Welcome to "The Diary of a Miner"; a blog detailing the adventures and mysteries that I, Syeonyx, embark upon in my quest to further my mining and survival skills! It'll be tough, there will be good times and bad times, but I'll always be alive to post my adventures... probably...


     I stood there, staring at the two yellowy stones positioned in the centre of my palm, glowing slightly, and casting a dim aura around my hand... "This is what we would use to topple HoN Co.", I said to myself... "This will be the cause of their demise..."... I knew that if I tried to enact some form of personal revenge on them, I was likely to jeopardise the safety and progress of the Lone 7. Everything achieved so far is down to teamwork, and sticking together, regardless of the consequences. Going out on a personal vendetta will only undo all of that... We live a dangerous-enough life as it is, without me making matters worse... Closing my fingers around the stones, I put them in the small pouch inside my armour and followed the others from the lab, back into the discussion room. AMPHIS handed the map to THEROS, just as I entered, which he rolled up neatly, and placed in his bag. THEXIS had gone back to my room to retrieve my diamond pick, which he now passed to me from across the table. Accepting it, I attached it to the loops of my back armour, and followed UOPETA and THEROS towards the exit.

"The first one is more or less due West of here... We have two options; either use the boat, go around to the far side of the land, and travel East towards it, or go the long way round and walk there..."

"Decisions decisions... The boat idea is the obvious choice... We'll need it to get to the other three anyway without travelling a huge distance needlessly."

At this point, I perked up, and listened in, before jumping in and telling them about the two portals enclosed within my walls. There was a small beach within one hundred metres or so of the far North Western corner, so if we stopped of there, we could hopefully get in quite easily. As we had the blowpipes now, stealth was still a necessity, but we at least had a back up.

"After we take out the first portal chamber, we head South East towards this small beach, and work out what to do from there. Have you got the telescope?"

UOPETA patted his upper chest, indicating it was within a small niche in his armour. With that, we headed in single file across the walkway, and up towards the hatch.

     We rounded the last part of the cliff wall, approaching the worryingly large pile of leaves and branches that sat beneath a tree. Uncovering the boat, we threw the branches onto a separate pile for when we returned, and pushed the boat into the water. I stood at the bow, to ensure that it didn't float off without us, and held it steady as the other two climbed aboard. With UOPETA in the rowing seat, I climbed aboard, and sat on the left side, facing the direction we were going to head in. UOPETA pushed us from the side of the shore, and we drifted in the intended direction.

The journey to the far Western side of the land was long and uneventful, as usual. I kept a lookout, taking UOPETA's place until we swapped over half way, where he then took over. As we neared the far side, I looked for a good spot to settle on the shore. It had to be flat, with good tree cover. I eventually found a suitable spot, and steered us towards the shore. After mooring the boat, we headed inland, due East, towards an exposed stone area on the map.It wasn't long before we found the location, and it reminded me of the stone beach near to Jonas' house, and the fact that we were going to have to return there...

"Right then... Looks like we're looking for another opening... Search the area, and keep an eye out for any hole, regardless of the size..."

We split up, and began searching the surrounding area.

There were quite a few lips and overhangs in the surrounding stone, which we explored thoroughly, with no luck. At the far Eastern side of the stone area, I noticed a stone clump, which I went over to investigate, but it seemed completely natural. Standing up, and looking around the area, I could see UOPETA and THEROS still searching... And then I saw something that caught my eye... Moving back over to the Western side, I noticed a stone brick surface... Placing my hands against its surface, I tried to push, but it did not move, not one inch. I called the others over, and they quickly joined me. I showed them the stone brick surface.

"Well done, Syeonyx. Have you found a way to get in?"

I shook my head, trying to think about how we would get in, until THEROS stated something that should have been apparent from the beginning.

"How about smashing through with the pickaxe?"

Looking at THEROS, I smiled, and removed the pick from my back, and held it in the air, before bringing it down against the surface of the stone. A small crack appeared, but it otherwise remained unchanged. I tried again, and the crack splintered slightly, but the stone held fast. Mid swing, UOPETA stopped me, and pointed down and to the left of the stone.

"Look... A lever... I think..."

UOPETA bent down, reached into the small alcove, and tugged on the slightly protruding wooden stick. There was a heavy clunk, and the stone I had been smashing slowly sank into the ground, revealing a hidden passage beyond. A small amount of light emanated from it, which told us we had found the right place!

     Entering the small passage slowly, and one by one, we descended down the stair case that wound around, deeper and deeper beyond the surface.

"Careful of any guards that might be around the corner, Syeonyx"

As I reached each corner, I paused, listening for any sounds, before peering around. Corner after corner went past, and not a single guard was seen... Maybe they were down in the main chamber itself, guarding the portals. Eventually, I began to hear the ever familiar sounds of portals from below. Rounding another corner, I was surprised by the sight before me. It was not how I had imagined the portals to be at all! None of us could have predicted this! Before us, lay a long corridor, ending in another staircase, with both side walls constructed of portals themselves! But still, no sign of any guards...

Syeonyx signing off

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