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Day 72: HoN Co. will fall!

     I received a note from THEROS to day... Easily the longest note, which meant they answered my questions, at least they answered most of them. I wasn't surprised that the current circumstances haven't changed, and they are still expecting me to destroy the two portals to the far North West. With me possessing the only known stone to destroy them, I am the only one capable of doing it. When i woke up, earlier than yesterday, I found THEROS' wolf outside the door with the note. I was a bit surprised to see the wolf still sitting there looking up at me after I took the note, and I suddenly realised why. Going into the chest, I took out a piece of meat, unwrapped it and placed it on the ground. The wolf barked happily, picked up the meat and trotted off, and around the corner of the wall. Even before unraveling it, I could tell it was longer than all the others because it actually went onto two pages! Removing the strong tie, I began reading the note.


     I can sympathise with your situation as I have been in a similar one myself. I will try to answer the questions you have asked of me with the necessary amount of detail, however some cannot be answered because of the severity of the situation. If you have indeed recently escaped the cell then the guards you speak of my attempt to intercept this communication. Any form of identifying where we are could put us both in danger. I cannot answer the first question as it would be dangerous for both of us, however you will already know of me from before.

     Before I go any further, you must realise that, no matter how implausible it seems, HoN Co. is the main threat here! Their true intent for placing miners in random quadrants has an underlying purpose, that which I can merely speculate upon. However I believe my theory is accurate, and if it is true, then we must destroy each and every portal we find!

     The ship that appeared on the shore outside your wall was a standard HoN Co. vessel. I can't say for sure, but I can almost guarantee it wasn't carrying and investigative team! The ship did not crash accidentally, it was staged! The crew that appeared to go missing set up the camp you found to the South of the ship, and were also searching for a portal. The diary found belonging to someone called "Amie" was a fake, a plant to put you off. The crew staged the crash after plotting an autopilot course for the navigation controls, and jumping ship. They then set up camp in hopes that they would find the portal and secure it before you began to piece together what happened. Instead this is the first you are hearing of it being faked. However, seeing the light of the campfire was a lucky break for you and me! We forced them to retreat, leaving the portal still hidden, only to be found and destroyed by you.

     L7 - or Lone 7 - is the name given to a group of rebel miners who have seen past the web of lies HoN Co. has spun, and have cut all ties to them and the outside world. The name is given because obviously there are 7 of us, and we work alone to try to stop HoN Co. Jonas was one of the members, but as you probably already know, he became another a helpless victim of HoN Co. ...
We don't know who the figure is. It believed that they came from the Nether into our world through the portals. Some say they are aren't human, and that there are more than one! But most believe them to be simply an illusive figure that works within the higher echelons of HoN Co. ... This would certainly make more sense...

     The "S stone" is actually called the Solus stone, and only by the members of L7. It is derived from Latin meaning "the only" or "alone"... For a stone that rarely occurs naturally in Minecraftia, it is an apt name for it. Only the L7 know it as the Solus stone. HoN Co. will most likely refer to it as a portal stone, or simply a stone. In any case, it possess's the ability to destroy unstable portals activated through the means of heat rather than electrostatic discharge, i.e. lightning! These are the most common portals, and because they cannot be destroyed manually once a relationship is established between the stone of the portal and the rift, it makes it a very valuable asset in the war against evil. If it is destroyed or lost, we will be unable to prevent the spread of evil. We believe that the portals are a way of allowing creatures to access Minecraftia from the Nether; obviously the more portals, the more creatures. We also believe these creatures to be under the control of HoN Co., or the figure at least.
HoN Co. was the first to find a portal, at least, one of HoN Co.'s miners were. Little is known about the first contact with this portal, but we believe that something corrupted HoN Co. from that day on. An investigative team entered through the active portal into the Nether, but were said to never return. We believe they returned with something of value that HoN Co. wishes to possess in great quantities, but why there is a need for so many portals, we do not know. This is the reason HoN Co. told you to ignore the portal. They feared that you would enter into the Nether, find an artifact or resource that you would later reveal to the public. Whatever they are up to, they are trying very hard to keep it secret.

     We do not know what is contained within the Nether. Some believe it to be a portal to a parallel universe where it contains much the same as our universe. However the majority fear that, as HoN Co. has a huge interest in it, whatever it is cannot be good. It could be a weapon, or a sentient life form, anything! The L7 have often debated the possibility of entering a portal into the Nether to explore and understand the danger. But every time the vote has been overridden.
I cannot give you any more information with this form of communication about L7. I believe it is necessary for us to meet at some point, providing you can prove you are trustworthy, and destroy the last two portals. Once this has been achieved, I cannot see any reason why a meeting of the L7 would not be a bad idea. We need to strike a major covert offensive against HoN Co. and the figure, and due to the current circumstances, that must be soon!

     We actually know very little about Creepers. One of the L7 is currently studying them in the hopes they can provide us with more information about HoN Co. and what they are up to. As you read in the diary, we experienced a massive change in behaviour of the Creepers after the appearance of the figure. By this time we had already formed as the L7 and have begun to wonder if this figure is HoN Co.'s attempt of getting rid of us! As for Creepers being afraid of the stone, we cannot understand this. We have never experienced this before. Then again it has never occurred to us to present the stone to an approaching Creeper! If we meet up, we will need to test this out with one of the 7.
The cages you mentioned are one of the foulest parts of HoN Co.'s plan! After considerable monitoring, we believe these cages are a form of lure. It possesses the ability to draw the creatures from the Nether through the portals to them. Something about them is particularly enticing to Creepers, and we have often found numerous Creepers huddled around one cage for no particular reason. We do not know if this is to protect them or if it is like a Creeper-form of catnip! All jokes aside, wherever there is a cage, there is likely to be a portal!

     As for why you have been chosen is simple. From the start, you showed some form of reluctance to cooperate with Hon Co., and that's a start! It is how most of us within the L7 began. With the loss of Jonas, our group is not up to full strength, and we have been in search of a worthy replacement. With your unquestioning obedience, you have already proven yourself to be worthy of the L7! If you are successful in your final task, we hope to meet together for the first time in years, and incorporate you into our group. You will be given a new name for the sake of your identity, and you will need to cut all ties to your current existence. Hopefully you will simply "disappear" from HoN Co.'s point of view... Once you become one of the L7, you will be allowed access to all the information we know about Minecraftia, HoN Co., the Nether, portals and Creepers! Destroying the last two known portals is more than a worthy test, and if completed, we will provide you with the means to find us.

     I hope this has been enlightening. I am putting a lot of lives at stake here, and I hope you are sensible enough to make the right decision. We cannot sway you to take our path, but all you need to know is that HoN Co. was never to be trusted. The fact that you survived this long after your initial contact with a portal is testament to your luck! So I say again:



     After reading this, I was stuck for words... HoN Co. had been at the root of this from the very beginning! The ship, the figure, the cages and the portals... They had been a part of it all... Was that the real purpose of a HoN Co.-trained miner then? To find portals and then to be "removed" from service? What could be contained within the Nether to make a company do this to their own employees!?!?! I mean, for God's sake they gave every miner 7 years of training! Was it worth that much to the that they rigorously trained everyone to the peak of excellence and then snubbed them out when their use ran out? I don't know what to think... I need some time to process this...

     I've decided... HoN Co. will fall! I am allying myself with THEROS, and L7 in order to stop HoN Co. from completing their plan. I will travel to the North West and destroy the two portals in the temple and then I will return to Jonas' house. I will then wait for further instructions from THEROS, and meet at the arranged place. I have no idea what this entails, but I am willing to do anything to take revenge on HoN Co. for everyone who has suffered at their hands! I will set off tomorrow, and I am going to spend the rest of the day making a light weight armoured suit! Not a full blown set of armour, but pieces of sheet iron beneath a leather overall. It is extreme, but I will stand a greater chance of survival if I get attacked! I won't have any time to put anything into the diary except for these notes. I hope to be close to the portal site by tomorrow before having to set up camp. I know it will take a few days to get there and back, but it will be worth it.

HoN Co. will fall!

Syeonyx signing off

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