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Day 90: Gearing up for round 2!

     We've decided to leave the search for the next portal until tomorrow. OROTHO hasn't finished with the sedative yet to help us with the next portal, and we'll all feel much safer knowing we can use it without causing harm to anyone. The best thing is, he's hoping to get it working on Creepers as well, and he's been thoroughly testing it on the Creepers within the screened off area. I don't know why I didn't ask before, but today I finally asked OROTHO about the Creepers. I was curious, because they were behind a glass screen which would surely cause them considerable stress, so why hadn't they blown up yet?

"I have built in a water inlet system which allows me to flood the chamber at any time. Creepers don't like water; it seems to disorientate them, and before they have a chance to release the adrenaline, I simply pour water into it! They become dazed, confused, and don't explode, but I have to do it quite regularly... Another control alters the filtration pipes to drain the water if I need to perform an experiment."

I was a little confused by this, but the fact that the glass screen hadn't be blown out by now, and we hadn't been attacked by a Creeper mob was proof of that theory... I guess... OROTHO told me he was close to synthesising the sedative, hoping to combine the necessary aspects required of it. It needed to relax the muscles and the secretary glands of both humans and Creepers and induce a mild form of amnesia. This would remove the risk of being found out, and they would simply assume they had blacked out or lost consciousness... Provided we removed the dart! I went to talk to THEROS, finding him with THEXIS talking about maps and guard positions. They had a whole stack of papers around them that I later found was from AMPHIS' digging! They had found some old copies of the current maps with annotated places on them indicating portals. The problem was, I couldn't tell if these were active or if they had been dealt with!

"No... These are the suspected portal locations, but as we scanned a wider area, more and more suspect areas popped up. They are loads of places where there could be a portal, or it could just be a natural occurrence. We simply don't have the man power of the time to search each one, so we document it and only send out a team when we find a positive find! The one you dealt with yesterday was a definite location; UOPETA was certain that the hole he found wasn't natural... Turns out his hunch was good... They always are."

THEXIS spoke up now, speaking about the locations of the portals in relation to the guard positions:

"Just recently however, I picked up a few communications broadcasts from a short-band radio out near the location of a previously suspected portal area. I couldn't track the destination... It was bounced off a nearby relay, but I intercepted the main conversation about a portal in the vicinity. The broadcast was made almost smack bang in the middle of one of the circled areas. It doesn't happen often, but we take anything we can get! Randomly ambling around outside with the Solus stone is inefficient and a waste of time. It is also dangerous, as you no doubt already know!"

THEXIS pointed to the location of the portal and the radio broadcast. It was just to the East of us, in a similar location to the previous one. I could already smell a trap! After yesterday, I didn't want to take an unnecessary chances!

"Doubtless that HoN Co. know about us, but now where we are based. I wouldn't be surprised if that incident with the chamber was rigged by them! This communications broadcast could be a lure, but the fact that it's so close to a suspect area is suspicious... A portal could still be there in any case, but the chances of it being a trap are higher than ever! We would need to be more vigilant than ever to ensure we didn't get caught again. We'd also need to make sure no-one followed us... Even if we were to successfully destroy a portal, their intentions could be just to follow us back to our base and trap us... We would be in serious trouble then because COLUS would no doubt activate the defensive measures..."

I remembered THEROS telling me about the whole base being rigged to blow if an enemy intercepted too far inside. I have been reassured that this is a last line of defense to ensure no data gets into the wrong hands. COLUS came into the room looking very happy!

"OROTHO's finished the dart! Come and have a look!"

     It was done. OROTHO has managed to produce a dart that can help us ensure we remain undetected by Creepers and guards!

"This dart contains a muscle relaxant and benzodiazepine, a powerful anesthetic used to reduce blood flow to vital memory centres of the brain, causing hallucinations and temporary loss of memory, but more importantly, total loss of short-term memory! The tip is pressure activated, so when it pierces the skin, the inertia of the dart forces the concoction of chemicals into the bloodstream. A standard metal blow pipe is needed: simply place the dart inside the pipe, take a short breath and exhale violently, lips closed tightly around the end. Be careful! Don't inhale with your mouth to the pipe. You don't want to sedate yourself!"

OROTHO turned around where he had a small window open in the glass wall. He inserted a dart into the pipe, inhaled, and then exhaled with force. The Creeper hissed and spat for a moment, and then fell to the floor, mere moments after the dart had pierced it's skin!

"As you can see, it has a very quick effect. The amount of time it will keep a Creeper sedated is about an hour or so, a human a little longer. This is open to variation due to the unique size of each dart."

     Me, THEROS and UOPETA have been preparing for our new mission to the East. We're going with the same basic essentials: the map, the Solus stone, some basic provisions etc. But this time, instead of weapons, we each have a blow pipe and ten darts. It's considerably easier to carry, and I feel easier carrying these, knowing I can use them. I've said my goodbyes to Chiron - and Hermes, who is always with him now! - and we've just finished being briefed by COLUS.

"Good luck out there! Use those darts sparingly, if you have to use them at all! Get in, destroy the portal and get out. But check the place first. If necessary, keep one of you posted at the entrance with the radio. Then we can determine if a trap is being sprung or not. See you in a day or two!"

"Let's go!"

Syeonyx signing off

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