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Inner fears

     We went to get ready; I was going to take my diamond pickaxe this time. I don't know why, but I had a feeling it might come in handy... I said my goodbyes to Chiron, knowing that there was a chance we might not be coming back. We were literally entering into the belly of the beast, knowing very little about it. The others had asked me what to expect and I could only reply with what I had experienced. I had mentioned the cells around me when I was imprisoned, the interrogation room, and the oddly precarious spire that led up to a strange room with a overhang... I hadn't ventured up that far. I didn't dare! I was meant to be escaping at the time, but a sudden sense of curiosity overwhelmed me, and forced me to explore a little. It's a good job I left when I did! I then told them about the security; there were at least two guards that I knew of, but that was when I was there. They obviously knew I had escaped, so maybe security had been beefed up by now... I then told them about the book I had found but had never taken. And then it hit me! At the time, I had found a book with a symbol on that I recognised but couldn't place. Of course! It bore the HoN Co. symbol, the same one on Amie's lab coat! That proved it! HoN Co. was involved with this tower, but at the time I hadn't known...

"Is there anything else that you can tell us that would help us? It doesn't matter if you can't as we can assess the situation from afar using the telescope..."

I couldn't think of anything else, except... Well... There was an entrance that seemed to lead back into the prison which I found as I escaped to the East. It was possible that it would be easiest to get in through that way. After we were all ready and equipped, and everyone was happy with the new information, we left the base again, for what felt like the millionth time this week, and headed off to where we had hidden the boat. It was still there; buried beneath the pile of branches and leaves. Pulling them to one side, we dragged the boat to the water's edge and then made up our minds as to who was going to start... It was a long way to go, but nowhere near as long as it would be if we were to walk the entire way! It would probably take nearly two days on foot, but by boat it should be a few hours. Needless to say, it could well be nightfall by the time we get there!

     From where we start, it is a straight journey to the South West for a few hours or so, and then North West. There is a small island that means we have to alter our path, but there is another option. The island isn't attached to the mainland, and we could go straight around it rather than deviate. But that would bring us within spitting distance of the shore, making us easily spotted. And considering that it's close to where we took the boat back, it would be a little silly to take that route, especially if HoN Co. keep regular patrols to ensure it's still there... It meant a small deviation, but it was definitely safer, and much faster than walking it! We potentially had two routes by foot, but both were long, arduous and dangerous! The first would see us heading North West, heading along the coast to the crossing, and practically visiting each portal location on the way! Then it was a case of heading South West until we hit a small crossing, then due South and we were there. Alternatively we could head South East up to the island crossing, and then head South West. This route was more direct, but put us walking past my old wall, and that was too close for comfort! Plus, I was afraid I would be tempted to have a look at what they had done to it! Luckily we had the boat, so those options weren't worth considering!

"If we take this route, we're likely to remain undetected by any guards that might be wandering around. I'm just worried about securing the boat now... The tower is located in an open beach area, with a prairie close by. There seems to be little to no tree cover at all, so we're going to definitely need the telescope to help us!"

It seems THEROS had the same concerns as me, as he showed the map to us and traced the route with his finger. After looking at the map, I actually realised how close to my wall we would get anyway, and wondered if it was worth having a quick look before coming back. No! I couldn't I would put everyone in danger just for nostalgic reasons! It wasn't worth it. I continued rowing South West, waiting until I saw a beach on my left, before altering the course slightly to head hue West. Then it was a case of avoiding the island by going South, and then heading North West.

     As we got closer, a sickening feeling began to grow in the pit of my stomach... I couldn't describe it; it was almost as though my body was trying to tell me not to go back there. But I didn't have a choice. Partially because I was no longer rowing any more; at the island we had swapped, and I now took UOPETA's place. But mostly because I knew I had to! I was involved in a huge plan to put a stop to HoN Co.'s evil ways, and expose them to the public for what they really are! I couldn't back out now, even if I wanted to. Any semblance of normality I would try and enjoy would be destroyed by the constant need to remain undetected, or stay on the move all the time! As long as HoN Co. posed a threat, I wasn't safe. We weren't safe! We all understood the risks at the time, and we all knew what we were doing was for the greater good, but I can guarantee doubt has crept into the minds of every one of us! I was snapped out of daydream by THEROS, asking if I could see anything through the telescope. I shrugged, asking him where we were on the map, and he pointed close to the landing point. Peering across to the West through the telescope, I searched for any hint of a tower, but nothing... Maybe we were approaching it from the wrong angle...

"According to the map, it's more or less directly due West of us. It should be visible soon."

Maybe it had something to do with the hill. The entrance I found whilst escaping was atop a small hill which might be obscuring the tower. But then I would have found the entrance by now! By now, the coast had come into view without the aid of the telescope, and UOPETA ceased rowing, allowing us to glide in silently under the power of momentum. It also slowly slowed us down, allowing us to see a better view of what we were approaching... When we were within jumping distance of land, we climbed out and dragged the boat underneath the overhang of a lone tree... Turning around to face the West, I see the sun begin to lower in the sky. But also, I saw two things that sent a chill down my spine.
"That must be the entrance... Everyone, be on your highest guard! We can't afford any slip-ups. We go in, find the data, and head out. We remain as stealthy as possible, only removing the most necessary targets from our paths. Got it? Good!"

We walked closer to the iron doors of the small entrance to our left. Down there was the prison I was captured and placed in. It hadn't changed, I just knew it! Let's do this as quickly as possible, and get out of this hellhole!

Syeonyx signing off

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