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     I hadn't turned anything up yet... We had been searching the office for some time, and I was beginning to worry about how long we had before the guards began to gain consciousness.

"Don't worry about it too much. Each dose gives us about an hour, depending on the metabolism of the guard. By my estimates, we've a good twenty minutes of so left."

That was plenty of time to go through the rest and hopefully get out with something useful. I reached the last file on the last shelf and still nothing. As far as I could tell, the other two hadn't found anything either. We had gone through so many books and folders; sometimes we found something that would catch our eye, but they had mainly involved something completely unrelated, or something we were already aware of. Despite all of the content we had found that was unrelated, it was also unnecessary; the extra information wouldn't aid us in anyway. We had found a few notes between two people within HoN Co. which seemed to indicate communication between someone based here, and another at the conducting tower. Neither were signed, nor were they sent with an indication to who it was intended for through the use of a title or name. However, one ended with "Umbra" whilst the other ended with "Caput". I don't know what there referred to, but presumably they were pretty important within HoN Co., considering the content that was shared between them. At one point, THEROS stood up right, clutching a piece of paper, looking a little shaken.

"THEROS? What is it? Have you found a location?"

"It's a note... It seems to indicate that HoN Co; are aware of us..."

Not for the first time that day, a shiver ran down my spine. I'm pretty sure that all of us knew HoN Co. were aware of our activities; with us running around destroying portals left right and centre, it was hard to not take noticed. But the confirmation of this fact still seemed a surprise to us. Then it hit me! What if they knew more than just of our activities? What if they... UOPETA got there first!

"Does it detail anything about us? Who we are? Images? Our current location?"

"No... It's just a statement... Listen:

     'We have recently become aware of strange activities located around the chamber which we thought might be worth bringing to your attention. Certain portals have disappeared from our initial scout sites, with no trace of their existence... Unless this is some unknown occurrence never known about before, then I can only assume someone, or something is removing them. There are other reports. Sightings. Sightings of people not wearing standard guard armour. This may make more sense to you, and I thought it best to notify you as and whenever such an event occurs. Caput'... See? They don't directly refer to us, but they know about us!"

"Then we need to keep it that way! Tell me if you find anything else..."

We continued searching, and a few minutes later, THEROS found another note, this time from the author "Umbra" which showed the acknowledgement of Amie's disappearance.

"Listen to this!

     'Thank you for your recent note detailing the disappearance of a chief researcher. I am issuing the following orders that will be followed to the letter! She must be found! She is vital to the portal replication project, and her research will aid us in spreading the influence of the portals! Take all of your men, and begin a search for her in all directions! Keep searching until your men meet with a company I currently have stationed at a previous miners' house. I have given them orders to perform the same sweeps, and when you meet, turn and head back. If we cannot find her, we will have to try and complete the project with the researchers left. But limit their access to the data control room... I have a feeling this rogue scientist may have learnt more than she needed to know. Umbra'... They know about Amie it seems... Looks like they didn't find her... Obviously!"

"Keep searching. We have to find something here that will aid us in locating the obsidian farms. Or something that will point to the vast quantities of obsidian they have been farming."

     After some more searching, we began to panic; we couldn't leave the tower without having some form of information, and administering another dose of the sedative could be potentially lethal! I knew that none of us wanted a death on our hands, but at the same time, we didn't want to be caught or leave empty handed. I moved onto the final bookcase, hoping to find something, or that one of the others would. We had to find something! Then, as if by some mystical, unknown force, I set my eyes upon a recent report with manuscripts of a conversation between this Umbra and Caput. I read it first to myself, and then read it to the other two, excitement growing in my voice! The words "obsidian farm" were never mentioned, but this message hinted at it so blatantly, it was hard for it to mean anything else!

     'I have received your current report detailing the current project involving the continuation of the portal replication project, and hope that all exceeds expectations! We have managed to perfect the process within the last few hours, allowing your extension to be more efficient and useful. I am sending a copy of the schematics, along with readings and displays as to the changes in efficiency. I trust they are up to specification... Caput'

     'Going through the data you sent me, it is pleasing to see things progressing far in advanced of previously assumed time frames. The project extension I have already established is nearing completion, and will be ready to be put into effect in the next few days. I am including a full specification on the purpose, and details of this extension. File them in the portal data room using the strings "Project_Ext" and ensure no-one sees them. Especially the researchers. I will contact you again when the project is fully operational. Umbra'

"It would seem that we've found what we're looking for. Does it say anything else?"

I shook my head, moving around the room and passing the file to UOPETA. He looked through it once more very quickly before setting it down.

"We've got what we need. Let's head out. We'll go back to the base and rest up there. Then we'll move out to the conducting tower tomorrow. Remember that search string. Project_Ext. Let's go"

We set off down the ladder, back towards the boat, hoping that no-one had awoken from unconsciousness on the way.

Syeonyx signing off

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