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Day 77: It's time...

     Today I woke up a little after the rise of the sun. Sleeping back upstairs, I was able to see when it had come up, and I always seem to wake up better in natural light. Needless to say, when I woke up, I was rather bored; I was still waiting on THEROS and their wolf to send me a message for me to go and meet with them. I really hoped that I would receive a message soon; I was becoming antsy, and I needed to do something! I had spent yesterday messing around with idle tasks that had no importance, under the assumption that if I wiled away the hours, when THEROS' wolf did turn up, I'd be surprised. Instead, the wolf hadn't arrived, there was still no note, and I was still bored, waiting for it! What was taking so long? Maybe they had to finalise a few things... Or maybe they had had a last minute discussion and had pulled out from the initial plan. I really hope not! Joining the L7 would be the one way I could get back at HoN Co. for everything they've done, to me and to every miner who ever found a portal... They were monsters, and the more horrific thing was that the public knew nothing of this. There was nothing in the agreement giving them the right to kill a miner if they discovered a portal. As it isn't public knowledge, the first thing any miner does when they find one is to contact HoN Co.! They had to be stopped before the needlessly slaughtered more miners. They could still be doing it right now, and I'm just sitting here, waiting for a letter from a person I've never even met!

     I, once again, tried to employ the tactic I used yesterday whereby I occupy my mind and my time so I am actually surprised when THEROS' wolf turns up. It didn't really work yesterday as half the time I kept turning around to see if the wolf was there! I suppose I just needed to engross myself in a task that was time and attention consumptive. I looked out of the window, and noticed I hadn't replanted any wheat back into the little field behind the house. I had quite a bit of wheat still stored up, and going back through the chest, I found the small pouch of seeds I had used last time. I suppose I could go and reseed the ground... It was a little pointless, but it was something to do whilst I waited. I took the pouch out, along with a hoe and got dressed. The rain had let up, for now at least, and the ground was nice and moist for receiving the seeds. There was little to no effort needed to till the soil, and after about half an hour, I had planted two rows of seeds. Soon I would have more wheat... Well... There would be more wheat to harvest, but chances are I wouldn't be here when it was ready!

     Still no sign of the wolf... I'm bored again now... I have nothing to do; the items I need to go and find this place are already packed and waiting. I think Chiron is ready; he still knows something is going off soon, he won't settle down. I would use him as an early warning system to tell me when the wolf is here, but he's probably too full of energy to sit still and look for things! I decided to go down into the library again and have another scan through the titles. Even if the L7 had all the information they needed, it was always worth a look, just in case. I couldn't find anything of use, but as I was about to leave, I noticed the small office that was hidden off to the side still open. I went in, and looked straight in the chest. I found the diary that belonged to Jonas again. I would definitely bring this... It might reveal some things about HoN Co. or the Creepers that the L7 didn't know about yet... I put the diary under my arm, and then exited the room, before reaching up and pushing up on the lever. The bookshelves began to slowly grind back into place, and within a few moments, the room was no longer visible. There wasn't even a crack or a seam to peer through! I made my way back upstairs via the ladder, and added the book to the bag. I wonder what the L7 would make of it...?

     The wolf is here...! As i turned around from putting the diary in the bag, I heard a bark, and looked through the windows of the door. Outside, was the wolf staring at the cow through the slats in the door of the pen. It was here! The note was finally here! I had my instructions, and now I would meet the L7! I opened the door slowly, and the wolf noticed me and ran towards me expectantly. I stroked it and then turned my attention to where it had been standing; on the floor was a small note and another piece of paper... What was this? Was this another long message that required two pages? The wolf walked back towards the pen door and began barking at the cow again, whilst I maintained concentration on the notes. I went over to them, and stooped to pick them up.

     Further inspection of the two pieces of paper revealed one was a note, whilst the other, larger piece, was a map! Looking at it, I couldn't really tell where this was; was it even linked to my map? I went back inside, dug my map from the bag and compared the two. I then began to notice similarities in the maps. This new map seemed to encompass a few elements of the first map, however it also showed a greater degree of the landmass to the North! There were no markings or signs of any kind to indicate the location, nor was there a legend. How would I find the location from a map with no signs?

I put the maps down, and looked at the note. It was a short note, with four sentences written on it:

     "Begin your quest around the maw,
     And you'll find what you're looking for.

     Once what you seek has been found,
     Look for what should be underground."

Very cryptic... Looking back at the map, I tried to make sense of it, but turned up nothing... "Maw"? What was it referring to there? A hole...? A mouth...? A... Something!?!?! But what?

Syeonyx signing off

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