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Day 70: Deep down, I kind of already knew...

     Sleep... Who needs sleep... I didn't sleep at all last night. In fact, I didn't even try! I spent the entire night reading through the diary I found in the hidden room of the library... It answers a lot of questions... But as always, millions of windows are opened whenever I close a door! Almost all of the questions that I can think of are related to HoN Co. and what Jonas has written about them... Is it true? It made sense in relation to my current situation. A whole load of guards after me because of a stone... They were way too organised to be under the control of the figure... Surely...? And this stone I have...? I assume this is the "S stone" he referred to? It must be; the S stone was used to destroy portals! I'm so confused!!!

     Right! I need to get this straight! These people... The L7... They are a bunch of miners, presumably, who are banding together to stop "them". They don't actually so who "them" are, but I can assume it must be the HoN Co. guards... If that's what they are. They have stumbled upon a plot involving the portals which will release a "maelstrom of evil and corruption..."! What does that mean? The L7 are using the "S stone", now in my possession, to destroy the portals and stop the plot. Hang on a minute... That means THEROS is part of the L7! So he DOES know what is going on! He's been holding information from me! I still don't even know what the portals are used for!!! Something about another dimension... But why destroy them? What "evil" is being referred to? And how does this tie in with HoN Co.? I know they supposedly found the first portal... Could that be it? Could that be the link? What did they find in the other dimension...? This "Nether"? Anyway... The L7 kept in contact about portal updates, and the S stone was passed around to who ever needed it. When there were no portals to destroy, it was kept safe in a hidden room, like the one under Jonas' house. Jonas was the last person to store it, hence finding it in the chest in the library weeks ago! There were still unanswered questions though... Like, why had Jonas found a portal, but not destroyed it? Had he discovered it, but had no opportunity to destroy it with HoN Co. sniffing around? The diary seems to show pretty rapid action after the S stone got back to him. Other minor questions buzzed around like "what did 'L7' stand for?" and "What does the 'S' stand for in S stone?". I needed answers! I was being fed small amounts of information and expected to understand the whole picture! Well no more! The next time THEROS contacts me, I'm going to send a note back! Whether his wolf likes it or not!

     I couldn't do anything now... I had a few jobs prepared such as attempt to milk the cow, force grow a few trees etc., but now I couldn't concentrate! I had had no sleep, and the thousands of questions swam around in my head, making me feel dizzy! The expression "head in the clouds" was an understatement! I hadn't properly realised this until trying to cook breakfast, in an unlit stove! I sat there for an hour, thinking... Then it occurred to me that meat generally began to produce a nice aroma when it cooked. Opening it up, the stove was empty of coal, and I hadn't even attempted to light it! If this was how I was with breakfast, trying to milk a cow could prove fatal! After all I've been through, "death by cow" kind of seems like a kick to the face! Worryingly, that seemed a little too literal for my liking... I could only wait for contact from THEROS... That could take hours... Days... Weeks! I could be recaptured within that time! If I moved on again, THEROS might miss me altogether! I needed to dispatch a message to them, and the only way I was going to do that was by waiting for him to send the first. Their wolf was the only one who knew where they were... So I would need to use their wolf to send a message back on the return journey. Although, I had doubts about how easy that would be... Every time I approached it, it would look at me, then down to the note and run off. I would have to worry about that later... For now, I could write the note... It would be best to note down everything while it was fresh in my head. There were a lot of questions that needed answering, and I was refusing to help any further until they were answered! That could be a long time...

     I've been working on the note for some time now - about two hours, maybe - and I think I've covered everything. I'm going to write a copy in my diary to ensure I know what I've asked and whether THEROS answers everything... That is if they respond to it. For simplicity's sake, I have listed them as bullet points so THEROS can clearly see what I am asking. There are quite a few!


     I have felt it necessary to send this note to you in order to establish a two-way form of communication. I have been confused by a lot of things you have said or told me to do, and before I never attempted to contact you. Well, now I need to know! Within the past few weeks I have been captured by guards and imprisoned for a number of days against my will. I was never told about why I was imprisoned, and the guards attempted to keep me docile with poisoned food. I managed to escape and have fled to the location you are aware of. I have the stone and map in my possession. You have instructed me to destroy any portal I come across, without actually fully explaining why. This has all happened to me since your first contact with me. I demand that a number of questions are answered before I am willing to proceed with this 'questionable' relationship. I find a lot of what you tell me hard to believe, especially with a lack of truth, but I have recently stumbled across the diary of Jonas McElderry, one of the 7 members of "L7", something I am sure you are aware of. The following questions are:

  • Who are you? Really!
  • What really happened to the ship that crashed in my area?
  • Did the campsite I found belong to the crew, or to others?
  • What is L7?
  • Who is the figure that I have seen, and the diary has referenced?
  • What is the S stone? I need more than you told me!
  • How does HoN Co. tie into all of this?
  • What is contained within the Nether?
  • Why does the figure want access to the Nether so badly through the use of portals?
  • Who are the other 6 members of L7?
  • What do Creepers have to do with this?
  • What are the strange cages that I have seen scattered around the land?
  • Why am I needed in all of this? Why can't you do it?
  • Why are Creepers afraid of the stone?

     I have hundreds more questions which I am having trouble putting into words, but these are the main ones I wish to know answers to. If you ignore them I will refuse to help you in any way, and will either hand over the stone to a guard, or attempt to destroy it! I did not ask to be caught up in this, and I am aware of my standing if I had refused to help. This is the only time I am giving you the chance to fill me in on the details. Refuse it, and I will have no choice...


     Obviously I am bluffing about the last bit; I wouldn't destroy the stone. I know how valuable it is to both sides, and destroying it would result in a huge backlash. If it were destroyed however, it would be beneficial to the figure as it is the only thing stopping THEROS from destroying the portals. The diary mentions HoN Co. numerous times... I only hope this isn't true, although I have a feeling this is actually the case. Ever since they gave me the message to ignore the portal, I couldn't quite trust them. It was technically a valuable find, and they wanted me to ignore it. I go back to it and it is protected by Creepers... It's all too convenient.

     Guess who just turned up?

Syeonyx signing off

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