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Volunteer for the job

     It wasn't long before the top of the tower slowly came into view over the tops of the trees. The weather had really taken a turn for the worse; the rain was now lashing down, with flashes of light piercing the dark sky every few seconds, the low rumble of thunder changing to an ear-splitting crack as the storm continued to wash over the whole area. Every now and then, the flash of lightning would be brighter than before, suggesting actual forks of electrical energy striking close by. We had taken to dashing from tree canopy to tree canopy, the Enderman leading us further West at a hurried pace. We needed to get to the tower quickly; with HoN Co. being so close to activating the master portal, this type of weather was the last thing we needed, and exactly what they needed!

"Do we know how close to activation the master portal is?"

"From our visions, we have determined that they need to activate but one more sub-portal before the main one can become active."

"That could be any time now! If lightning strikes that tower after that's done, they'll open the portal to the Nether and all types of hell will spill out into our world!"

"The lightning is a key element to the activation process, however a mechanism at the base of the tower must be put into action before a lightning strike is effective. Their protocols state this is to be refrained until all of the sub-portals are active. We still have time."

"We'd better pick up the pace then. Look!"

Looking to the tower where AMPHIS had pointed, we could see that the flashes of lightning in the distance had actually been much closer than we had thought. Fork lightning erupted from the clouds, striking the antennae of the tower, throwing sparks high into the air, which fizzed and popped before burning out in the rain.

A little while longer, and we reached the copse of trees just South of the tower. From there we were able to see all we needed, and what we could see didn't give us much hope. The tower was surrounded by guards! Literally surrounded! Each side of the base was protected by at least two guards, with at least fifteen guards standing in formation closest to us. They were all facing South, but thankfully it was dark enough and the foliage cover thick enough to hide us from sight. Looking up to the tower, I flinched every time fork lightning struck the antennae. Judging from the starting frequency that was happening, HoN Co. would have no trouble activating the master portal once all of the primary portals were online.

"As you can see there is heavy resistance here. You will not pass through undetected without our help. We have determined that there are over forty men here that you can see. There are fourteen men concealed from sight by devices similar to the one you possess. We can track their movement for you, but we cannot be sure how many are within the tower itself."

"Well we'll have to use the CPD to get one of us inside then. If we create a distraction for long enough for someone to get inside then we may be able to escape when the portal blows up."

"Blows up? The portal does not function in this way when used with the Ender Keystone. Much like your Solus stone you had used to destroy the portals before, the Ender Keystone acts in a similar way. It rips the portal of any energy that might be being transferred be each sub-portal before activation and causes and implosion. The entire portal and all neighbouring ones are pulled into a singularity and destroyed entirely."

"That's not likely to cause a distraction from our initial one, then... If there was an actual explosion that would draw them away from us, but if the portal only pulls in other portals and implodes it's not going to be much help."

"You misunderstand. The implosion through the use of the Ender Keystone will cause all material in the vicinity to be drawn in, including the tower. This is due to its incredible power in comparison to the Solus Stone. The Solus Stone was brought from the Nether to your world through a portal, which strips it of mass amounts of its energy. The Ender Keystone was constructed in this world, and possesses full power in this world."

"If that tower's coming down, that'll be more than we need to make our escape. In the confusion we can run off, leaving them to their failed master plan."

We determined who would be going into the chamber to destroy the portal; everyone was reluctant for obvious reasons, but in the end we had three willing candidates: me, COLUS and Joe. It was impossible to decide who was to go; each of us had our own reasons for going in and doing the job ourselves. I wanted to get back at them for the number of people they had killed, the amount of death on their hands, the amount of evil they had got away with. COLUS wanted to go as he felt that being the leader it was his duty. Joe wanted payback; he had been enslaved to work in the obsidian mines which we managed to rescue him from, and he felt he was paying them back what he owed them. In the end we had to let the Enderman decide. We weren't going to get anywhere by arguing amongst ourselves.

"You all have valid reasons for wanting to go, however only one stands out as worthy. A position of leadership does not make you the ultimate choice in a tough situation. Revenge, though a powerful inspiration, leaves you open to mistakes and flaws that may be the result of ending it regardless of the cost. Syeonyx, your reasons for wanting to end this alone are more sincere, more worthy of the task. You do not seek honour or vengeance, but merely and end to evil. I cannot force you to enter, but I believe you are best suited to this task."

COLUS and Joe looked at me, with what almost looked like relieved faces. Amie jumped at me, hugging me tightly. I hugged her back, knowing what this last mission meant to everyone. There were no second chances, no restarts. It was now or never, and we had but one choice. COLUS passed the Ender Keystone to me; much like the Solus stone it glowed a bright green, likely due to the close proximity to the primary portals. COLUS then passed me the CPD, which I clipped to my belt. Taking one last look at everyone in turn, I took my first few steps towards the tower. Let's end this!

Syeonyx signing off

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