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Day 81: I think I found it... For real this time!!!

     I woke up to a surprise this morning! Not an unwanted one, but definitely a surprise! I woke with the sun again, obviously facing East again, and as I went to get out of the tent, I saw a piece of paper down on the ground! Now aside from my diary and Jonas' diary, I wasn't carrying any paper with me, so it wasn't mine! Walking over, and bending down to pick it up, I noticed it had the familiar scrawled letters on that I recognised as belonging to THEROS. Sure enough, at the base of the note, the name "THEROS" was also written. The note was simple: "Go back to the most defensible location you have visited and wait til night. All will become clear... THEROS"! "The most defensible location you have visited..."... Which one did that refer to? I was still only a matter of metres away from one of them, but I doubted they meant that one, otherwise it wouldn't say "Go back..." as an instruction! It either meant the lava pit... Or the small pool of water surrounded by cliff walls on three sides... Was it really there?

     I assumed THEROS was referring back to the location with the three cliffs... That would be the most defensible of all, except maybe the last one I found. The only problem was it was about a day's walk away, maybe more... I would be spending all day walking to one location, and I still might not even get there... I suppose the only good thing about it was the note said to look around at night. If I got there in time, it would be night! I remember something similar being mentioned before by THEROS about searching for something at night... It was when I had to piece together that message from those individual words! I had to look towards the Eastern sky at night. I did that and found an outcrop with an array of torches attached to it, with a chest buried beneath the outcrop with a book in it. I had gained a lot of information then... Presumably it was the same principle; I was looking for a source of light. But where? In the water? In one of the cliffs? I was not prepared at all to climb cliffs again! If I did I could be in trouble! Not wanting to waste any more time, I quickly packed the tent away and set off. I had a lot of ground to cover, and I might not necessarily get there in time!

     I began heading South East to get back to the crossing. The current area I had been on took a while to get to as I spent a lot of time trying to find a way across the water. I didn't relish the idea of going for a swim, and that still remained. Unfortunately it added about two hours to my journey because I couldn't cross straight over to the mainland. Then I had to navigate around a pool, the long way around adding a further hour, and then continue heading South East. Once again, I stuck to the coast, and more or less followed the exact opposite route as I did to get here. I would follow the coastline until the location was directly due East of my position and then I would head East. If all went well, I could get there without needing the map or compass, and without stopping. Although that partially relied on Chiron not messing around or becoming distracted as he always did! I just kept walking, and he would get the idea and continue following. God, I hope this is the right place!

     By the time I got around to the coast after navigating around the pool it was already midday! I had stopped periodically for a small snack, thinking I was actually ahead of schedule, but apparently not. The cloud cover is quite thick, and tracking the sun is difficult, even at the best of times! I just hope it didn't start raining! A few hours of travelling due South along the coast and I made it to the point where I could begin heading East. I was still a little weary heading inland because it was difficult to see anything, especially if the tree cover was thick! A HoN Co. guard could be hiding around here at any point and catch me unaware! I tried not to think about this as I passed caves and under trees. The journey was arduous enough without adding an element of fear to it! Eventually the sky began to darken and I started to jog. I needed to get there before it got too dark. Who knows what could be lurking around... I began thinking about the zombies and giant spiders, and a chill ran down my spine! Oddly enough, the same reaction was not felt when I thought about the Creepers... Since reading the information detailing the Creepers in terms of their anatomy etc., I had actually began to grow curious about them. What were they? Where did they come from? Well, I think I knew the answer to the last one. A few moments later, just as the sky turned to a midnight blue colour, I emerged from the treeline in front of the pool! Thank god!

     I've set up a tent and Chiron is currently curled up on the sleeping bag. I'm not sure how much sleep I'll get tonight, but I doubted it would be much! I had also started a campfire, and was roasting some meat. But despite this, Chiron remained asleep... Or at least very still! I looked around the area, in the pool, up at the cliff walls, in the trees and everywhere in general. But I couldn't see any light at all!

     Maybe I was at the wrong place... Maybe the lava pit was the right place after all... But then... Surely the light source there would be the lava pit itself...? How would that be a clue? I moved away from the fire, strolling up and down the edge of the pool, trying to think of what to do... Did I stay here and hope something happened, or should I try and go back to the lava pit...? I headed back to the tent, looking out across the pool of water. It was a beautiful clear night... Odd considering all the clouds during the day... As I headed back to the tent I noticed something... I thought it was a trick of the light, but as I looked closer, I could see a small amount of light near to the centre of the pool! Looking above for the moon, I noticed it wasn't in the right position to cast light like that... What was that?

Syeonyx signing off

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