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Science from "Professor" THEROS!

     - This note I am writing must remain within you possession at all times! It contains the secret behind the portals, and their weakness! I have become aware of a lack of trust between us, which is understandable, and is the main reason for this note! If you are to trust me, it is only fair I arm you with the information you need! Take heed; the information you will learn will seem to defy what you believe to be the core principles of reality, but think about it like this: if I need your help, why would I lie?

     These portals, they do not only transport you to another dimension. They transport you to another world entirely! Don't take that literally. By "another world" I mean a world that would never be accessible without the portals. They have the ability to transport anything through to this other world. This other world is full of darkness, pain and horror! It has been compared to actual Hell, and as such it has earned the name "The Nether"! You must never venture through an active portal to the Nether because the sights you will see have the potential to make you insane! The madness across the other side of the portal is such that you begin to question reality itself, and lose all understanding of everything! Many times HoN Co. have lost contact with a miner, assuming they have become lost in the wilderness, or they died in a mineshaft. But the truth behind the matter lies with the portals. In many instances, this loss of contact is a result of a miner finding a portal. Not knowing what it is, they venture forth to the other side. Most don't make it back to the normal world. It is unsure why, but it is believed foul creatures stalk the Nether, killing all foreign creatures that enter into their world! The small few who make it back never last more than a week! Of all of the bodies found, numerous books have been found scattered around them, filled with nonsense! Whatever you do, never travel through a portal; no matter how strong minded you think you are, nothing can prepare you for the Nether!

     All portals are constructed using the same material and design. Obsidian is an incredibly energy-rich stone, which also has the property of being incredibly robust! For this matter, it is very difficult to destroy them! It is half the reason for portals being composed of it. By creating the specific portal shape, you align the energy fields that are contained within each atom of obsidian. Align enough of them, and you can create a rift in the fabric of reality! But this rift is not big enough for anything to pass through except mere particles. This is why the obsidian construction needs to be supercharged with a different form of energy, namely electrostatic discharge! The most common form of this is the obvious lightning flashes we see in the sky. This electrostatic discharge is enough to widen the rift to the Nether which is incredibly stable, but the chances of a portal buried beneath the earth being struck by lightning are next to impossible! It is why the creator of the portals found another method to imbue energy to the obsidian atoms, but it creates an instable portal. Infrared! In layman's terms, the portal can be activated by introducing heat, or literally setting fire to it! This is a considerably more accessible option but creates one flaw; it makes the portals detectable. Using infrared energy to activate a portal causes the atoms of the obsidian to decay, much like radioactive decay. This decay can be detected using some form of voltage meter. As the atoms decay, they produce sub-atomic particles which induce surrounding particles with electrical energy. This is detected as a fluctuation in voltage of still air. The greater the fluctuation, the closer to the portal you are! This sloppy method of activating a portal creates a weakness that can be exploited... If you were to have a voltmeter...

     I am aware that you do not have access to a voltmeter, but it may be an idea to search the HoN Co. ship that crashed on the Southern shore of your quadrant. That is the most likely place for one to be. If not, then there is only one other method! This method has its advantages and disadvantages. It is believed that an element that only exists within the Nether, also exists in incredibly minute quantities in this world. This element often forms small stones which have a unique property of detecting the type of radiation emitted by these unstable portals. When close to a portal, the stone is said to glow a bright yellow, once again the closer you are, the brighter the stone gets. Instead of voltage, the stone detects the raw radiation before it has chance to interact with the surrounding particles, which means it is a fool-proof method of detecting a portal. It is believed that everything that exists does so in two states; the normal form, and an anti-form. This is based on the principle of matter and anti-matter, where a direct interaction of the two causes instant annihilation and formation of 100% pure energy! This stone is said to be the anti-element of obsidian, and has the power to deactivate portals! The reason why an active portal can't be destroyed is because of the the rift! The obsidian generating energy being fed to keep the rift open is in turn fed with energy to protect it! It is a natural failsafe to prevent the energy field or the rift from being stopped. The stone interferes with the energy generated by the obsidian which cuts the energy off to the rift. The rift begins to close, and the obsidian suffers structurally as the rift collapses inward on itself! Essentially; bring the stone into contact with the obsidian for long enough, and the portal sucks itself into its own oblivion! There is no immediate danger to you or any other biological organism as there is no part of the rift or the portal that makes up biological life. But anything that is nearby which is part of the two is sucked into the void! This includes the radiation generated. After the portal has collapsed, a few fragments of obsidian are all that is left of its existence!

     The chances of finding this stone are so rare, it makes finding diamond look like finding dirt! The stone itself does not generate anything to help you find it, but the only lead I can give you is the possible location of some that has been excavated already! A miner of the name Jonas McElderry used to live a few kilometres to the East of you. I cannot be sure of his location except that which I have provided. Despite giving you the map, I was unable to locate it, and therefore it is not present on it! Jonas was reported missing a few years back after HoN Co. lost contact with him. His last transmission made reference to a strange stone that he couldn't identify... I believe that is the stone you need! Find Jonas' house, find the stone, and take out the portal! I will fill you in on the last pieces of the puzzle when this is done! -


     I put the note down, trying to take it all in... This note held so much information about the portals! It verified the point that active portals can't be destroyed, and gave me the information I needed to destroy one! The one thing that got me about all of this wasn't the in-depth detail, or the knowledge of the miners, but it was HoN Co.... THEROS knew of HoN Co. and was able to monitor communications made to and from each miner... That meant he'd monitored everything I had relayed back to HoN Co.! Who was this THEROS...?

Syeonyx signing off

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