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Portal, to another world!

     It was odd... Very odd: since earlier when everything was cleared up, OROTHO has been much cheerier... More so than usual... Maybe it was Amie... They had been actively working together, discussing hypotheses, and no raised voices at all! Admittedly OROTHO had no reason to be upset with Amie and vice versa. I guess OROTHO's original outburst was as a result of fear stemmed from the belief that Amie would reveal his dark history with HoN Co. to us... It didn't matter. It was all in the past, and OROTHO had more than made up for his previous actions by helping us. he had been an invaluable asset to the team, aiding us with theories, equipment and techniques. With Amie joining us, it could only get better! As COLUS said though, we're keeping a low profile for awhile, allowing Amie to disappear. It would also allow us to recap our efforts so far, and realise what we have ahead of us. We knew it was serious when Amie told us about the portal replication research, and how they had already begun implementing it. that much was also clear from the increased number of active primary portals back at the conducting tower. On the bright side, she was the lead researcher and scientist into replicating the secondary portal technology. They were more complex as they would have to route numerous network connections from multiple portals to a single primary portal. She has informed us that they had only got as far as beginning to understand the purpose of the appendages on each secondary portal.

"Each Class B portal, sorry, secondary portal, links to forty or so portals. We believe each 'arm' of the portal deals with approximately ten signals from ten portals. Four arms means about forty portals. When you destroy a secondary portal, you cut the link to all forty portals, causing them to revert back to an inactive state. But they can be reactivated, and they can link up to the next available secondary portal... As for how many secondary portals to primary portals, I don't know. We never got that far into the research. We hoped that by better understanding how the portals link to a secondary portal, we could work on the secondary to primary link later, assuming it was of a similar connection."

COLUS asked a question that, at the time had eluded me completely, but I did wish to know the answer to:

"OROTHO has made references to 'networks' and 'connections' before, but he's never said how they were connected. We've never studied a portal in such great detail. Partially because of the distance they are located to any equipment, but mostly because of the threat it poses if we left it active. How do they link? What 'network' is being referred to?"

"Well... It's quite complicated, but I'll try to keep it simple. I'm sure you're aware of the electromagnetic spectrum? You have you visible light in the middle of the spectrum, and the higher frequency, lower wavelength spectrums towards the blue end, and the lower frequency, higher wavelength spectrums towards the red end. As you should also know, most communications are transmitted via radio waves, the band with the longest wavelength. Well we believe that there is another band which exists beyond this range. Radio waves can travel hundreds of miles before needing to be boosted by towers or satellites etc. But this additional band can travel thousand, maybe millions of miles without needing to be boosted! However, it cannot really fit onto the electromagnetic spectrum, as it appears that despite the usual nature of waves - the further from the source, the more they spread out - these waves seem to maintain a uniform spread! This makes for very precise communications, but no communication equipment would be able to transmit at these wavelengths due to the immense energy needed to generate them! We named them 'iter waves'... It's Latin meaning 'journey'. These waves essentially have the power to be transmitted from planet to planet with little need for boosting, or loss of energy!"

"What's the point though? The portals would be close enough to transmit a connection signal via radio waves... Why use these... iter waves?"

"I don't know... The energy generated by the link between the obsidian frame and the rift of the portal is sufficient to generate this range of electromagnetic radiation. It's possible... That the portals might not be confined to Earth..."

Was Amie suggesting what I think she was suggesting? Was she saying that portals could, not only exist elsewhere outside of Minecraftia, but also on other planets? That didn't seem physically possible! Wait a minute. I put forward the theory that, if portals could exist on other planets, was the master portal even the main threat?

"Well, you have to bear in mind that the Nether isn't just another world, it's another entire plane of existence! There are other worlds, galaxies universes out there through the portals, not just the Nether. There is belief that, well... Some believe that the portals aren't gateways to a new dimension, but gateways to different worlds in our own universe... It can't be proved, but it extends to the theory of leaf frogging... We use the portal constructed from obsidian to travel to the Nether, and then use another material in the Nether to construct a similar portal to travel to another world... No-one has tried this, and I doubt anyone will, but it isn't a major theory. The problem is, there's so little we can prove, that the subject is open to individual interpretation."

The entire time, OROTHO had been sitting in silence, listening to Amie's ideas. He seemed intrigued by them, as were the rest of us. It was an interesting twist to the whole portal theory, but one that was of little consequence to us now. We only knew that the portals were linked to the master portal, a device which was hypothesised to allow multiple dimensions - or worlds - to meld. HoN Co. had seen the profit in this by being able to harvest the materials and ores that would be abundantly available, and, provided it could be contained, it would be left unknown to the public. All they need know is that a new material was found and is being sold and used in specific areas of industry. If HoN Co. could secure their future in solving the world's energy crisis... They're become the most lucrative company on the planet!

"It doesn't matter about the possibilities! We just need to settle on what we know, and deal with it accordingly. The secondary portals are still our main focal aim. We destroy them, and we put a stop to the master portal being activated. It will also greatly reduce the efficiency of these replicated portals. They have no purpose if they cannot be linked, so the secondary portals remain our top priority. Myself, Amie and OROTHO will discuss what plan is needed, and we shall rope AMPHIS in to ensure you have the correct details. THEROS, we'll need your cartography skills so we can draw up a map of positive secondary portal locations. I'm sure Amie knows where enough of them are to be able to get a good footing!"

Amie nodded, and OROTHO rubbed his hands enthusiastically. Looks like the Lone 7 was running at 110%!

Syeonyx signing off

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