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Human-Endermen relations

     We all stared at the active portal in silence, none of us moving closer towards it. It was mystifying and eerie at the same time, and none of us could be sure of what would happen once we stepped through. Would we be killed? Would we be trapped in The End? Who knows! In the end I volunteered to go first; I saw the look on Amie's face when I put my hand up; a mixture of fear and confidence. I saw it in the faces of everyone else as well, and in the end I managed to convince THEROS to come along with me. Stepping up onto the frame of the portal, and standing on either end, we looked between each other and the portal. The I jumped! I don't know what convinced me to go, but in the end I felt like I had little to lose. As my feet left the frame, time seemed to slow down, as I reached the apex of my leap and then began to fall towards the portal. Closing my eyes, I waited with baited breath, expecting to feel a watery sensation, as though jumping into a swimming pool. Instead, the feeling of falling continued for a moment or two longer, before I landed on a solid surface. Slowly, I opened my eyes, and my held breath was instantly released in the largest gasp of astonishment I had ever achieved! I couldn't believe what had happened. I had travelled through to The End through the portal and lived! The area around me seemed barren, with only a few odd obelisks and pillars jutting awkwardly from the bone-yellow stone beneath my feet. Looking up I could see the portal I had come through, upside down, with the odd shimmering surface remaining in place, but still convulsing. Moving out from under it, I waited until THEROS came through, and it wasn't long before his feet emerged and he landed on the ground with a dull thud.

We stood in silence, gazing around in wonder at the area around us. The sky was a very strange purplish hue, which seemed to fizz and sputter like static on an old television screen. There didn't appear to be any form of light source, and yet it was still possible to see quite a distance. All around us stood the Endermen; they looked exactly how they had been drawn in the images we had found; tall, thin creatures, with long arms and legs, and an oddly large head sat atop a thin neck. Their eyes were a piecing purple, that seemed to shine with their own light, and every pair was turned towards us!

"Greetings, human. We are delighted you were successful in your task to activate the portal. We have much to discuss and little time to question."

The voice drifted across to us from all sides, and it wasn't for a moment until I realised that it was coming from inside my own head! THEROS had reacted in a similar way to me, indicating he was hearing the same thing. All of the Endermen began to slowly approach our position, as the rest of the Lone 7 dropped through the portal and into The End. We huddled together in a loose group, whilst the approaching Endermen, began to create a s ring around us. Once they were in position, they all stopped. Only a single Enderman continued approaching us, and it did so until it was only a few feet away before stopping. By now everyone had passed through the portal and was stood together in a group. I could feel the apprehension in the air, as we all waited with breaths held, wondering what would happen next. The closest Enderman raised its arms and closed its eyes, before slowly lowering them again. COLUS stepped forward, presumably to act as the emissary for us.

"Greetings, Enderman. We have come through the activated portal, seeking the Keystone you showed us, so that we may put a stop to HoN Co. and destroy the master portal."

"We know who you are, and we are glad of your return to our structure with the means to activate the portal to this world. We have waited a long time to be free, and now our time has come. However there is a little matter to attend to. This one wishes to give you the Ender Keystone we spoke to you of, so that you may put it to its intended use."

"We have been through a lot to get this far, and we can only apologise for the time it has taken to reach The End."

"There is no need for apologies. We are aware of your plight and sympathise with your situation. With the many millennia we have spent in this world, a few more weeks is nothing to us."

"Millennia? How have you survived this long? I can't see any food or water around here at all!"

"We have no need for nutritional substances. Food and water and non-requirements of our species, as we exist as one. We also require no rest of any kind, as our species is familiar with the many countless millennia each individual can live. This individual is approximately 3,425 elliptical cycles of your planet in age. However it is not the eldest, nor is it the youngest."

"How long have you been here since you trapped the Keystone away?"

"We have existed in this world for approximately sixty one millennia. We have passed through the equivalent of seven individual's generations. The Keystone has remained a secret and secure for this entire length of time. It is only now we have revealed its existence to anyone outside this world, by communicating through the Aether."

"Which individual are you then? The one we are speaking to?"

"You are speaking directly to the individual that sensed your presence in our structure back in your world, and communicated the instructions to retrieve the five Eyes of Ender to activate the portal. However, you are communicating with the cognitive power of one."

"We cannot afford to waste any more time. You are aware of what is at stake if you fail, and we cannot allow this to happen. However, besides the Ender Keystone, there is little we can do to help. Follow us and we will take you to where it is kept."

The Enderman turned around and began walking away from us; the ring of Endermen that had circled us parted to let the individual through, and we followed a little farther behind. The other Endermen followed us, maintaining the broken ring formation. We passed many pillars that seemed to be constructed of obsidian, some of which reached hundreds of metres into the air. The terrain around us seemed to be made up of a single component; the yellow stone beneath our feet was flat and featureless, with only a small rise here and there giving any sense of change. We weren't walking for long, before we stopped before an alter that had a single burning flame atop it. The alter seemed to be made of a mixture of the strange, yellow stone and obsidian. We approached it as the individual Enderman climbed to the top and stopped, before turning to face us.

"The Ender Keystone is a singular object with one purpose; the destruction of the portal which threatens to let out all of the evil from the Nether. It must be taken from this place and back to your world, where it can be used against the portal to destroy all others on your world, and prevent the Nether from ever escaping onto the land."

The Enderman turned back to the alter and raised its arms again, before lowering them slowly and moving to one side. From the flames appeared a small, green object which rose above the edge of the flickering fire, before hovering no the spot.

COLUS began to climb the later, towards the Keystone. Reaching the top, he put his hand out to grab it, but was hesitant because of the flames. Eventually, he steeled himself and stretched out his hand to take the Keystone. Curling his fingers around it, he pulled it free and towards himself, before exhaling and stepping down from the alter. We had it! It sat in COLUS's hands, shimmering in the light of the fire, although it seemed to have a surface that coalesced on its own.

"Now go back to your world and destroy the portal. You will only get one chance, and you cannot fail. We will pass through the portal after you and attempt to aid you. You must not let the Ender Keystone fall into the hands of the evil otherwise all is lost."

We began to head back to the portal, knowing that we were literally hours away from finishing this! All we had to do was get into the conducting tower and down into the master portal chamber, and place the Keystone within the frame of it. Then we would have to wait and see what happens...

Syeonyx signing off

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