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Hide 'n' seek

     I froze! We all froze! A sharp, high pitched blast of a whistle sounded from behind us, and the shout once more!


Looking back towards the commotion, we saw the guard up in the South Western tower pointing and blowing the whistle. Then, from over the wall, we heard a huge amount of shouting from what sounded like at least twenty guards! My legs didn't need telling twice! I ran! I ran in the direction of the boat, with THEROS and UOPETA following close behind. There was no way they were going to capture me again!The sounds of men shouting eased off slightly, as we rounded another section of the wall. We had a good head start; they would need to pass through the front entrance gate, and then head around the wall, following our exact lead. We reached the end of the wall, with the tower jutting out from the corner. Luckily there were no guards posted here, and we continued running towards the small beach. A few moments later, the boat was in sight, an the sounds of the shouting guards had almost completely died away!

"Quickly! Get in the boat, I have an idea!"

Jumping into the water, I helped THEROS push the boat out into the deeper area, whilst UOPETA climbed in and took hold of the oars. Once the boat had enough forward momentum, me and THEROS climbed aboard, panting heavily from the running and exertion. Looking back towards the beach, we waited for the dreaded sight of many guards come storming towards us.

UOPETA began to steer the boat towards the right, causing us to head South West instead of South East, towards out intended direction.

"Erm... UOPETA? You're going the..."

"I know what I'm doing! They'll be looking for us, right? Well by rowing away in a straight line is going to get us spotted very quickly. Look behind us..."

Doing as instructed, both THEROS and me looked back, and saw a small island with a few trees positioned on it...

"An island? We'll be sitting ducks!"

"If the island were connected to the same land mass, yes... But we're going to sit behind those trees in total darkness. Take those torches off the boat and throw them in the water. We can't risk being spotted!"

We complied, and not for the first time that night, we were plunged into darkness! We remained silent, not daring to draw breath too harshly in fear it would be heard. Just as the guards came into view across the way, our line of sight was obstructed by a tree!

"Now stay quiet, and we'll get through this unscathed..."

We sat motionless, and in silence for a long time. The only light came from the moon, which barely illuminated the surroundings, let alone us, and the only sound was that of the boat brushing against the side of the island...


     After waiting for what seemed like a huge amount of time, we moved off, silently in the intended direction. Once again, we didn't talk, we barely even breathed! Even the sound of the oars hitting the water sounded like a trumpet indicating our position, causing me to wince with every stroke! We headed due East for some time, remaining in the centre of the river, to avoid detection from either side, all the way up to the island crossing. I doubted they knew where we were, but we had decided to remain silent the entire way, just in case. We reached the island crossing in good time, and we had to get out and push the boat through as usual. We swapped, with me taking over this time. Now it was more or less directly due South to the stone beach. The great thing about this next location, was that we didn't have to abandon the boat so far away. We could literally moor it a few metres away! As I was rowing, I let my mind wander, as rowing was tiring and boring, and concentrating on it made the time slow down... I started thinking about Jonas's house, and whether HoN Co. had taken control of that too... I really wanted to have a look, to see what state it was in, but I doubted UOPETA would allow it... Then again, I wouldn't know unless I asked. Going against the silence policy we had enforced, I asked UOPETA about it... It seems he had been thinking about it too, as he didn't attempt to silence me, nor did he seem surprised by the request...

"We'll see... Depending on how long this next chamber takes, and what the time is like, we shall see..."

That usually meant "no", but seeing as though UOPETA had never said that before, it was almost 100 per cent likely he would want to see it himself! If we did, I would have to warn him about the remains of Jonas, lying beneath his house, in the protected tunnel. It had begun to rain as we approached a small piece of land. THEROS stated that we were very close... But, where was the stone beach?

"It's not quite connected... There's a small crossing that isolates a pool of water beside the stone beach... Looks like we're walking it from here... It's not far though..."

That wasn't how I remembered it, but then again, it had been some time, and a lot had happened since then... Mooring the boat on the shore, we set off in the direction of the stone beach.

We were careful to not draw attention to ourselves to any guards lying in wait. From up ahead, we could see a small amount of light, so we were definitely close! But we also saw something else. Something very confusing. Something we hadn't expected. A large, purple mass... What was that? That was a chest placed up against it, and as we drew closer, we realised what the large mass was... It was obsidian! What was a large mass of obsidian doing outside?!?!

Syeonyx signing off

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