Welcome to "The Diary of a Miner"; a blog detailing the adventures and mysteries that I, Syeonyx, embark upon in my quest to further my mining and survival skills! It'll be tough, there will be good times and bad times, but I'll always be alive to post my adventures... probably...

Syeonyx: 7th Brother of the Lone 7!

     I've had a lot to think about... About HoN Co. ... The guards and the portals... About the Lone 7... About the task I have been asked to complete... I didn't really have any other option. HoN Co. guards were probably still guarding my house, and it was unsafe to randomly travel from area to area, constantly on the run, sleeping in a tent for the rest of my life! I wasn't going to give in to HoN Co.! That left the one remaining option... Join the Lone 7. I'd sat on the bed of SERVERE's room for some time, going over everything I had been told. Obviously I couldn't say whether it was true or not, but I trusted COLUS for some reason. He had that leadership quality about him which made me want to follow him. Was that a good thing? I suppose it didn't matter. After a long time of thinking, I stood up and left the room to find THEROS. Finding him in the science lab with OROTHO, I told him I was ready.

     I stood at the bottom of the small stairs in the discussion room before COLUS and the other five. He stood at the top holding a set of armour, presumably belonging to Jonas... It would seem I am about to take the place of SERVERE as the 7th Brother of the Lone 7.

"The Brothers of the Lone 7 are more than just rebels. We stand united against the evil that has befallen HoN Co. and the rest of Minecraftia. We work vigilantly night and day to quell the the monstrous work that is set before us. We work as one to prevent HoN Co. from gaining unfathomable energy at the cost of the world. We are a symbol of hope in a world that is plagued by unstoppable desires for power and wealth, and we will perform any act to prevent it. Syeonyx. You stand before the Brothers of the Lone 7. Your actions and your bravery have brought you to this place, before us. Your actions have proven to us that your are worthy of the Lone 7 title, and to take your place at the side of you Brothers. We ask much of you, this we all know, but every one of us have had to prove our worth to be able to stand before you with pride this day. Filling the shoes of a beloved Brother who has fallen at the hands of our enemy is never an easy task, but we all believe you have the capacity to do this. In my hands, I hold the black trim armour that belonged to SERVERE, our 7th Brother. I hope that in the days ahead of us, you prove to be worthy of this armour, and all that it stands for. Wear it with pride. Wear it with honour. Wear it with distinction. Wear it for your fellow Brothers and in the name of the Lone 7. Wear it well."

COLUS stepped forward and placed the armour into my hands before ascending the stairs again. They all bowed towards me, and I returned the gesture, arms outstretched.

"We will give you adequate time to dress yourself in your armour, and then you are needed with OROTHO in the science lab. I have informed him of the information you hold concerning Creepers and the Solus stone, and he is most intrigued. This is a first, for him. This could be incredibly helpful to our cause. Once you have helped him, come and seek me out if you wish. I am sure you have many questions to ask, but we are all willing to aid you in any way possible."

COLUS and the others all went there separate ways, except for OROTHO who stood there for a moment longer, gazing at me. He had a look of curiosity written across his face, as though he couldn't work me out... Well, the feeling was mutual! he eventually shuffled off, talking to himself again, and I headed off to the right down towards the quarters.

     A few surprises met me when I got there. Firstly, the sign above the room I was allocated has been changed from "SERVERE" to "SYEONYX". Also, the armour is much more comfortable than I had first thought! I've decided against wearing the face mask, but the helm I've taken to quite well. I managed to prop the camera on a shelf and set the timer. I'm hoping to get a photo of all of us, but I have a feeling they will all object to that...

     After finishing up with the camera, I left Chiron in the room, and went in search of OROTHO in the science lab. COLUS had said that he had wanted to see me, something to do with the Creepers and the Solus stone. When I got there, everyone else was already present. COLUS was talking to OROTHO, holding the Solus stone in his hand. When they saw me come in, a big grin spread across OROTHO's face. He walked over to me, holding the stone and began to speak, but slower than he usually did. I managed to actually understand him!

"COLUS tells me you have experienced a strange phenomena with the Solus stone and Creepers? Apparently they display a fear for it? Please show us!

He handed the stone to me and walked me over to the glass. On the other side, the Creepers grew interested and edged forward. I held out the stone to the glass and the reaction was instantaneous and unanimous amongst the Creepers; they all backed off, hissing and spitting, mouths wide like the others had before I drove them through the portal. OROTHO made a few intrigued noises, and the others seemed just as interested. I turned around and informed them of what had happened when I had learnt this.

"Curious... The Solus stone repels them and the Affinitas cage attracts them..."

OROTHO approached me, took the stone and began looking at it with keen interest. I was rather confused by this.

"An Affinitas cage is the name given to those strange cages that you have seen. They are used to draw out creatures from the Nether to protect the portals. We heard some of the guards mention this name. It's Latin. It means "affinity"... Like a cat to catnip!"

COLUS stepped towards me, informing me of this, whilst the others quietly chattered to themselves. COLUS beckoned towards the exit:

"Let us leave OROTHO alone with his studies. No doubt he will wish to pursue this lead further."

"Wait! SYEONYX! Do you know any more of the Creepers that is unusual? Any odd behaviour?"

OROTHO turned back around, an arm outstretched. I shrugged. I hadn't noticed anything else about them except for their odd ability to spontaneously explode, no doubt they already knew this. To be honest, I spent my time avoiding them, not getting close to them. I left the lab with the others.

"If you are ready SYEONYX, I will brief you, THEROS and UOPETA about the tower you must find that is close to the master portal. Once you have found it, collect as much information as possible and return, taking care not to get caught or bring anyone back here! "

We all left the lab and headed towards the discussion room. Looks like I was going to prove myself more or less immediately!

     The task is set. Me, THEROS and UOPETA are heading out tomorrow to find the tower. I told them of one tower I found which extended into cells that I was held in, but they knew of this already. That wasn't the right one. This tower was constructed of metal, and a conducting rod was placed through the centre to channel electrical energy down to the master portal. UOPETA had provided information as to the possible location of it, saying that he had seen guard patrols off to the North East. I hadn't gone that way so it was unlikely I had been anywhere near it. I'm preparing myself mentally to find this tower, and gather information. Chiron is staying here and we are carrying few supplies. We go in fast and quiet, find out what we can and return. If all goes well, we should be back by late tomorrow. We're expecting heavy HoN Co. guard presence. After all, this was the key element to HoN Co.'s plan, and they wouldn't leave it vulnerable. We wouldn't be able to get anywhere near it to destroy it with a pickaxe or dynamite, and if it is activated via an electrical storm, we're screwed! The Solus stone only works on unstable portals. The plan is to prevent it from ever being activated. Tomorrow could be very fun(!)

Syeonyx signing off

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