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HoN Co. workers

     We headed East back through the area we went through, careful not to rush into any more guards. We still had to watch out for the guards we had sedated on the way to the obsidian farm. UOPETA assured me though that we hadn't been gone long enough for the sedative to have worn off. I wasn't so sure though. After ten minutes or so, we had reached the point where the two parts of the land joined across the water, and we began to head due North. It was a straight run from here back to the boat, with at least three guards to be careful of. They had been sedated nearly an hour back, so we would have to be either very quiet, or just hope to bypass them. We couldn't use the darts because the additional dose could easily overwhelm their metabolic system, and kill them. Let's just hope they were still unconscious then.

     After a while of travelling North, THEROS had started to flick through the reports whilst heading back to the boat. UOPETA had passed the reports to THEROS to carry, whilst he concentrated on keeping us safe, but THEROS had begun to slow us down. Every time we stopped to allow UOPETA to scout ahead, I could hear THEROS mumbling to himself, as he read small extracts from the files that he could make out in the moonlight. At one point, we stopped beneath the shadow of a cliff wall, whereupon UOPETA confronted THEROS about it.

"THEROS...? Do you want to be found by HoN Co. guards? Be quiet, and read those later. At least wait until we get back to the boat."

I then reminded UOPETA that it would be likely that we would need to remove the torches from the ends to reduce the chances of us being seen.

"True... Well, you'll just have to wait until we get back... And after COLUS has gone through them. Syeonyx, can you carry them please?"

THEROS reluctantly handed them over to me. Now that that was settled, we could move ahead without distraction or being slowed down.

"Good... Now keep your eyes open; we're nearing the open area where we sedated three guards... We can't have you drawing attention to us if they've woken up."

We continued onwards, keeping an ever watchful eye on our surroundings. Luckily we could utilise a large cliff wall to our left to stick to without being out in the open. As we neared a small beach area, I saw a slumped figure lying on the ground, which UOPETA had already seen.

"They're still unconscious... Good. Let's go before they wake up."

As we passed them, all three forms came into view; each one was unconscious and lying in the exact same position we had left them in. Once we were past them, we continued to the North until the lights of the boat came into view.


     We got back to base a few hours after reaching the boat. Despite taking the torches from each end of the boat and extinguishing them, THEROS still attempted to read the reports. But he couldn't make much of them until it was his turn to row. Once inside the base, we went straight to the lab where OROTHO, Amie and COLUS were.

"Ah, you're back. What did you find? Do they have an obsidian farm then?"

"They do indeed... And on a much larger scale than we initially anticipated... We managed to procure some reports too, so we can hopefully see where the obsidian is being taken to..."

"So it's true then... How big of an operation do they have? Multiple lava streams and a lake of water? What?"

"Worse... They have a LAKE of lava... And a whole reservoir of water, being funnelled from an unknown source in the ceiling portion..."

"A lake?!?!?! I thought lava only occurred in small natural pockets?"

OROTHO piped up now, adding his scientific edge to the conversation.

"It depends entirely on the geographical location of the place. If it's deep enough, it's possible that the lava lake is being fed through the crust, and so it's likely to be near limitless..."

"So what you're saying is that HoN Co. are potentially sitting on top of an infinite supply of portals...?"

"It's very likely, yes..."

"Great... Well that means we're going to need to neutralise it, fast! We'll need to look over the reports that you gathered to see what we're up against. We'll convene again in the morning. Get some rest..."

"Actually before we do... There was something we need to tell you... In the obsidian farm... There are HoN Co. guards... Obviously... But the guards aren't the ones mining the obsidian... They're workers... We can't tell if they're part of HoN Co. or imprisoned miners who possibly found a portal... Syeonyx reckons that they may capture miners, lock them up beneath the tower Syeonyx was imprisoned, and then send them down there..."

"How did you come to this conclusion...?"

"I didn't... It was a consideration. We haven't had time to go through the reports, but we overheard a guard talking to one of the miners, and they mentioned getting more workers to increase their output... It's something to consider, unless it's stated in one of those..."

"I'll have a look, but I don't see what that has to do with taking this place down...?"

"Well, as we know we're going to have to destroy this place... It might be if notable worth finding out if that is the case... We can't have innocents dying by our hands because of lack of information. We could turn it to a positive! If they are imprisoned miners, we could take them in, and we would become a formidable force against HoN Co.!"

COLUS stood in silence for a moment, not saying anything, but obviously thinking deeply.

"Like I said: it's something to consider... Now get some rest! You need it!"

We turned and went to our separate rooms.

     I've been thinking about what UOPETA said. About the possibility of the workers coming to work for us, against HoN Co. ... It was an excellent idea, if indeed the workers were captured miners... It would make it easier for us to move around the world, and with multiple glowing stones, taking out portals could be achieved much quicker! Let's just hope that this was the case, and if so, we could do something to help them...

Syeonyx signing off

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