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Day 117: Deviation from master plan...

     I needed that! We had arrived back late yesterday. Well early... Well... I don't know. It was dark, but it was the morning of a new day, and we slept right through that new day, and straight through the night as well! Waking up and finding out it was morning was slightly disorientating; I thought we had only slept for a few hours, but we had slept for more than twenty four hours! It goes to show how tired we were then. We were practically running on fumes, but now we were up and alert, and ready to start the next stage of the plan! As far as the report indicates, we have destroyed all of the portal chamber sites, which means we are making excellent progress! After waking from my much-needed rest, I went straight to the lab, where I knew OROTHO and Amie would be. Oddly enough, COLUS wasn't there... When I enquired, Amie informed me that he was resting.

"He's been up longer than you three had without any rest, and he'd also stopped eating. We were getting worried about him, so we sent him to rest and have something to eat. He's been working flat out!"

That was COLUS... Ever vigilant... He had apparently continued to question Joe in the lab with OROTHO and Amie when we had left to rest, and then retired to his own room shortly after. As for Joe, he's not slept either, but he doesn't seem to want to. Oddly, OROTHO has taken a shine to him; it seems they both possess an uncanny understanding of electrics and wiring, and they've been working on innovative doors and locks for the new tunnel. Not only that, but Joe "insisted" he help mine out some of the tunnel! Continuing to talk to Amie, it seems he's hit it well with everyone so far.

"He just seems so enthusiastic. I think the real impact of what HoN Co. is trying to do has hit him, and he wants to feel like he's doing his part... I think him and OROTHO are talking at the moment in the tunnel. You should go and see them..."

Heading over to the new entrance, I passed through, and began to hear the sounds of excited voices. I couldn't make out what was being said, and even as I drew closer, I couldn't understand what they were saying... Eventually I drew close enough so that they could see me, and they stopped and looked my way.

"Morning Syeonyx. Have a nice rest?"

I did indeed, but now that was over, I was interested in what they were doing.

"I'm helping OROTHO plan out and install security locks and doors into this tunnel you have. Apparently it's going towards a portal? I thought you were destroying all of these portals...?"

I told him about the Solus stone, and how it was used to destroy the portal whilst active, but it was destroyed. We had to venture into the Nether to retrieve more of the same stone to continue our work, which meant utilising a portal... We noticed the time distortion effect that was created when in the Nether, and how it could be put to effective use. But it was risky having an open entrance to an active portal, so COLUS and OROTHO dreamt up this tunnel idea to connect the base to the portal itself. Once the tunnel was complete, we could destroy the open entrance, and have it to ourselves.

"I see... Was it a portal that had been found or constructed?"

"We don't know... The chamber it was found in was constructed from cobblestone, and the walls were lined with lichen..."

"HoN Co. didn't build that... We have... HAD strict guidelines to ensure the portals were secure... It seems they weren't secure enough..."

"So it would seem..."

Amie came down the steps, and right up to us.

"COLUS is awake by the way. He's looking for you, Syeonyx. It seems he's got something he wants to tell you."

Leaving Joe and OROTHO to it, I followed Amie back up the stairs, and out the entrance, where COLUS was waiting.

"Ah, Syeonyx. I've got something for you, THEROS and UOPETA to do..."

     THEROS and UOPETA were already assembled in the discussion room when we got there, and COLUS outlined the next stage. He informed us that a final plan had not be established concerning the obsidian farm. Mainly due in part to what Joe had told him. As the workers within the obsidian farm are not under the optional employ of HoN Co., he has deemed it a necessity that all workers are saved before anything is attempted. Additionally, as Joe also told us that the guards were mere pawns in HoN Co.'s plan, and ultimately knew little about what they were doing, they must also be removed from the location before we destroyed it. This meant either attempting to convince them to join us, or sedating them, and removing them manually... Either way was available, but the former was most preferable.

"After that, you will utilise a large quantity of explosives to blow a hole in the layer of stone and dirt above the farm allowing sea water to flood in, rapidly cooling the lava, and destroying the entire operation. The release of toxic gases would ensure that no-one could enter for some time. Although OROTHO still needs to study the effects of it. He believes a gaseous bi-product of the operation could be rather explosive... Which may, or may not work out to our advantage..."

"So, what do we do in the mean time?"

"We need you to go and check on the status of the master portal, and the other primary portals. With four massive portal chambers destroyed, it's likely we've made a decent amount of progress! You may leave as and when you are ready, but I would be careful. With all four portal chambers destroyed, it's likely there will be a heightened guard presence at the tower."

We set off from the base to the tower. It hadn't actually occurred to me that that might be the case... We had displaced a few guards from duty, and they were likely to be at or around the tower, rather confused. It was a definite that HoN Co. would have increased security by this stage. As far as they were concerned, we were a definite threat with no form. No expense would be spared to ensure the remainder of HoN Co. assets were secure. that would include the obsidian farm...

Syeonyx signing off

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