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Day 76: The 3 R's: Rest, relaxation and... erm... more rest!

     Last night's sleep was possibly the greatest sleep I have ever had, bar none! As I had said, I spent the night down in the hidden library as it always seemed cooler than the rest of the house. I was right! It was beautiful down there! So much so, I slept for hours into the day! I hadn't realised how late it was because of the lack of natural light. It was something natural that woke me up... The sound of greatly welcomed rain awoke me from my slumber, and after wiping the sleep from my eyes, I made my way quickly upstairs into the house. Sure enough, as I looked out of the window, the sky was a murky grey, the clouds were large and numerous, and it was raining heavily! I was so thankful; it had been overwhelmingly hot over the past few days, and we really needed a rainstorm to cool things down. Looking back at the clouds, I just hoped that they brought thunder and lightning with the rain!

     After a few moments literally dancing in the rain - I don't know why, it just felt like the right thing to do - I came back inside and decided to plan the day out. Despite the rain being greatly welcomed by me at least, it prevented me from doing most things outside; I didn't want to get THAT wet... I had already wasted quite a large portion of the morning, but I didn't want to be a slob and get back into bed. Instead I decided to come up with a game plan for the next few days. THEROS' wolf was likely to back at any time soon, provided they knew I had destroyed the portals. That meant I was going to meet THEROS, and the others of the L7. Chances are, it would be a good, long walk away, and aside from sleep and rest, I needed to get some stuff together. I had my concealed leather armour which was currently thrown across the back of the bed. I had the tools, the weapons, the sleeping and camping equipment, the map and compass, plus the Solus stone. I could bring a few books, but chances are the L7 would have all the resources they needed. What did I need though... It would simply be a case of stuffing everything into the bag when it was time, and be out the door within a few minutes of receiving the note. I went over to the chest to see what was inside that I could use; there was still quite a bit of wheat left, and some extra bread on the journey couldn't hurt...

     I spent until midday baking bread. I've got about three loaves now, and the house smells delicious! I could take a few pieces of meat, however I was tempted to try cooking them as I went rather than wasting them. Plus it would be nice to have a hot meal when camping. I would just need to be careful if I did it during the night; I didn't want to bring any unnecessary attention to myself. Oh, that was necessary! The flint lighter was beginning to wear down, so I dissembled it and replaced the small piece of iron and flint, and rebuilt it. There! Worked like new! Now I could at least make a fire if there was call for one. Ideally I would like to have access to my boat, but I suppose it wouldn't be of any use to me if the location wasn't too far away. Putting the flint lighter on top of the stove, I looked out of the window and noticed it had stopped raining. Right, well now I could do what I was going to do initially! I picked up a bucket and went outside. Bessie seemed pleased to see me, and nudged me gently as I entered into the pen. I think I just have a way with animals... Maybe I should have been a vet? Oh well, too late now. A few moments later, I had a bucket full of milk which I siphoned off into glass bottles, and then submerged them underwater. I hoped this would keep them cool until I needed them. It had worked last time. Just as I began to return from the other side of the house, it started to rain again. Huge droplets fell from the sky, and once again I performed a silly little celebratory dance before going back inside.

     After drying off, I couldn't think of anything else that needed doing, but as soon as I left the house, I knew I'd remember something! Sod's Law always struck at about that time... I checked all of the tools I was taking, including the sword, and the bow. They were all in good condition, and any work on them was an act of futility. It wouldn't make them more efficient, it would just make them look better. The map was secure, and the compass worked. I had taken to wrapping the stone in a cloth to protect it, but that seemed futile as well. I had the food covered. I went through the chest again, and it was at this point that Chiron became suspicious. I could tell he knew something was going off; something was about to change. He wouldn't stop fussing around with the contents of the bag; he kept pulling the map out for some reason, and trying to hold it open whilst he looked at it! I couldn't contain myself and began laughing. At least I would have company on the next journey I took. I just hoped he could contain himself on the actual journey to meet the L7. I also hoped the rain would let up! I love the rain, but not if I have to walk for hours through it. I'm sure Chiron wouldn't care about the rain, as long as he was generally enjoying himself!

     I began to get jumpy towards the end of the day; I kept thinking that there was someone or something at the door, and went over to open it. On every occasion, there was nothing there; no wolf, no person no note... Maybe they had already sent the note, but it had been blown away by the wind or something... I doubted this would happen because I had a strong feeling they were monitoring me. If they were, they knew I had destroyed the portals, and they knew I was back at the house. They would then send a note, and I would receive it and follow the instructions. I was under the assumption that wherever they were based, it must be hidden within my quadrant... Somewhere close by for them to send rapid communications and to spy on me. Oh well, I'd find out soon enough!

     I can't sleep... It's still raining, it's incredibly cool everywhere and I know I need to sleep, but I can't... I've spent the better part of an hour staring at the ceiling, trying everything to send me to sleep. I think I might find a really boring book and see if that sets me to sleep... It could work. I hope it works...

Syeonyx signing off

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