Welcome to "The Diary of a Miner"; a blog detailing the adventures and mysteries that I, Syeonyx, embark upon in my quest to further my mining and survival skills! It'll be tough, there will be good times and bad times, but I'll always be alive to post my adventures... probably...

Getting out before it gets too hot...

     It is almost painful waiting for the sounds of assistance! I sent the message to HoN Co. hours ago in the hope that they would just send a task force across via some air transport... I haven't heard any planes, helicopters or jets... I'm beginning to get worried, and I'm wondering if it's worth sending another message... Maybe... Just maybe, they were parachuted in and are coming in quietly... It was a long shot, but not entirely impossible. I could send another message requesting the same thing, but for them to contact me back, put the PDA on manual retrieval and scan for messages that have been dispatched but not received. It was risky though; I didn't know if the guards had any form of technical equipment with them... If they did, it was bound to pick up the message... Maybe there was something within the ship that could be used... It's been very quiet around here recently, so now was as good a time as any. I exited the engine room, and went to the navigation deck to look through the equipment. There was bound to be some form of communication gear around here somewhere! As I looked around, I became aware of a loud voice booming out commands! Worried that it may be nearby, I instantly ducked... But there was no-one around... No-one in the towers, on the wall or outside the gate...Where were they all?

     I carefully made my way around to the pier-side of the ship, where there was a ladder to the roof. Climbing it, I lowered myself onto my stomach and crawled closer towards the edge so I could see over the wall. I still couldn't see anyone, and I didn't want to risk being seen, but I could still hear the voice. It was definitely from a man of authority. I couldn't catch what he said, but I heard the word "trick" mentioned, and didn't like it one bit... What were they doing?

     I stayed on the roof of the ship for some time, trying to catch anything that the man said, but the wind and the sound of the waves caught almost all of it before it got to me! I climbed down, with a sick feeling inside. I HAD to find out what was going on! I went back into the engine room and packed some food, the map and compass, my dagger and the stone into a bag. I put the pickaxe and the shovel back into the chest in the supply room, and took out a few more arrows, adding them to the quiver over my shoulder. I helped Chiron up out of the engine room, and we ran towards the front of the ship, over the railings and towards the tunnel I had dug out earlier. I was going to have to use it to gain access into the mineshaft to then get into the house and find out what was going on. From then, I would be able to determine a course of action!

     I dug out the small amount of loose soil on the top to expose parts of the tunnel that hadn't collapsed. Taking off my bag, I put it next to Chiron and told him to stay put, out of sight and danger! He panted happily, but seemed to get the message. I turned and began digging the tunnel out again with my hands. It was easier this time, as the soil was loose and easy to move. After a few minutes, I had punched a hole through to the other side, and quickly made my way up the wooden stairs to the partially damaged barricade. The hole had been cleaned up, but there was no-one around, and I quickly passed through it to the other side. I eventually made it to the basement, where I was being very cautious! There could still be someone in here! I climbed the ladder and was careful to note if anyone had stayed behind. Once happy with the coast being clear, I made my way upstairs to the PDA. As i did, I heard the sounds of shouting again, followed by a roar of "Oorah!" from the guards! It sounded like there were a few! I set the PDA down and decided to check out the crowd. I climbed up onto the roof, and shimmied on my stomach to the edge. Only a few guards were down near the gate, the majority of them however were making their way to the other side of the area... What were they doing? They can't be moving out... Can they?

     What were they doing? I made my way from the roof back into the bedroom, where I picked up the PDA and began typing out a new message. Not long before I started, I heard a noise coming from the stairs, and a shadow began to advance towards the bedroom. Again, I took refuge on the balcony as I waited, hoping the guard wouldn't see me... The guard walked into the bedroom, whistling. I couldn't tell where he was, but I heard a grunt, followed by an almighty smash! What was that? The guard grunted, began whistling and walked away... My heart practically stopped beating! That had been close! The retreating footsteps began to fade, and I made my way back into the room... The PDA!!! It had been smashed!!! Now what was i going to do? I just had to hope that HoN Co. got the original message! I began to walk downstairs and was careful to note where the guard was. I needed more information! I went into the kitchen, crouched under the window, listening to the conversation the two guards were having. One of them, Pete, was explaining something to the other, mentioning something about a trap... I began to piece together the snippets of it together; I think they knew I was here! They were not going to look for me, but were going to sweat me out by pretending that they had lost interest! Most of the force was moving to the other side and hide within the forge, whilst a small team would stay at the front and remain out of sight! I wasn't safe! I had to leave... But where?!?! There was nowhere to go that they didn't know about! Except... I began to move towards the door, but a shadow fell across the hall. It was one of the guards! I froze! I took the bow from over my shoulder, and quietly readied an arrow... The guard stopped just short of the door... He was arguing with the other guard, saying he was hungry... The other guard had told him to stay put and have a break later, but Pete was insistent on getting some bread! I silently urged Pete to listen to the other guard, and to go back outside! I just needed a few seconds to creep back to the basement and escape! The arguing went on for some time, with Pete being stubborn! I started to sweat, and my hands began to ache in their prepared state! Eventually Pete gave in and began walking back outside, his shadow retreating with him! Phew! That was the closest break ever!

     Before heading back, I dove into the chest I stored the general things, and took them with me: the diamond shovel and pickaxe, the flint lighter, the sleeping bag and tent, and a few torches. I then made my way quietly back to the basement, where I knew I was safe and dry! I quickly ran the entire way back; down the coiled stairs, through the barricade and back up the tunnel! I knew they were not going to find me now! Most of them weren't even nearby, and the others were around the house trying to put me off and pretend that the house was secure... It's a good job I have beady eyes and super sensitive hearing! Getting to the top of the tunnel, I pushed the dirt back in and collected the bag of things and arranged it on my back. I had a long walk ahead of me, and the sun had begun to go down. It was either going to be a long night travelling, or camping somewhere less suspicious and travelling in the morning. It's a good job my tent is brown! I was heading East, back towards the place I found the stone. I was heading back to Jonas McElderry's house and hold up there for awhile... I hadn't received any more notes from THEROS, but if he had any sense, he'd know I was heading there!

Syeonyx signing off

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