Welcome to "The Diary of a Miner"; a blog detailing the adventures and mysteries that I, Syeonyx, embark upon in my quest to further my mining and survival skills! It'll be tough, there will be good times and bad times, but I'll always be alive to post my adventures... probably...

On call all day

     And so I play the waiting game... Again! Me and THEROS are waiting on UOPETA who has gone ahead to scout out the suspected location of a portal. He has a copy of the map, and he's headed off to a location close to the conducting tower. We settled on the idea that the secondary portals are most likely to be closer to the conducting tower, as logical would suggest. There's no point having secondary nodes miles away linking portals together which could be closer to the master portal themselves! Meanwhile, we wait for UOPETA to confirm or deny the presence of a portal there. If there is, we go out with another radio set to a different frequency band, and destroy the portal. UOPETA moves onto the next one, contacts us as to whether there is one there and then moves on again. Once we've destroyed a portal, we contact THEXIS and move onto the next one, if there is another one. If there isn't we shadow UOPETA until he finds another. We need to ensure we're at least one portal location away from UOPETA at all times to reduce the chances of getting caught, and we need to limit our communications back to THEXIS as well. The last thing we need is to inform anyone overhearing where our base of operations is! We can't guarantee anyone is, but it's better to overreact now and laugh about it later than take chances and pay for them later.

"UOPETA's coming up to the first location now. You might want to prepare some supplies."

I thanked THEXIS, and I moved to my room where I collected some basic supplies together. This time I was going to take my diamond pickaxe in case we come across one that isn't active. THEROS is getting provisions ready as we don't know how long we'll be out there for. If we can make two to three portals a day, we will drastically increase our chances of taking out the master portal. Doubtless though we'll attract unwanted attention, so we'll need to be more vigilant when we go out. We won't have UOPETA to guide us, so I'll be the one in charge of safety and security. It's a big responsibility, but I feel like I'm up for it. I've been watching UOPETA closely and I know all the precautions. I think the only problem I may have is my sense of direction! Luckily I'll have a cartographer with me! He can ensure we're going the right way, and I'll make sure we're safe...

     We got a message from UOPETA a few minutes ago saying he had reached the suspected location. He says there are no landmarks nearby to suggest it's underground, nor can he find it above ground. It's possible that there isn't one there are at all. We're leaving it for now; THEROS has ringed it with a different colour to indicate that it may require further investigation once the definite ones are destroyed. UOPETA's now moved on to the next one. It'll be another few hours before we hear any word from him, and it's already getting towards the afternoon. I feel a bit like a fireman; constantly on duty, but not always in action. You have to be ready and prepared to go at a moments notice! It's been suggested to us to get some rest if we need it, but I wouldn't be able to sleep even if I did! I hope the next location is has a portal, and we can destroy it.

     We just received a message from UOPETA saying he'd run into a Creeper! We feared the worst, but he says he managed to tranquilise it before it saw him. He asked us to pass a message on to OROTHO to tell him the sedative works just as well on Creepers! We're not going to because we know his reaction. Although the fact that we've encountered a Creeper now is odd... We don't see one for weeks, and now one randomly appears. It wasn't near a portal.. Maybe it passed from the Nether and decided to go for a wander... Who knows... All I know is that's one more thing to look out for when we get called out.

     It's not started to get dark yet, but UOPETA has called us out! The second location he checked does indeed conceal a portal. He says that there doesn't seem to be any resistance nearby, but then again it is just a standard portal. Well, a portal is a portal; the more we destroy the better! We've been briefed by COLUS again to go over the procedure. We know the drill, and, speaking from my point of view, I'm more the happier to get out there! I want to feel like I'm doing my part! We stopped off at the lab to retrieve the blow pipes and darts from OROTHO. We're taking a spare magazine this time, so we have the capacity to take out at least twelve guards of Creepers... Or a mixture. I have a feeling though we'll be seeing numerous Creepers on this journey. Just because HoN Co. don't use guards to secure a portal doesn't mean it's not being guarded... Off we go!

Syeonyx signing off

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