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Energy of the ancients

     COLUS, UOPETA, Joe and myself turned to look at OROTHO who had remained behind with us rather than go ahead with the others to warn the guards. He had said he had an idea, but as far as the portal was concerned, it was unlikely to help. He must have an idea to get the Nether creatures back into the portal. Maybe he found something in one of the labs when he had gone with the others to find the last Ender Eye.

"I have an idea that might work, but I don't know the full extent of its use to us now..."

"What is it?"

We continued to fire at the Ghasts and fire creatures below us ensuring that they were distracted enough for the other guards to escape. They no longer seemed to be shooting at the Endermen; whether this was because they knew they weren't the threat or thought they weren't a big one we couldn't tell.

"Well we know that the portals can be destroyed using the Solus stone that we had to deactivate them and remove the link to the master portal. The Enderman said that the Keystone works in the exact same way."

"Yeah, and...?"

"Well it said that the Keystone was of this world. The Solus stone wasn't. We had to take more from the Nether through a portal, which likely had an effect on its ability to destroy portals. Nonetheless it still worked against them. If the Keystone is more powerful than the Solus stone, all we need is an increase in power."

"What are you suggesting? That one of us heads into the Nether and destroys the master portal from the other side?"

"Exactly! It only makes sense for it to work. It doesn't matter where the portal originates, but provided you use the alternate energy source in the opposite dimension, it might work! Think about it: The Solus stones work on the portals in our world but their energy originated in the Nether. The Keystone was built in our world and works off the energy from our world, so logically it would work in the Nether only. I don't know what it would do to the other portals, but it may be a one-way trip..."

"So someone would have to enter into the Nether and destroy the portal, sacrificing themselves for ever living creature on this planet?"

"I'm afraid so. I can't guarantee what it would do to the other portals; some may remain active, some may not, but if one or two did, maybe that volunteer would be able to pass back into our world."

"Couldn't they just activate any one they find though? If they're trapped in the Nether and they find an inactive portal, all they need is a large enough heat source."

"No, because there would no longer be a link between that portal and the master portal. Without the link there's no need for the portal to be active, and so they cannot be reactivated. Come to think of it..."


"If they can't be reactivated, from either side, it would almost guarantee that they would be trapped in the Nether. Any and all active portals would be deactivated instantly the moment the connection is severed. They would be trapped forever in the Nether."

"We need to tell the others. We need to..."

"No, first we need to run this by the Enderman first. I can't even be sure if that's how it works, but the logic in my head states this would be the outcome. It's a great sacrifice for one person, but it's the ultimate sacrifice. One life for quadrillions of other individuals of every species..."

Calling the Enderman once more, it appeared before us, with the same expressionless face staring at us.

"Do you need assistance? We are helping the rest of you to convince the others to escape. We will need more, but it will take time."

"OROTHO has an idea about the Keystone that might work and destroy the master portal. OROTHO?"

"What if we were to destroy the master portal from the Nether? I thought that if the Solus stone uses Nether energy to destroy the portals from our world, maybe the Keystone can use energy from our world to destroy the master portal from the Nether. Would this work?"

"I'm afraid not. The portal is active because of the connection made to every other active portal. To destroy the portal, the connection would need to be severed between it and every other sub-portal. Only then would it deactivate again. But this is not possible; as we speak, the connection established is spreading to inactive portals, causing them to strengthen the portal. Once it reaches full strength the merging of dimensions will begin."


"However your theory has given us an idea. The Ender Keystone is different to the Solus stone as only it can destroy the portal. If we were able to boost the power of the Ender Keystone with energy from the Nether we could disrupt the connection and destroy the portal."

"How would that work? I thought the master portal worked from the energy from the Nether itself? Surely that would be like fighting fire with fire!?!"

"In a way, yes. The energy that the portal is using is ancient and has remained dormant within itself since its creation. However the powers in every dimension change and fluctuate with time. The energy within the Nether back during the creation of the portal would be more... primitive in contrast to the energy now."

"Are you saying... Energy evolves? But energy is finite... It's the conservation of energy law that governs the amounts of energy in the world. Energy is only transmuted from one form to another."

"Yes, but the energy itself can evolve; continuous use of energy in one form can improve its efficiency. As a popular saying with your culture goes: 'out with the old, in with the new'."

"So we can disrupt the ancient energy by utilising the current energy form from the Nether with the Keystone?"

"Yes, but it would require a vast storage of energy to achieve this. Any form of energy-bearing material brought through the portal would lose mass amounts of this energy."

"What about the CPD!!!"


"The CPD! It's powered by that energy source Jeff found in the Nether long ago! He said it was practically a self refuelling battery! It can run an energy-hungry device like the CPD for an entire day, and then be recharged again!"

"Show me..."

Putting my rifle down, I took the CPD from my belt, slid the back panel off and took out the strange rod. It glowed and incredible orange hue in the dark. I passed it to the Enderman, who took it with both hands, turning it over, before closing its eyes and remaining still for a moment.

"Yes! This object contains vast amounts of energy that can be used against the portal! It must be merged with the Ender Keystone to bind the two energies together."

"How do we bind them together? I doubt sellotape is going to do the job..."

"Both the Ender Keystone and this energy source are incredibly unstable, and will likely be even more so joined together. They must be done so by us."

Four more Endermen appeared in front of us, also hovering a few inches above the ground, their gazes locked on the strange, orange rod that the Enderman continued to hold.

"Please, give us the Ender Keystone and we can merge the two together, forming the device that should be able to shut the portal down."

COLUS passed the Keystone to the Enderman, who took it, before backing off slowly. The other four Endermen began to move around and form a circle. They placed their hands within the centre of the circle; the one holding the rod and the Keystone placed them in the centre, where they then began to float a few centimetres above their outstretched hands.

"Let's hope this works..."

Syeonyx signing off

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