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Day 93: Plan of action!

     OROTHO and COLUS seem to have been working all night! They looked very tired, yet enthusiastic, which led me to believe they had discovered something from the data we had amassed yesterday. We had been very thorough, taking images of every important report and file, careful not to displace any. I took copious amounts of images of the main chamber itself, as well as the exterior of the tower, the conducting rod itself, and the mechanism to shift a section of it. All in all, we had come back with A LOT of data! As we all arrived in the science lab, I wasn't surprised to see a mess of papers, photos and empty cups lying around. I joked to AMPHIS that he had his work cut out for him documenting it all!

"You think...!"

We settled around the table OROTHO and COLUS had set up, just in front of the glass screen. I stood back from the table, trying to keep away from the Creepers... Even though they were behind a glass screen a couple of inches thick, it still unnerved me...

"Gentlemen. We think we have cleared up a few things overnight. Rigorously going through the data, we have settled on a few conclusions that we will be running by you all. Some are theoretical, whilst others are based on the images Syeonyx managed to take. Good job on that by the way; it made our job a lot easier. It should help AMPHIS out later too! The reports we have read through from the images confirm OROTHO's theory about there portals which link multiple ones to the master portal. It turns out that there are actually two types, which we settled with the names primary and secondary."

OROTHO took a piece of paper with a rough sketch on it, and passed it to UOPETA, who studied it for awhile, before passing it round to the rest of us, COLUS continued to speak all the while.

"We have destroyed countless portals which are used as a link to activating the master portal. Through them, anyone or anything can pass through between Minecraftia, and the Nether. We believe HoN Co. activate them and place these Affinitas cages nearby to lure the creatures from the Nether out of the portals to protect them. A crude, but effective method of security. Once a portal becomes active, it becomes linked to the nearest secondary portal. These are the portals with the additional protrusions that you three found a few days ago. They work by linking every portal within the vicinity together. Then there are the primary portals; they are very similar to secondary portals, only they link multiple secondary portals together. They then transfer all of this energy to the master portal. We know that there are only sixteen primary portals, as indicated in the images, but we don't know how many of any other type of portal there are. Nor do we know how many secondary portals are needed to link together to activate a primary portal, and so on... A few days ago, we got lucky! We found a secondary portal which will have knocked out every portal linked to it! This much is clear as one of the reports makes note of a change in state of one of the portals. However, as one was knocked off, another became active! As the primary portals seem to be indestructible, the last line of attack for us is the secondary portals. Knock these out, and we can take out multiple portals in a single blow! But they are likely to be heavily guarded and harder to find."

OROTHO took over at this point:

"From the images, we were able to determine that only three out of the sixteen primary portals were active. As long as a single primary portal is active, the master portal cannot be touched. But if all of the primary portals become active, they can slide a portion of the conducting rod into place, and wait for a electrical storm. Meteorological reports state that they are common in that area, so they wouldn't have to wait long in order to active the master portal! Now, other topic concerns this strange connection between four primary portals and the master portal."

OROTHO held up the image and pointed to the strange, golden structure embedded in the ceiling above the pillar. It was connected to the four closest primary portals in the ceiling, and a gold channel linked them to the master portal, just beneath the conducting rod.

"We believe that this is the way in which the energy is transferred to the master portal itself. We are unsure what energy form is used to create the network between portals, but we hope to get to the bottom of that by the end of the day. As of now, we need to concentrate our efforts in locating the secondary portals and eliminating them. Any normal portals we find we destroy entirely as well. As we can destroy the secondary portals, we can drastically reduce the number of portals that can become linked to the primary ones. But there is a fail safe: if any active portals are knocked back into a state of inactivity when a secondary portal is destroyed, they can be activated again and linked up to the nearest secondary portal again. Logically we need to find the secondary portals and take them all out, but we have only the Solus stone to guide us to them. We do believe however that the secondary portals are closer to the conducting tower. This hasn't been proved, but we believe it to be a possibility."

"We have since taken another look at the maps of the portals, and have ringed a few suspected locations closest to the conducting tower. THEXIS, we need you to stay here, and monitor radio broadcasts. We could have to teams: a scouting party to find the suspect portal, and anther party to use the Solus stone. We increase out chances of finding a portal without wasting time. As the second party destroy one portal, the scouting party go out and find the next. We need to be fast about this as recent reports show that HoN Co. have come across a cave complex which is supposed to be riddled with portals! This hasn't been confirmed, but we can't take that chance. This is all we can do, short of venturing into the Nether to retrieve another stone!"

I was surprised at that statement! Was that even an option? I knew that the Solus stone was said to be incredibly rare in Minecraftia, but abundant in the Nether, but could we just go into another dimension and take it!

"UOPETA? You have the choice of leading the scout party, or going it alone? It's up to you."

"I can do it alone. I move faster that way."

"Very well. Get ready to move out to the first location. Take the radio with you, and send us a communique if it's a positive location. If not, inform us and move onto the next one. Syeonyx and THEROS! Get ready to move to the intended locations, so don't busy yourself with something important! If all goes according to plan, we could knock out one or two portals before the day is done!"

We all headed out to the discussion room, whilst COLUS, OROTHO and UOPETA stayed behind. UOPETA would be briefed and then sent out with a copy of the map. Once he had determined if a portal was present, he would radio back to THEXIS, and me and THEROS would be sent out to destroy it. It was risky doing it this way, but it was faster, and time was definitely a factor in this dangerous game!

Syeonyx signing off

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