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Day 100: Operation [insert applicable name here!]

     COLUS congratulated us on our quick and efficient operation so far. We've managed to take out a further five secondary portals, most of which were active, and from the report UOPETA took from the conducting tower, Amie and OROTHO have managed to deduce the next stage of the operation. There are more secondary portals this time, so we'll need to do it in two parts. Plus we need to be careful about the HoN Co. guard activity; THEXIS confirmed that the search teams had passed us on their way back to the tower. If we wait a little longer, we can head out in safety, whilst THEXIS keeps an eye on the radio communications. With THEROS' help, Amie has added eight additional secondary portal sights onto the map, and we've recorded the destruction of the other five. Now all we need to do is wait for the green light from THEXIS and head out. Meanwhile, we're working on the plan; this time I think we're heading out to the nearest and working our way to the furthest. That way we can head to the tower before coming back, and we stand less of a chance of accidentally overtaking the search teams on their way back.

     We've finally decided that that is what we're going to do. It's easier that way, but COLUS is a little worried about us going straight to the tower.

"If you head directly from the last portal to the tower, you won't be aware of the guard locations. They could be setting up a trap, or you could be overwhelmed in an area you're not familiar with. I'd prefer it if you came back, but what you do is up to you. If you see an advantage, take it."

COLUS had a point, but I had a feeling that UOPETA was going to totally ignore that and head straight to the tower. I suppose if we could guarantee our safety then it was OK, but I wanted to make sure that UOPETA knew what he was doing. What was I saying, of course he knew what he was doing! We headed out after we were ready with the plan, and went straight to the nearest portal. We stuck to the shadows, and remained within the tree line to ensure we didn't get spotted by any patrols on their way back. Our first target was off to the North East, on a small little spit out from the main land. It was easily accessible from the main land but it was a worrying place; HoN Co. may set up a trap by creating a bottleneck, forcing us into an assault. We wouldn't stand a chance! We had to hope that HoN Co. didn't have a clue where we were or what we were doing. Amie said that the chances of them setting up a trap for us were slim as they didn't class us a serious threat. Maybe we weren't being as aggressive as we thought! Well I suppose that worked in our favour as they didn't know what we could do. Although after taking out these next eight secondary portals would surely create a large dent in their plan!

     We got to the site, thinking we had arrived at the wrong place. We couldn't find the portal anywhere at all, except for a sand dune that took the place we had arrived at... After a few minutes of dusting away some of the sand, we found the portal, but it was odd... It had been buried, and it wasn't active AND it was lying down! What was going on?

     We all pitched in to uncover the portal. After a good half an hour of shifting sand, we managed to remove enough to see what the situation was. It was how I had said; a secondary portal, inactive and lying down in the sand. Looks like we would need the pickaxe. THEROS got to work hacking at the portal frame, whilst myself and UOPETA kept watch. We didn't see anything at all, but I had this horrid feeling that we could be falling into a trap... After some time, THEROS handed the pick to me and I picked up from where he left off.

     As I was nearing the end of destroying the portal when UOPETA called me over. Had he seen something? He didn't say anything, but merely pointed. Looking in his direction, I couldn't see a thing!

"Remember: don't move your eyes or head. Look for movement."

I stopped trying to look, and just stared in the direction he pointed. Eventually I saw what I initially thought was a tree branch moving, but then I realised is was something else. Looking closer, I could make out the horrid gaping mouth of a Creeper! It had seen us! I quickly went for my blowpipe, but UOPETA stopped me...

"No... Just look... It knows we're here... Why isn't attacking us?"

THEROS had joined in now, and he could see it too.

"Maybe it's because it doesn't class us a threat... We're not close enough, and we're not in it's territory... Maybe..."

THEROS didn't finish that sentence... I don't think it needed finishing. We stood there for a long time, watching it, and it did the same... It didn't approach us, and we didn't approach it. After some time, UOPETA decided to move on. We headed off to the West, to destroy the next portal. Before leaving the small spit, I turned to look once more in the direction of the Creeper, but it had gone. I don't know why, but that brief event had intrigued me... Why hadn't it attacked? Were they actually docile unless provoked or approached? Who knows... Maybe OROTHO...

Syeonyx signing off

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