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The ultimate disguise!

     We went back inside the lab where we had seen the two scientists dissecting something on the top of a table in the far corner, which meant going through the same disinfectant process again. Pressing the button, the light flashed, before the room filled with the same sterile mist, which dissipated quickly, opening the door in front of us. Entering into the other side of the room, I noticed that the other scientist had already left, leaving us on our own with Jeff. Walking to the far side, he flicked a switch and the table they had been standing around earlier sank into the ground, leaving only a slight raise in the ground.

"As you no doubt know by now, we're been able to experiment over a wide area of topics and subjects, and have had access to some of the best equipment and scientific minds of our generation. Up until now, I couldn't think of any practical application to the experiments we were performing, but I had faith in the Director that he knew what he was doing. It's only recently when we were told to begin experimenting with the creatures they had managed to bring across from the Nether. I have dissected the remains of pigmen that have been subjected to many forms of torture and physical stress, most of which I was unable to determine the cause of. But it seems that HoN Co. are not only trying to find ways to bring large quantities into our dimension, but they're trying to beef them up as well!"

"You think HoN Co. are trying to improve the pigmen?"

"Not just the pigmen; once or twice I have dissected the remains of infant Ghasts, Blazes, Creepers, and many more creatures that didn't as yet have names. Through vigorous study I was able to determine that many of the corpses had similar traits, but only those that had been performed on them. Some had received numerous, deep lacerations, burns and a vast array of other physical deformities."

"What about the Creepers? What did you notice when you were dissecting those?"

"Well a couple of years ago I noticed that there had been a significant change to the physiology of the Creepers I had dissected in the past. They possessed a new organ that secreted a hormone or chemical that only occurred while it was alive. We were told very little of its use, except that it was involved in making them 'more volatile'... We also weren't told how they had come to have these new organs, but early on I came up with the theory that they had been altered on the genetic level. It wasn't a random, spontaneous mutation of DNA, but a precisely engineered modification."

"So another cell within HoN Co. was altering the genetic code of Creepers to grow this additional organ inside of them?"

"Yes, but it hadn't hit me then that it was us doing the genetic modification. They told us to stop asking questions and get on with our work. Well, I'm sorry, but when you tell a scientist to stop asking questions, it's like telling them to quit! That's what a scientist does! For at least a year I've begun to understand that HoN Co. cares not about morals or ethics, but only on reaching their ultimate goal, that of which I am now aware. For about as long I've been wanting to leave, but I know that they wouldn't let me go freely. A HoN Co. scientist does not simply quit. They 'disappear'... Something I'd rather not do. So I've kept up my work for the purpose of preserving my life, so that I may get the chance to escape one day."

"You're not the only one, you know. In our time we've opened the eyes of HoN Co. scientists, guards and other employees being kept blind to the whole picture. In fact one of the scientists studying portal technology has joined us. Her name is Amie, and we found her working on the master portal. She had the same doubts about HoN Co. as you do, and if these doubts are as widespread as we believe, it's only a matter time before everyone leaves, and the public gets wind of this."

"See, due to the way in which HoN Co. keeps us in these distinct cells, I hadn't even heard about any kind of portal, let alone experiments with making ones that take you to other dimensions. It's unlikely she knew about the work we did, although I use the word 'work' in the loosest possible sense."

"Anyway, you said you had something that could make things a little easier for us?"

"Ah, yes I do. As I already mentioned, quitting from this job is practically impossible, but I had an idea to simply walk out instead."

"I don't get it, what's the difference?"

"This is..."

Jeff came from the other side of the room carrying a small device which I thought was another PDA, until he placed it onto the table top.

"What is it?"

"Is it a way to destroy the master portal without having to go into The End?"

"No, unfortunately. I've been working on this for some time, so I wouldn't have known about the portals back then. No, it's a small device that mimics the environment around it through an array of sensors and projects a true-to-life stream of light which can be used to hide objects."

"In English...?"

"It's a device that can hide any object, including people, by mimicking the environment around it, essentially bending light by allowing viewers to look straight through it, without seeing it or whatever it is attached to."

"So it's like an invisible shield, based from the Elite armour?"

"Oh no, that's true invisibility. They have spent billions developing a technology that can bend electro-magnetic radiation at the visible light level. This detects, copies and then mimics the surrounding colours and textures, and then projects them out, much like a chameleon does. It adapts to its environment through the sensors, and within seconds, it can conceal an object as it moves between varying levels of colour and texture. It's called a CPD: Chameleonic Projection Device. Well, I called it the CPD, and as far as I know, nothing else like it exists. The technology is so very different from that used by the Elite armour, but it essentially does the same."

"How effective is it? Does the light level effect it?"

"Well I would say it's more effective than bending light, as with that method there is always a level of distortion. Light naturally travels in a straight line, which is usually the path of least resistance, but obviously attempting to bend it will cause distortion. This is often seen as a rippling effect, like that of gently flowing water. However with the CPD, it replicates the light level, shadowing, colour and texture of any and all objects in a 360o radius."

"Can I try it out?"

"Sure! Place it on a central position on your body, turn it on and wait a few moments for it to gather enough data to operate. It'll take effect momentarily."

"But how does it work?"

"Like that..."

Syeonyx signing off

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