Welcome to "The Diary of a Miner"; a blog detailing the adventures and mysteries that I, Syeonyx, embark upon in my quest to further my mining and survival skills! It'll be tough, there will be good times and bad times, but I'll always be alive to post my adventures... probably...

Day 80: I may be wandering around for some time...

     Today was the day I either found what I was searching for, or continued searching for an unknown period of time! I had only two locations left on the map to locate and search, before going to the backup plan and searching the less obvious areas that I could see on the map. If that failed I had two options: A. search the entire landmass for any sign of it, which could literally take years! Or B. go back to Jonas' house knowing I had failed to find the location. Obviously there were other various solutions, but the stated ones were the only ones I could determine. As I go to one of the locations, one of the L7 may greet me there and show me inside. Or I could be found by the guards and taken back to the cell! Any number of scenarios could play out! I just hoped it wasn't any of the latter!

     Today I was going to be travelling farther than any of the other days to find the locations. The next one in line was the mysterious red dot, which I assumed was lava! It was the most likely thing to represented by a red dot, and was surrounded by a small amount of sand which could be seen as a "maw". Additionally, lava is very rarely found on the surface, and therefore meets the criteria of the second part of the message. After packing everything away, I set off to the West, so that I can meet with the coastline and then follow it along to the next location. I find this is a much faster and accurate method of finding the necessary locations as the curve of the coastline keeps you on the right path. It took about an hour to get to the edge of the mainland, and then I merely proceeded North along the edge. It would be quite some time until I came across the lava pit, but I guessed it was worth waiting. This was surely the right place! It fit the message perfectly! As I continued up the coastline, I came across something odd. A day or two ago, I had come across some trees with no leaves or branches! Just the bare trunks were exposed, with scorch marks suggesting a fire. Possibly the result of a lightning storm which ignited the leaves but left the rigid trunks behind. Well this tree was the complete opposite! There was no sign of any trunk at, and the branch and leaf coverage consumed the entire tree! After pushing my way through, I found an incredibly think trunk protruding a few metres into the sky, with branches coming off from it at almost every conceivable point! What was going on with these trees? Had this got anything to do with the portal or the Nether? I doubted it, but it was still very weird!

     This diary is already boring enough as it is without me adding to it about noting down every step I took! Then again, I don't suppose a diary is supposed to be incredibly riveting! I continued along the coast as far as I was allowed, before heading off inland again to make my towards the lava pit... Well, presumed lava pit... To the North West, the area was very hilly, with some sections of land protruding metres into the air, often turning from gentle mounds to soaring cliffs! This was the type of terrain I was expecting to hide a base! With this type of terrain, you could probably have a surface base and it would still remain hidden! Continuing Westwards inland, I eventually rose over the top of the hill and my eyes were instantly drawn to a specific location in the distance! It was red, it was flowing, and from the steam it was producing, it was likely to be very hot! Lava! I knew it! I headed towards it, feeling the warmth as I neared within a few yards. Could the base really be around here somewhere?

     After a thorough search around the pit, I found nothing else that could indicate the base being around here... The only thing that could belong underground was the lava itself, and I severely doubted the based was hidden under the lava! Looking around, I also noticed that the area wasn't a brilliant place to put a base, even underground. There were no tall structures to mask the area from view, and why put the base in a location where people are likely to be drawn to? From the moment I found the little red dot, I knew I would visit it at some point, so having it as the location for a base would be stupid. I took the map out and crossed it off... One left... That means I've either left the best til last, or I've missed it!

     For the last hole, I had to backtrack for an hour or so to a point along the coast which was thin enough to cross over shallow water. I eventually found a suitable spot which didn't require me to get wet at all, which was a bonus! It had passed midday, and the sun had begun to slip into mid to late afternoon. I didn't have long, and I had at least another two hour walk to this last place! I stuck to the coastline for as long as possible until I needed to head inland, all the while travelling to the West. Eventually, the ground underfoot became more sandy, and it wasn't long until a small desert region lay out before me. From the map, the location was close to the water's edge and within this sandy region. After about twenty minutes of sticking to the coast, I came across the only part that could match with the map. It seemed to be a very precise hole dug out into the ground that was filled with water. The sides were perfectly smooth except for some minor dents and protrusions. Surely this wasn't natural...?

     After thoroughly searching it, I couldn't find anything that belonged underground! But the shape of it was most extraordinary! It was a perfect square, almost, with steep walls on all sides but the one facing the water! I couldn't think of a better place to put an underground base, except for maybe at the one I visited yesterday! I was so sure that this was the location! It had only just begun to get dark, but I erected my tent and started camping early. Maybe if I stayed here long enough, they would notice and give me a sign... It was a long shot, but if anything unusual was likely to happen, I wanted to be around to see it! I just had a feeling about this one!

     I've been here for a few hours now... Nothing has changed; no indication from L7, no lights or signs. Just a hole in the ground that was unusually precise in shape! I had seen something similar before back when I was searching for Jonas McElderry's house, but this was something else! The walls were sheer and the base of the pool was perfectly flat! I was half expecting the water to drain away and a huge hole to appear, with a platform ascending to meet me! But nothing. Not as much as a sound! Maybe this wasn't the right place... Well if I camped outside long enough and this was the right place, the L7 were likely to notice me and alert me to their presence! I've had to keep Chiron in from jumping off the edge into the water, which he has already done twice! I took the map out and crossed it out... At least if this wasn't the place, I would remember. I don't really know what to do now... I've begun to look at the map in detail, looking for anything else that constitutes as a hole or "maw"... But with limited luck... I'm going to catch a reasonably early night and look at the map with fresh eyes... I just I have more luck then!

Syeonyx signing off

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