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Day 162: Collecting intel

     We were all awake before the sun had risen so as to not be caught out by any guards that might still be patrolling the area. We had chosen a spot that was pretty secluded, and wouldn't have given our position away, even from above. Even still, we made sure the night before that the fire was out before it got dark. We had had to kick dirt onto it rather than apply water, for two reasons; firstly we were reserving the water we had with us, and secondly - more importantly - pouring water onto the fire would likely have caused a large amount of smoke to be thrown into the air, practically signalling to the HoN Co. guards to come and kill us! Instead of relighting the fire, we consumed a small portion of bread from our provisions, before packing up and moving back in the direction of the outpost. We stayed away from the bank this time so as to not be spotted by any guards that might be patrolling in a boat, and hopefully if the others had managed to cross by now, they would be thinking the same thing. Luckily the fog had lifted slightly and hewn we got close enough to see the bridge we could just about make out the silhouette of the drawbridge, still raised.

"Just out of interest: what if the bridge isn't lowered for another week? Then what do we do?"

"We continue waiting. We'll need all nine of us together to make sure we can get through undetected. Besides, if it takes that long, COLUS is likely to navigate around it, and it's lucky they have THEROS on their side as they'd need him. The map doesn't show as much, but THEROS thinks you could join up to where we are by heading South."

"So why didn't we just head South from the start and be together the entire time?"

"Very far South... Very very very very very VERY far South... It would likely have added quite a bit onto our current journey time, and with HoN Co. trying to track us down, that's likely to have been a bad move. Besides, with us split at the moment, they can't get both Ender Eyes. We have one, and they have the other."

"When was that altered?"

"COLUS thought it was better to put one of the Eyes in the bag Syeonyx was carrying so that if we were split, and one of us captured, HoN Co. wouldn't have access to our three and open the End portal for themselves. They however still have the other two, COLUS being the last one to cross was going to be responsible for one just in case."

"So... We just.. Wait...?"

"Pretty much all we can do. I do however want to get some surveillance photos of the outpost to give to COLUS when they do make it across, so let's head back in that direction and see what we can get..."

With that, we headed North up a hill through the cover of trees to where the outpost was placed. From where we had stood yesterday, I couldn't really understand how we could get any decent images of the area, as we'd have to get way too close to get anything useful. However, it seemed UOPETA already had a plan for this. When we reached the top of the hill, he asked for my camera, which I passed to him, before he promptly began to climb a nearby tree! Not sure what to do, me, Joe and AMPHIS stood back, slightly shocked, watching UOPETA skilfully climb to the top, where he clung on, with a good view of the area below. He remained up there for a good few minutes, before slowly and silently dropping back down.

"There we go... I think those should be sufficient. From what I could make out, there are at least two guards wandering around down there; one that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic in the guard shack, and another which overlooks the operation in the overhanging watchtower."

UOPETA passed the camera back to me, and flicking back through the most recent images, I stopped on one of the ones he had taken. Indeed he was right; I could make out two guards, one in the tower and one on the road still holding the clipboard.

We decided that from there it would be best to check out the area further North to see if there was anything that might pose a further issue, but we were not going to be able to get anywhere near the tunnel until we had a full team with us. We had hoped that a little further North they may have a small dock set up for smaller boats and transports, but as we continued in that direction, we could see there was no chance of that. The Northern tip of the shore was set quite high up and would have been impractical for a dock. Luckily it seemed the entire area was void of any guard activity, so we didn't have to worry about being seen, despite the sparse tree coverage. In the end, we decided to come back the way we had come so that the others would find us if they managed to cross. We stayed close to the hill overlooking the outpost so that we could keep an eye on any activity.

"Wait, where are they going? They're heading towards the tunnel... Is the drawbridge down?"

Rushing down the hill to where we could see the bridge, looking East the silhouette of the drawbridge wasn't visible! Looking at each other, we continued to head South towards the bank, hoping that we would catch the others as they began to cross.

Syeonyx signing off

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