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Day 95: Round 2!

     I really needed that rest! Out of the three of us, I was the last to wake up, which wasn't surprising. But what was surprising was that I found out UOPETA had already moved out to find the first portal! However, as no-one had come to wake me, I assumed he hadn't found a portal yet... I had a quick breakfast/lunch meal and then I joined THEXIS and THEROS in the communications room just off the library.

"Good to see you're awake! We might be needed soon, so liven up!"

I was intrigued to see if UOPETA had been using the reverse compass code to transmit his position to us, along with his next intended destination:"

"Oh yes, he did that before he even left the base! As he went out he said 'I'm off to the first one to the South' and turned and winked at us! Let's just hope he keeps it up. And that you guys remember to interpret it correctly when you're out there..."

"Nothing yet though... He's been to three and found nothing. Two of them we've fully crossed from the map as there is no way a portal could be there, but the other he says was located near some cliffs. It could be anywhere around there, so we'll have to conduct a more thorough search at a later date. For now, he's off to his fourth, which is to the South. True South that is..."

I nodded in acknowledgement and left them to it. THEXIS would come and find me when I was needed, otherwise THEROS would know where I was. For the time being, I was off to see AMPHIS and see if he had catalogued all of the data yet! We never know; there might be more for him in a few days or so...

     When I got to the upper floor, AMPHIS was hidden away behind a desk stacked with papers! It looked much like a scene from those cartoons, only the papers weren't at odd angles.

"Not a word..."

I couldn't help but laugh! AMPHIS had either heard me, or seen me through a slit in his paper fort! There were maps and papers, and hundreds of polaroids littering the floor. AMPHIS had managed to fill two report folders with information, and was working on his third, all entitled "Portal technology". I joked that if he liked photos so much, I could give him another hundred or so to add to his collection when we went back to the conducting tower!

"It's not funny! And it doesn't help when OROTHO keeps coming down and reading what I've put, and wanting me to change the wording to his exact likeness. I keep saying I'm paraphrasing, but he wants a direct quote! Besides, hasn't UOPETA called you and THEROS out yet? He left ages ago..."

He had been gone for some time, and it was already mid afternoon... I didn't know how long UOPETA was going to be gone before he decided to call it a day... Maybe he would wait until he found a portal first!

"Yeah, that sounds like UOPETA. Doesn't like leaving empty handed, that one... Still, it's a very good manner to take this situation in. The whole world is at stake, and we seem to be the only ones who are trying to stop it. Then again, I doubt anyone else knows about it..."

I agreed with AMPHIS... We were the only ones who knew about the real side of HoN Co., not the fabricated, fancy, all-smiles version the public sees... And to think I fell for that seven years ago... Anyway, my mind back on the present, I said my farewells to AMPHIS, and went to find THEROS.

     I'm bored now... I went to find THEROS over two hours ago... Since then, THEXIS has informed is that UOPETA has been to two more places, and still not found a portal. The last thing THEXIS told us was UOPETA was going to try something drastic... Me and THEROS looked nervously at each other... "Drastic"? What did that mean? We didn't have long to wait; about half an hour after THEXIS told us that, he returned!

"UOPETA's found one! It's on an island, to the East of the conducting tower! It's a bit of a way, but he definitely found one. Oh, and there are no Affinitas cages or Creepers this time. He thought you'd want to know..."

Looks like we were off then! We headed to our rooms where we had the equipment ready and waiting. I didn't like the sound of it being on an island though... Was that the "drastic" bit?

     We found the place UOPETA mentioned. It was on an island, and we both got very wet getting to it... It wasn't deep enough to need to swim across, but the lower half of me is drenched! It's also very dark; night settled in as we were making our way across to the island, and UOPETA has already told us he's heading over to the "South East" to find the next one. Luckily I know what he means... I just he knows what he means! The portal was obscured from view; partially because it was on an island, but mainly because it was deep beneath the surface of the island!

     We made our way down the rough steps, towards the eerie light that was being emitted from below. With the total lack of torches, I didn't need a second guess to know the source of the light! Despite what THEXIS said, I was still cautious. UOPETA had said he hadn't seen an Affinitas cage down in the chamber when he found it, but did it mean he already knew it was there, or didn't want to tell us? More logically, it was likely to have been placed there by HoN Co. guards who intercepted out transmissions. THEXIS had even admitted that he could have intercepted out communications... So... We got to the bottom of the chamber, and before us was an active standard portal. It was also embedded into a mossy cobblestone wall, but thankfully there wasn't a Creeper of cage to be seen! THEROS dug out the Solus stone, which glowed brightly in his hand.

"Another bites the dust..."

     After the last of the crumbling obsidian vanished, and the rift closed inwardly, we stood there in total darkness for some time. After awhile, the Solus stone made itself visible again, and THEROS bent down to pick it up.

"Now what? It's dark, do we head back to base?"

Now... We wait... For UOPETA to call us again...

Syeonyx signing off

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