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Into the fire...

     Feeling a little like we had just walked into a trap, we remained quiet and in character in case the room was fitted with microphones. With a giant wall composed of a reflective mirror material, most likely being a one-way mirror, it was very likely that was the case. We waited for some time, trying to not let anything slip that we might be all part of the same group, and we reinforced this with fake chatter. The six "captured" members seated around the wall on the far side began to look at us three with mixtures of disgust and hatred.

"Feel good about what you're doing? Sleep soundly at night knowing you're causing heartache and misery for thousands of people? You're comfortable knowing you're trying to make everyone's suffering infinitely worse?"

"Shut up! No-one said you could talk!"

"No-one said I couldn't either! Do you have any idea what your twisted company gets up to? I don't think they even tell you the real story behind their plans. They sign you on as guards of places like this, safe in the knowledge that you're entirely clueless as to what goes on in places like this."

"I said shut your mouth, or I can do it for you..."

"Tests! Experiments! Devious laboratory machinations that boil down to the advancement of mankind trough any means necessary. Even through the removal of humanity itself! Do you have any idea what your company is likely to achieve if they activate that master portal? Do you?"

"Strike three!"

UOPETA began to forcefully rush over to COLUS, raising the butt of his rifle, until he stopped dead in his tracks, turning with the rest of us to look at the now open door. In the open space stood a man; neat and proper, he was the only one we had seen who was wearing a suit. Standing with his hands behind his back, he remained silent for a moment, quietly assessing the room full of bickering people. Slowly, he stepped into the room, eventually settling in the centre, continuing with his act of silence a few moments longer.

"The Lone 7... I have to admit, it's a surprise we got hold of you so quickly... You've been a particularly, intriguing thorn in our side for some time. I'm not entirely sure why you have that name if there are only six of you... Unless this isn't all of you...?"

The six against the far wall remained silent; despite his mouth moments ago, COLUS now seemed reserved, not wanting to let too much out. We were still in unfamiliar territory, and no matter how we pretended we knew what we were doing, we still had to ensure we didn't give the game away.

"We found them trying to get through the tunnel from gate B, after they had subdued the guards. They were surprisingly easy to capture, but they don't pose any threat to use now they're here."

"Thank you... Sorry, I don't think I know you...?"

"We're part of bridge team theta. We broke off when we noticed the commotion, but gate B have sent replacements."

"Good. Let's hope we can catch the other one that's still running around. They won't pose much risk, but they could still prove to be irritating."

The strange man turned to leave the room, but stopped when he saw me; moving closer, he was a few inches from my face, studying me with fine detail, before moving back slightly.

"I know you... I've seen you somewhere before..."

Shrugging I quickly said that it was likely a passing photo he'd seen when going through any guard records for bridge assignment. He remained quiet for a moment. I was convinced he had sussed me out, but eventually he nodded, rubbing his chin with his thumb and fore finger thoughtfully.

"Yes, I suppose that is possible. I see many new faces, and remember so few. You three come with me. There's the debrief to go through."

Me and THEROS moved to the door following the strange man, whereas UOPETA merely turned back to COLUS. Stopping to see what he was doing, I was shocked when he smashed the rifle butt into COLUS's face! AMPHIS moved forwards to attack UOPETA but I managed to restrain him, until UOPETA moved away and back towards the door. Letting AMPHIS go, I followed the other two.

"Sorry... I've been dying to do that. He's been winding me up since we caught him!"

The man nodded once acceptingly before continuing through the door. The two guards that had escorted us to the room were still standing outside, closing the door behind us. What did we do now? Why had UOPETA attacked COLUS for? I knew we had to create this illusion we were still guards with the power, but that was a little excessive. THEROS looked back to me with a concerned look, and I could tell I wasn't the only one.


     We sat in a comfortable living area waiting for the strange suited man to return, with no-one else in sight. It was just me, UOPETA and THEROS, and I for one was a little worried. Why had UOPETA attacked COLUS, and how were we going to get the others out of that interrogation room to help us with the find? We had practically led them to their own slaughter under the guise of the enemy. Luckily UOPETA was willing to inform us as to his out of character attack against COLUS.

"Well it was two-pronged really. Firstly it was to reinforce the image that we were indeed guards, and that they had likely got on our nerves along the way. It would only be natural to assume that we'd want our revenge in some way or another. Secondly, it was the only way I could think to get one of the PDA's from the COLUS. He still had them when he had activated them, so I had to come up with an excuse to get over to him. That's what I was doing before that guy came in. I think COLUS was trying to help actually."

"Yeah, but you still hit him pretty hard. Was that really necessary?"

"I didn't hit him at all actually. When I went over, I raised the rifle, and pretended to connect with his face, while he moved his head in reaction and slammed the wall behind him with his hand. Sounded a lot more realistic than I thought it would, but my only issue is it looked like I hit him hard enough to draw blood. Hopefully they won't connect that too easily."

UOPETA pulled out the one PDA he had managed to take from COLUS, and switched it over from sleep mode, showing it to us.

"Oh, and look! It seems the PDA map updates when it's in range. A new structure has just appeared on the Eastern coast. Looks like we have five for five."

"Well let's hope we get out of here quickly so we can work out how to get the others out. We can't do this with just the three of us, and leave them behind."

I began to think about Amie again and how she was captured like the others. I had to stop thinking like this as I knew she was more than capable of handling herself in a situation like this. She had been a HoN Co. scientist at one point after all, so if anything she was likely to be the most helpful to us. Even more reason to to help the others escape. The door opened and all three of us looked in that direction, UOPETA quickly hiding the PDA. Standing there was someone we hadn't expected to see at all!

"Afternoon gentlemen. I'm here to debrief you."

Syeonyx signing off

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