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Backs against the wall...

     SERVERE and the others didn't know we would be waiting for them in the cafeteria, but he said he would come looking for us when the others had retrieved the last Eye. With the one we managed to take back from the first tower safely stored away in UOPETA's pocket, all we had to do was wait for their return. I had been wondering about how we would be escaping the HQ, as I could guarantee that it wouldn't be as simple as walking through the exit. For starters the guards there are likely to recognise us, especially the other six who were playing the part of the "captured" ones. As well as that, we had to keep out of the Director's way. It seemed that everyone was at least cautious about the Director, with some people actually afraid of him. I had to admit that he was creepy; I couldn't put my finger on it, but he had this air about him that instantly put me on edge. Judging from the reactions from the others, he creeped them out as well. A small part of me was constantly concerned with the idea that the Director had caught onto our plan from the start, but that was unlikely... I hoped.

"What do you have planned after they come back with the fifth Eye? Are you heading straight to this conducting tower and getting the keystone?"

"No, we've got quite a way to go yet. Once we have all of the Eyes, we need to return to our base, and make our way through the tunnel entrance from our iron mine and find the stronghold we managed to get to. Hopefully HoN Co. hasn't found that yet; if we can get to our base without bumping into any more HoN Co. guards or the Elite, we've pretty much won! We need to activate the End portal, travel to The End dimension and retrieve the Keystone. Once that's done, we then head to the conducting tower and use it to destroy the master portal."

"How are you going to do all of this without HoN Co. knowing? Surely they'll have caught on that the Eyes they had have gone missing?"

"Hopefully it'll be some time until they realise that. We only need a day or two of a head start from them and we can guarantee we can bring down the master portal. You should come with us! You seem fascinated by our efforts and sticking it to HoN Co. would fit you perfectly! You'd be about the tenth person we would have liberated from HoN Co.!"

"I'd love to, but they'd notice me missing. I'm a senior lab engineer with the Two labs, so I'm often called to meetings with others to update the Director and the committee on our progress. I'm scheduled to show them the results of our experiments with the Affinitas cages we performed recently, along with the data we collected from the recent pigman dissection."

"Why would it matter? You would be out of the HQ before the end of the day! They wouldn't be able to track you at all, so provided the meeting wasn't set up until before today, you'd be home free!"

Jeff was silent for a moment, obviously thinking it through, weighing up the pros and cons; it seemed blatantly obvious to me that he would be better off coming with us. But after a few moments, he began to shake his head.

"I'd rather stick it out here. If HoN Co. begins to crumble, I'll know you were successful and I may be able to perform my own subterfuge from within."

We couldn't force Jeff to come with us against his will, but I felt a little defeated when he decided to remain. I suppose he thought it was better to stay in an environment he knew he'd remain alive in rather than risk everything. I had felt the exact same thing when I first began to piece together the evil parts of HoN Co. before encountering the Lone 7. I knew I couldn't go back, and I wasn't sure I could trust anybody. I felt like running from my troubles and hiding somewhere where they couldn't find me, and start anew. However, I'm glad I made the choice to join up to fight against HoN Co. As we went back up to the counter to for more coffee, when SERVERE came in through the door. We headed back to the entrance where he stood waiting for us.

"Well SERVERE? What's the news? Have they managed to retrieve the last Eye?"

"They have, and they're waiting for you at the entrance to the other labs. We'll need to concoct a new method of getting you out of the front gate. With it being night, activity around the HQ has reduced considerably, so there are more rigid guidelines enforced."

"Why are they more enforced during the night?"

"Well they're technically not, but they're easier to enforce to their fullest extent when there's little other people around serving as a distraction. The guard that was on duty at the entrance when you came in has gone, but you'd still need to get past the Director. He's fuming at the moment because the others disappeared. I've a feeling they're trying to pin it on me, but I'm trying to take any of the CCTV footage that suggests that."

"Why don't you just come with us? We could use your help in determining what HoN Co. is planning next and how we could avoid them."

"Sorry, but that would mean giving up the Elite armour. It's a useful asset to me, and it'd be foolish to do so."

"Why would you have to ditch the armour?"

"They have built-in long range trackers which uses GPS-based monitoring to pinpoint my location. They can tell where I am within five feet, anywhere on this planet. It's a little daunting but provided I do what I'm told and go where I'm supposed to, HoN Co. don't bother me."

"How have you managed to contact us within our own base then? Surely they could have tracked you and you would have essentially led them directly to us?"

"You'd think so, but I radio in on a regular basis about what I've discovered. Every time I go anywhere near your base or any of you, I radio in that there's nothing to report."

Just as we began to get ready to head out, the Director burst through the door, flanked by two armed guards, holding pistols at arms-length in our direction. We leapt back defensively, and myself, THEROS and UOPETA instinctively went for our rifles... Our rifles which were still dismantled...

"Dr. Stone... You disappoint me..."

Syeonyx signing off

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