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Day 114: Thanks THEROS

     Once everyone was awake, we all met in the discussion room. I found out that whilst me, UOPETA and THEROS had been resting, AMPHIS and THEXIS had been working on the map, based on the data in the report. This came as a slight shock considering THEXIS' usual role within the group, but it turns out that you don't work with other skilled people without picking a few extra skills up! That was definitely true, as I had picked up a few tips and tricks about keeping people safe when heading through dangerous territory.

"We managed to locate the area where the report points to. It took us a while longer than THEROS usually would, but I think we found the right place. You can check it afterwards."

He passed the map around to where THEROS, UOPETA and I were sitting, and we studied it. He had made use of the same map we were currently using, by merely annotating it with a red circle. It took a moment to see what had been added as the location wasn't where we had expected it to be. With it being an obsidian farm, we had half expected it to be located near the coast, but here it was, slap-bang in the middle of the land! Well, not quite. The circle indicated that it wasn't close enough to the water for it to be classed as where we had predicted, so it suggested that either there was another source of water from somewhere else, or water wasn't a necessary part of the process...

"It's not where we predicted, I know, but from the coordinates, this is the location we came to... I can't think of why it would be there, but that's what the report indicates."

THEXIS passed the report over to THEROS who now began flicking through to find the coordinates to match with the location. After a few moments, he nodded his head.

"This is where the report points to... Looks like it's one hell of a journey..."

He wasn't joking there! From where we were, it was a straight journey across water with the boat towards the South West, and then a journey on foot continuing in the same direction. It was going to be nightfall by the time we got there. Let's just hope there weren't any guards waiting for us.

     We set off from the base, heading around the cliff wall, to the boat which remained concealed beneath the subtle vegetation. After clearing it away, rolling the boat over and pushing it into the water, I climbed into the rowing seat, whilst the other two hung off the side. Once again, the usual roles were assumed: UOPETA playing the scout with the telescope, and THEROS with the map, relaying our position based on my direction. With the main part of the journey being based mostly on water, it meant there was the requirement of switching around whilst in the middle of a large body of water. It was a little difficult, but just about manageable. I rowed up until the point where we passed the sandy beach on my left, and then UOPETA took over. I manned the telescope, and looked out for anyone or anything suspicious. I was on edge since leaving the base due to what had happened yesterday! We had come so close to failure. Or worse... If it hadn't been for THEROS. Well... I didn't need to finish that statement off. I put my hand on his shoulder, thanking him the and there. He went a little red, and shrugged off his actions saying that it was nothing.

"No. It wasn't nothing, it was something! You were very brave yesterday, and if it hadn't have been for you, we'd all be... Well, who knows, it's not worth thinking about... Thanks!"

Despite this though, I got thinking about the guards. They had seen us. Surely that would mean that they would remember us and report it! Thankfully, THEROS was listening to OROTHO when he was giving his long-winded explanation about the darts!

"No they won't. OROTHO combined a small amount of suppressant which essentially generates a slight period of amnesia before being hit with the sedative. The guards won't remember a thing. Not about us at least."

Despite this, I still couldn't ease up, and spent the rest of the journey on edge... Eventually we began to near the shore. We needed to find a place to hide the boat, but the problem was, the nearer to the place we found, the less coverage there was to use! In the end, we were forced to make shore in a small enclosed area, surrounded by high cliff walls. There was no cover from trees, but the boat couldn't be seen very easily, and it meant less effort to head back. After securing the boat to shore, THEROS took out the map again and studied it, before looking into the sky.

"From here, we head due South until we see water. We keep heading on land towards the South, until the water is behind us, and we then head due West. Ready? Let's go."

Syeonyx signing off

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