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Putting the plan into action!

     It had started to rain as we emerged from the hatch; slightly odd as it hadn't been before we had returned less than an hour ago... Nonetheless, it was unlikely to hamper our progress. If anything, it would actually prove beneficial to us in providing our passage with cover. We knew that HoN Co. had increased security recently, since learning of our missions to destroy the portal chambers, and we were expecting to see many a guard at the obsidian farm itself. We had already concocted a plan to get everyone out safely before we even rounded the edge of the cliff and reached the boat!

"They won't be expecting me... I'm just a worker, so I could just lie and say I left for a break. I might be punished for it, but it would get me inside. From there, I could try and convince as many of the workers as possible, and then rally them to at least attempt to persuade the guards... It's worth a try, and a lot safer than blundering in with blowpipes and darts!"

"He has a point... We need to find a safe and quiet way inside without causing any unwanted attention..."

It was odd; Joe had known us for barely a day, and yet he was already willing to put himself in the line of fire to help us. Either he was very brave and wanted to prove he could be useful, or he had an ulterior motive...

"If you let me go in first, I'll be able to scout out the way ahead. An hour should be sufficient. After which you'll either see a load of workers and guards leaving, or nothing. If the latter - which is more likely - use the blowpipes and come and find me. Hopefully by then I should have convinced one or two workers to go with us..."

"Where would we meet you? You don't even know the layout of that place..."

"Where would be best then?"

"Well, as you enter, there's a set of stairs leading down to the left. By the time you get to the bottom, you should see two sets of minecart tracks, both leading down. Follow the est of tracks on the right side down into the main chamber, and continue following the path off to the right. You should see a large building. That's the warehouse where they store the obsidian before it is needed. Meet us on the upper floor, along with anyone you've managed to rally by that point. Fill them in and we'll find you."

"A warehouse? That should provide us with decent cover from any guards until we can establish a plan. Although, I have a feeling it'll pan out as 'sedate all guards, recruit workers, blow up obsidian farm'..."

"It might, it might not. We're willing to allow the guards to come with us, but it's down to them at the end of the day whether they choose to follow us, or attack us..."

"Well, we'll find out, won't we?"


     As we arrived where we had moored the boat before, the rain had eased off, and it was beginning to get dark. We were going to have to cross over land for an hour or so to get to the actual site, as we had before. Hopefully we wouldn't stumble across any guards, but if we did, we could always sedate them and ensure they didn't attempt to return to the obsidian farm.

"How did you find the obsidian farm then? I can't see why you'd come out this far by chance..."

"We've been destroying portals activated or protected by HoN Co. for some time. We found a tower, that we visited earlier today, which holds information about the portals. After some time, we learnt of the portal chambers, and OROTHO deduced that HoN Co. were getting the obsidian from somewhere. We then learnt of Project Ext..."

"Project Ext?"

"It's Hon Co.'s extension of the portal replication project they perfected. They found a way to replicate portals and place them anywhere they need them, and the obsidian farm was a way of mass producing them. We're here to put a stop to Project Ext from the source... Well, as close to the source as we can reach..."

It continued to grow darker as we continued onwards. We reached the same beached area we had before, only this time there wasn't any sign of a guard anywhere... This wasn't necessarily a good thing. It could mean that all of the guards were inside the building itself, which would mean infiltrating would be a lot harder. I had visions of sedating guards, and dragging them around to the other side of the building, and going out of the exit. We can't determine the size of the explosion, so it would be stupid to leave the unconscious guards within the main building. We moved along the cliff, with the water meeting the land on our right, until we could see a small amount of light emanating from up ahead. A few moments later, we were standing on a a hill just above the entrance.

"Right, let's go through this once more! Joe, you will enter through into the farm, and pose as a worker. Go down into the main area and scout out the area. Try to talk to the workers, and convince them to side with us. If you gain enough support, it might be an idea to try and rally the guards. I doubt they can do anything if you all stop working... If you can achieve this, try and leave in under an hour. If we've seen no change in an hour, we'll go in, and find you in the warehouse with anyone you've managed to rally. Got that?"

"I've got it!"

"Great! Good luck!"

Joe climbed down from where we were crouching, and headed towards the entrance. And so, it begins...

Syeonyx signing off

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