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Stand off

     Nobody moved... Nobody spoke... We stood there staring down the glare the Director was giving us right now, seething hatred visible in his eyes. The two guards that accompanied him meant business; instead of swords that we had usually experienced them carrying, these two were inside armed with guns. A decent sized handgun, pointed at arms-length towards us, covering all five of us. If we made any unexpected move, a single command from the Director, and they could put all of us down in less than a second! SERVERE began to move over to them, but the guards nor the Director battered an eyelid.

"I managed to lure them here after they retrieved one of the Eyes from the towers. The other six should be on their way back soon with the last one. With the two they've stolen, they should be able to activate the portal to The End."

"Good work, SERVERE. I had my doubts about your plan to get the Lone 7 here, but it seems more faith should be placed in you in the future."

"Thank you, sir. They came in under the guise of guards with the others, pretending they had caught all but one of the Lone 7 group. I allowed them access to the One and Two labs so they would be able to get to the towers. As an added bonus, I was able to give them enough time to weed out any of the scientists with morality issues with their work. Seems it worked better than we had planned..."

"So it seems... Do you have anything to say for yourself, Dr. Stone?"

Jeff was silent; he looked absolutely petrified. The colour had drained entirely from his face, and his mouth was slightly open in an expression of shock.

"And before I... deal with you three, do you have something to say...?"


"SERVERE, go and round up a few guards to cover the other entrance to the remaining labs. If the rest of the Lone 7 are nearly done, we'll need to stop them from getting anywhere else..."

"Yes, sir."

SERVERE promptly turned around, and walked out of the cafeteria, leaving the rest of us to deal with the Director and his two cronies. We weren't in any position to coordinate an attack as they could gun us now instantly! I was still torn between feeling fear and rage after SERVERE's deceit. He had spent so long helping us, ultimately leading us to a place full of HoN Co. thinking we had the upper hand, before revealing our true identity and trading us all in!

"What happens now? Are you going to kill us? Would it really be worth the amount of resources you've put into finding us? Would you gain any satisfaction from doing so?"

"I'm afraid it's not down to me. I've notified the home base where the message will be passed to the Paragon. He'll determine what method of disposing of you is best, although I can guarantee it's unlikely to be pleasant. Be it safe to say, it's not going to be as simple as putting you to work again. That would merely offer you the opportunity to escape."

"Who's the Paragon?"

"I'm sorry but that's confidential. Even though you're unlikely to be alive much longer, telling you our secrets such as the identity of the Paragon would still be foolish. Luckily I'm not an idiot. You three on the other hand... Falling for the old trick of trusting an old friend. A trick as old as time..."

"You won't get away with this! What you're doing is wrong, and it'll only take a few people to catch on to what you're doing before you have a revolt on your hands!"

"I doubt it. We can contain any form of disapproval from anyone in our employ, and quietly remove them from their post if they do not wish to change their minds. We all have our jobs, you understand. I'm merely carrying out the tasks required of mine."

"What are you going to do with the Eyes then? There's nothing in The End that posses any use to your goal!"

"Once again, I'm not stupid. We're aware of the Keystone, and the alternative use it possesses. Placed into the frame of an active portal close to the master portal and we open it instantly. We don't need it, but it is a useful backup and it prevents you from having it. Not that that's an issue any longer."

The two guards began to approach us slowly, guns still raised towards us. We remained where we were, afraid of what would happen if we made any movement at all. Jeff seemed to have frozen up entirely; his face hadn't regained its colour and he hadn't said anything or moved since being discovered.

"I'd suggest you come with us quietly and without incident. It'll make things a lot easier."

The Director quickly turned to look in the direction of the door, as it slowly opened by itself, before closing again. Shrugging, he turned back around and repeated the order to the two guards. Suddenly he bent backwards and clutched his throat, as though he was being strangled. The two guards aimed their guns at the Director who was trying to fight something off with one hand whilst keep the guards from shooting at him. He eventually settled, still clutching his throat, when the air behind him began to shimmer. After a second or two, a figure appeared behind him, holding him in a neck hold which had immobilised him.


"Put the guns down, or I break the Director's neck. If you don't think I will, try me; I've had enough of all of you lately, and I'm liable to do something crazy!"

The two guards looked hesitantly from each other to the Director, who began to nod slowly.

"Okay, now kick the guns over to them, put your hands up slowly and head to the far wall."

I took the opportunity to reassemble my dart rifle. THEROS followed suit, and we had our rifles ready and aimed at the two guards, forcing them back against the wall. UOPETA picked up the two guns, removed the magazines from each and drew back the slides, ejecting the chambered round, before throwing them back to the ground. Jeff was slowly returning to normal; his face a mixture of bewilderment and fear.

"THEROS, if you would do the honours..."

I kept the two guards pinned against the wall, whilst THEROS turned to SERVERE, with his rifle raised. Firing once, the dart impacted against the Director's neck, and he quickly slumped in SERVERE's arms. The two guards attempted to fight back, but THEROS quickly turned pressing the barrel against the guard's forehead. he fired once, quickly followed by my shot to the other. They dropped like stones.

"Well... That was... Erm..."

"No need to thank me, but I would suggest hurrying up. The others are already ready and waiting to leave. Disassemble the rifles again and I think I can get you through the entrance and out of here. Wait for me at the mouth of the underwater tunnel. I'll have your guard armour ready for you by then."

"Thank you so much, SERVERE! For a moment I genuinely thought you had betrayed us. Next time you do that, give us a sign that you're playing them for the fools rather than us..."

Syeonyx signing off

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