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Day 44: A complete message

     I didn't get much sleep last night... again! This time it was the messages; I was trying to piece together the message from the four bits that I had: "ALONE", "EAST", "TOWARDS" and "THE"... "Towards the East..." was all the sense I could make from it, but it was meaningless. I had looked towards the East from the South-Eastern tower and from the the balcony yesterday, but I had seen nothing! It was very foggy last night though, but I still couldn't see anything... I decided to keep the pages with me just in case I came across any more, but the chances of that were remote! The fact that I had found 4 pieces of the assumed 7-piece message was surprising as it was! I packed up my bag with the diamond pickaxe, slung the quiver and bow over my shoulder and set out towards the ship; today I was going to build that railtrack from the mine to the forge!

     I made my way down to the gate, keeping my eyes and ears open for any scraps of paper blowing around, and rustling sounds! I opened the gate and cautiously stepped through. I had taken to being more cautious since the incident with the spider. The exterior of the wall was exposed at all times, so their could be an army of Creepers out there! I wonder... what is a collective group of Creepers called...? Maybe there isn't one... maybe it needs a name... I made my way onto the boat and down to the storage room on the lower deck. Remembering which crate they were stored in, I retrieved a few rails and placed them on the floor. They were much heavier than I had thought, so I would have to take a few at a time in shuttle runs! I picked up the few I could carry and went back through the gate. Closing it behind me, I continued up the staircase to house, and round the side to the walkway. It was then that I saw it... a small piece of paper, caught against a flower!

     I dropped the rails and dived for the piece of paper, fearing it might blow away! Grasping the small sheet, I stood and stared at the new word that stared at me: "YOU'RE"! I took the other 4 out and examined them, but no matter how I tried, this new word didn't link with anything! Once again, the page had been torn from a book I remember having a missing seventh page. The word was scrawled in the same style and with the same ink! I put the 5 pages into my bag and picked up the rails. I decided that it would be best to start the track from the forge, and began to wonder how I was going to get the track into the forge. I tried to think of different methods, but every time my mind became side-tracked and flew back to the pieces of paper. As I went about trying to make a hole in the forge wall to accomodate the track, my mind on auto-pilot, the concious part of me was playing word games with the message pieces! I was never very good at them, and I was still having trouble piecing them together into a coherent message! Once again, even with the addition of the "YOU'RE" part, the best I could manage was "towards the East..."... I continued with the laying of the track, going back and forth to the ship for some time, and fetching more track. After a few hours, my mind had grown weary of playing these annoying word games and I had settled back into the task!

     I had just gone back to the ship for the last load of rails to finish the track at the half-way point at the open-cast mine. I secured the rails to the ground with metal pins which were also in the ship, and I made a secure docking port in the little shack at the entrance of the mine. Now I could ferry supplies straight from the mine to the forge without worrying about carrying it all the way! I just left the little shack, when I heard a rustling! I was instantly alert, looking everywhere for the piece of paper! I then saw a white object flutter past me, down the mine. I gave chase! But it seemed to be propelled by the wind and took me down the entire mine! Eventually, I got to the bottom of the mine, and saw it float over the top of a small mound of dirt and settle next to the wooden barricade! I ran across to it and picked it up, before noticing another piece of paper lodged within the planks of the barricade! Two parts of the message in one go! I had essentially found the entire message! I stared at the two bits of paper, both written on the side of the seventh page ripped from two separate books, with words in the same style scrawled onto them!

     "NOT" and "LOOK"... I took the other 5 pieces of paper from my bag and compared the message! "ALONE", "EAST", "TOWARDS", "THE", "YOU'RE", "NOT" and "LOOK"! Now with a complete message, I could easily make sense of the message! "Look towards the East, you're not alone"!!! From where I stood, only walls faced East, so I returned to the surface of the mine, up to the forge and onto the wall from the rooftop access! I stared out into the East, where the cliff system was... where the Creeper had been... where I had seen the shadows! But there was nothing of particular interest that I could see! Maybe it meant East elsewhere! I ran to the house and onto the wall from the porch access and stared East, but a large rock formation stood in the way! I decided to check from the top of the house, but even then I could see nothing! I looked back at the message in my hand and began thinking about the last bit; "... you're not alone"... Who was is referring to? Was this from the hooded figure? If so, why had he ran from me into the gateway thing down in the temple? I returned home to think it through... perhaps it would seem clearer to me in a familiar environment!

     I sat there for some time, examining the pages for more information, for more clues, but the words were the only addition to each page. I examined the words more closely but I couldn't see anything to suggest any further clues either! Who was sending me these messages? Obviously an intelligent being is contacting me... or toying with me... I sat there for ages, messing around with the letters, thinking that a hidden anagram may be concealed within, but nothing. I sat there on my bed, staring at the ceiling, defeated! There had been nothing of notable worth to the East from any height I looked... I stood up and began to think I was too stupid to work it out! As I did, I noticed from a distance that some of the letters were bolder than others... was this anything? I noted down all the letters that seemed to stand out more, from each word and looked back at them: "TOWADSUNN"... I then began to play the same game; rearranging letters, making small words and seeing where they went and what it left me with. The word "SUN" kept popping up a lot... Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning!!! There was a concealed message within the message, and it gave me the vital piece of information I needed to understand the main message! I clarified it by writing the letters down in order on the same page: "AT SUNDOWN"!!! No wonder I couldn't see anything, it was giving me the final dimension: a time! Presumably whatever I was looking out for was only visible during the night! This meant it was probably lit up, which would explain why I couldn't see anything towards the East last night; it had been foggy! I need to wait until nightfall, and pray that it's not foggy again...

     I've just been up to the rooftop of the house and looked East! The first noticable thing I saw was the moon! After awhile I noticed a small patch of light coming from an overhang! The light wasn't fierce enough for it to be a fire, so that left only a torch, which meant someone made it, and planted it! So I'm not alone! I don't dare go out now because of the creatures that could be roaming around in the dark! I may be reasonably accurate with the bow, but even then I don't want to risk it! I've remembered the location of the light and the overhang, and I'll set off first thing tomorrow! I'll finally find out what's going on here... hopefully...

Syeonyx Signing off

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