went as smoothly as that.

"Let's hope the Endermen put on a warm reception for us then. I'd hate to come this far and have it end... in The End..."

"We don't even know what happens after we take the Keystone though. Say the Endermen are on our side, or at least enough to prevent HoN Co. from succeeding, what happens to them after we open the portal up? We don't know what they're like, how they act or anything. Do they just disappear? Do they spread out around Minecraftia and repopulate?"

"I can almost guarantee one of the first things they'd do is take back their stronghold. If it was one of their ancient buildings that was part of a city, they'd probably rebuild."

"But why do they live underground?"

"Look, there are a billion and one questions that currently don't have answers yet, and some that aren't like to ever have answers. For example, what's going to happen to us if we succeed? Does the portal physically blow up, taking everyone with it? Does the entire dimension get sucked into the portal, destroying the totality of existence? We don't know. We don't even know what will happen when we take the Keystone through to this dimension. I say we tackle the what-ifs as and when they appear, rather than wasting time speculating on them now."

"Well we can discuss and theorise to our hearts' content when we have to stop for the night again. No way are we going to reach the base before the end of the day. Easily by tomorrow though..."

We continued our journey, eventually reaching the ice crossing that we had traversed nearly a week ago, still heading East towards the desert area, before we would then hit the welcoming sight of trees. once we saw that we know we'd be close to home. Let's hope we didn't have any more incidents getting there...

Syeonyx signing off

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