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HoN Co. recon done. Back to base!

     How do we approach this? There were at least three guards wandering around the base of the tower, and who knows how many inside. If there was an inside! We hadn't yet managed to locate an entrance, and THEROS was worried that it may be hidden around the treeline to make it more secure. If that was the case, we would be considerably more exposed than initially thought. After some thought, UOPETA spoke up:

"We have a number of options: 1. We can take out the guards with a mild sedative in dart form. It's quick and effective, but would instantly alert them to something strange going on when they regain consciousness. 2. We can attempt to locate an entrance from the tree line and make a rush for it, or 3. We could return to base and inform the others of what we've found. SYEONYX has the photos to prove we found it, and further analysis can be taken from there..."

"Well what do we know? We know that HoN Co. are guarding a huge metallic tower, presumably iron with a giant antennae at the top. This is likely to conduct electricity down through the base to the master portal, but we can't prove that unless we get inside."

They both looked at me, as if they had given me the final decision. I argued that the first plan was unlikely to work the reasons already stated, and the latter seemed to make the entire journey pointless. As I mulled over the second idea, I starred at the tower. How would we get in if we were to go with second plan? There was no obvious entrance; each side was smooth stone with torches placed at set distances along each wall. As I continuing starring, my mind leaning more towards the latter idea, my eye was caught by something... On one of the sides was a small wooden lever, very small. At this distance it was practically invisible, but just there I could see a small wooden protrusion from just under the stone lip of the wall. I pointed this out to THEROS and UOPETA, who starred back at the tower.

"I think we're in!"

     We watched and waited in the shadows of the trees, making a note of the guards patrol pattern. It seemed as though as one turned the corner, another came around the other side, so no wall was ever left exposed. There was a small opening in the patrol; there were only three guards so only three walls were being guarded at all times, but with the speed they moved, it seemed hardly an option. However UOPETA decided it was worth the risk. There was another flaw: we would have to follow the last guard around the corner to get to the right wall in time to try the lever. If it didn't do anything, we would have to continue following the patrol and then make a made dash back to the shadows! We all settled on the plan, and waited until the time was right. We had to be very fast, but also silent! We would be less than twenty metres behind and in front of two different guards, and one slip up would jeopardise the entire plan! UOPETA counted down from three on his fingers, and then gestured for us to proceed. As quickly and quietly as we could, we bolted to the wall, ensuring we weren't seen. We then proceeded to follow the guards around, keeping out of their peripheral vision until we cam to the right wall. Once we got there, UOPETA stood up and flicked up, before going prone again, ready to move out if necessary. What happened next took us all by surprise! A section of the stone wall slide backwards a metre or so, before then being dragged to the side, exposed the interior of the tower. There was no more time to hesitate, and me and THEROS move through, with UOPETA behind us. Before passing through, UOPETA flicked the lever again, and we watched as the section of wall slide back into place seamlessly!

     There was a small alcove just behind the section of wall through which we had entered, and we crouched silently in the shadows whilst UOPETA peered out. Eventually, he stood up slowly, turning around and beckoning to us. We moved inside... There was no-one here! The inside of the base was constructed of the same stone as the exterior, but from about 3 metres up, the entire structure was made of iron, extending high into the air! That must be the main tower. What caught mine, and the other two's eye was the huge metal rod that projected down from the ceiling, and into the floor, where it was surrounded by glass! That must go all the way to the master portal!

"This was more or less what we were expecting. The master portal was unlikely to be on the surface, so they would need a way to get the electrical energy down there. What better way than a giant conducting rod! Like those on the sides of large buildings, like cathedrals."

We all moved around the large room, taking in different parts of it. I took as many photos as the time would allow, cursing at the lag time I had to wait for the image to be printed, before using it again.

     There were books all over the place, with seating and other empty shelves. There were a few chests which turned out to be empty. We were hoping to find a few papers or reports we could utilise, or help to fill in the gaps. We were unsure as to how close to activating it. All I knew was that they needed a certain number of normal portals activate before the master portal could be activated. Even then they would need to wait until a thunderstorm occurred, and more remotely, a bolt of lightning to hit the tower. As we looked around I noticed a strange mechanism in the centre positioned around the conducting rod. I called the others over. THEROS spoke up this time, theorising that it was likely to be some form of control mechanism:

"Looks like they can control when the conducting rod conducts energy down to the master portal by shifting this part of the rod out of the way. I wonder why they would need to do that? Could it be activated prematurely?"

UOPETA shrugged, before returning to the bookshelves. As I went around, I noticed that around the glass column hugging the rod was a stairwell that wound round. Looking down, I could see a guard coming up the stairs. The conducting rod went down quite a way, before taking a sharp turn and going beyond my vision through a wall.

"Looks like we've got company!"

     UOPETA took a few papers from a nearby desk before rushing past the stairwell over to me and THEROS. We needed to get out now, otherwise we would be in a tight spot! We needed to escape the tower without being spotted by any of the guards patrolling the outside, or by the guard now coming up the stairs. Eventually, UOPETA found a control lever, and the wall slide open again. Peering around, he gave them thumbs up, and we dashed out and circled around to the right side of the wall. UOPETA joined us after knocking the outside lever, causing the wall to slide back into place, seamlessly. We turned around to the right and saw the back of one of the guards... We must have got lucky! It was the guard we were following to get in! As long as sequence was still the same, we could make a dash for it! After following the guard around, we got to the wall closest to the treeline, and we made a break for it! Rushing beneath the tree canopy, we hid the shadows for awhile, checking that the guards hadn't noticed. They were none the wiser. UOPETA gave the thumbs up sign, and we continued off to the South, back to the base. Phew, that was nerve wracking!

     We got back within the same time it took to get out to the tower, maybe a bit quicker. It had started to get dark as the walkway extended and we crossed over to the hatch. Descending down the ladder, we each made out way over the lava walkway and through the barricade. Chiron was lying in a ball next to another wolf, under the discussion table, but as soon as he saw me he ran straight at me. After some affection, he calmed down, and sat there panting as THEROS and UOPETA sat down. UOPETA took the papers from his armour and laid them out on the table.

"It seems to be test data... Some notes as well... 'Portal #0172 is inactivate despite numerous attempts to energise it. We've been told to be patient, but for no given reason. Construction seems to be similar to standard portals previously encountered.' Then it's just a load of numbers and equations..."

"We'll see what OROTHO makes of them..."

THEXIS picked up the papers and took them down to the science lab, whilst COLUS studied the images I had managed to take.

"What did you find?"

"The exterior of the tower is defended by a minimum of three guards at any one time. A concealed entrance secures the interior. We eventually made our way inside, and found no resistance, but we had limited time. I think multiple guards are placed on the stairwell to the base where the master portal is likely to be located."

"What about the instruments? The construction of the tower?"

"Iron. The entire tower is constructed of iron, with a large antennae on top. A conducting rod runs throughout the interior from the top of the antennae. It goes into a shaft with a stairway winding around it, and then it juts off at a perpendicular angle."

"Looks like we found the place then. We'll need to wait to see if OROTHO can make anything of those papers, and then make an informed decision. It sounds dangerous, but the next stage may be trying to find a way to the master portal itself. You'll have the option to sedate any and all resistance, but I'll leave that up to you. For now, just get some rest and hopefully we'll have a better knowledge of the full picture in the morning."

COLUS followed THEXIS to the lab, whilst myself, UOPETA and THEROS went back to our rooms. I was exhausted!

     I think I may visit AMPHIS tomorrow down in the library. It's the one room I haven't really had a good look at yet that I'm allowed to! I remember someone mentioning the bottom floor being mainly reserved for the research papers that OROTHO has written. I might try that floor first, see what he's made of the Creepers. I might need to visit him tomorrow and see if he made any headway with the information I gave him in relation to the Solus stone and the Creepers. I also hope he manages to make some sense of the stuff written on the papers UOPETA took. Anything that can help us to stop the master portal from being activated, the better. For now, I'm going to get some rest! With all the running around I've done today, I need it!

Syeonyx signing off

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