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A chest, a book and a mission!

     I finished the book... What I read inside has answered A LOT of the questions I had buzzing around in my head! It makes no direct mention of me, which leads me to believe that my name on the cover indicates that is for me, not about me... It is hard to explain in parts, so the best thing I can do is explain it from the beginning... as best I can...

     - A long time ago, back when HoN Co. was in it's infancy, they were still sending out miners to find precious ores and stones to make a profit. They would train them using old methods - not MiNES - where trainees would actually mine real ore which had been placed at certain depths in a real mine! After the customary 7 years of training, they were sent to different parts of Minecraftia - an untapped reserve of precious ores that HoN Co. could make a profit from. Each part of the land the miner took was called a "quadrant" and was usually a few thousand miles squared. Each area was sufficiently big enough for a miner and his family to live and to work, without coming into contact with any other miner. Back then, the miners were able to take their families with them. HoN Co. supported the families with a range of supplies, and they were often given holidays for finding certain ores, as an incentive to work harder! HoN Co. also held small tournaments where the victor could win a choice of prizes; a quarter's worth of paid holiday, or a substantial amount of money! Well one miner in particularly was very good at this. His name was James Serra; he was one of the greatest miners that HoN Co. had the delight in training! He won the tournaments a few years running and had gained the title "The Excavator"! About 20 years back, they suddenly lost contact with him and his family. With him being a substantial contributor to the company profit, they sent in a team to investigate his quadrant and found only the smouldering ruins of what they knew was his house!

     After weeks of searching the area; combing for any sign of them, they found the remains of a woman, which they later identified was the wife of James Serra! She had been brutally attacked and then set on fire by someone... or something. No-one knew what had really happened, but with James Serra being the only one around, he was blamed. He too was missing though, and after further investigation, they assumed he had taken his own life! No-one knew why he had done this. He had a good home, a good job, a good wife... his life was great! HoN Co. psychologists theorised that the surroundings of Minecraftia had got to him, and he had simply snapped! There were a few hushed cases where people had gone insane with the job of constant mining, and taken their own lives. The public had their own theories; that Minecraftia was a place man was not meant to settle, it was disturbed and possessed a power that man could not fathom! Many believed that the miners that went insane did so as a result of something they had seen! This is the story they affixed to the fate of James Serra and his wife as well...

     Years later, when HoN Co. had modernised, they had begun receiving messages from miners of a figure shrouded in black who stalked their quadrant! At first, they put it down to a strange trick of the light, or other miners having a bit of fun in another's quadrant. But then other miners, and their families, went missing! All under the same circumstances; no trace of the bodies, the mines and houses of the families destroyed! Some put it down to bush fires in certain regions of Minecraftia, but when miners started dying who owned houses made of sturdier material - stone, cobble, brick - questions started flying! The more robust houses had no sign of burns, but instead, explosive residue! The houses, and the families as well, were not being set on fire... they were being blown up! No-one knew the cause, but HoN Co. had their own theories and put out a message stating all families must contact them if there was any sight of this strange figure. After another year, a pattern emerged: the families who reported seeing the figure were the ones who were blown up! In each case it was the same; no trace of the bodies, explosive residue everywhere and a collapsed mineshaft! HoN Co. began pulling miners and their families out of regions close to these areas hit, but no matter what they did, the figure was always seen, and another family disappeared! -

     From this point on, it mentions the gateway I found. Whoever had written this has been watching me... perhaps they are still watching me. But they know I'm close to one of them! They continued:

     - Eventually after some time, one of the miners stumbled across something that they couldn't work out! They called in HoN Co. and an investigation team was sent into find out. They had found a gateway, but it was active! After calling in for a task force, HoN Co. had actually successfully passed through the gateway and disappeared! After they had stepped through, the miner who had found it said the gateway became inactive! Another team was sent down to retrieve the gateway, but they were unable to move it! After a month of attempts to reactivate it, they stated the task force as MIA and destroyed the gateway! A few weeks after the gateway had been destroyed, the miner who had found it mysteriously vanished as well, but her house had been left untouched! -

     The next bit is a direct quote from the book referring to me, the gateway - which they call a "portal" - and what must be done!

     - What they had found is called a "portal" and is believed to be a gateway between dimensions! These portals can only be constructed in this dimension due to their composition: obsidian! It is theorised that the hooded figure is making use of these portals to gain access across hundreds of miles of land into different miners' quadrants by hopping between dimensions! This has not been proven, but multiple portals have been found throughout Minecraftia, and we believe that you, Syeonyx, have recently come across one! However, there is more; we believe that there is more than one portal in your quadrant and we need you to find and destroy them. The TNT you found in the chest along with this book is sufficient to put it out of action for good! Then we need you to find the other portals! We cannot be sure of how many more are left in your quadrant, but we know that there exists more than 2! We believe that your current mine is close to another of the portals, but we cannot be sure. Continue progress with it until you are faced with the mysterious! It is thought that the hooded figure may be using your quadrant as a base of operations, and would explain why you found the temple with the protected portal. If you destroy this one, you will force the figure into a retreat! The portals can only be crafted in this dimension, and if we can trap him, we can remove his threat for good! We may even be able to corner him if we find the other portal! Be warned; it is also believed that he has employed the help of creatures from this dimension to aid him in his plan. We know not of his intentions, but it seems killing every miner is a start! We will continue to watch you, but you will never see us. We are not a threat to you, but do not provoke us. There is no need to know of who we are, all you need to know is our name: we are known simply as "THEROS"! -

     THEROS... Who are they? How do they know so much? How do I know this isn't all the work of that hooded figure? Maybe the hooded figure is THEROS... or part of it? What they have said makes sense; the portal I found was constructed of obsidian which is an incredibly rare material. The portal had a purple shimmer to it until the figure stepped through and disappeared! This means that the figure has control over these portals! He could pop up anywhere in Minecraftia, and I wouldn't even know it! And these creatures it refers to... I bet it means the Creepers! It coincides with the story perfectly: the houses blown up with traces of explosive residue! When I found the first Creeper, it had left behind explosive residue in the water trap! Now they want me to destroy the portal! If I do this, won't I be drawing attention to myself? If I don't destroy it though, they could kill me! Why didn't THEROS do it themselves? Why did it have to be me?

     I've thought about it... and I've decided that I'm going to destroy the portal! This hooded figure is a threat to every miner in this land! The fact that I've seen them multiple times and am still alive is bizarre as it is, but by ignoring this message, it could be a matter of days, weeks... I'm not going to sit and wait for the end! I'm going to do something about it! Tomorrow I'm going to go back to that island, go down to the temple and destroy that portal! I'm even going to destroy the second entrance, to make sure that whatever is down there stays down there! Tomorrow... will be a day to remember... if I don't die...

Syeonyx signing off

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