Welcome to "The Diary of a Miner"; a blog detailing the adventures and mysteries that I, Syeonyx, embark upon in my quest to further my mining and survival skills! It'll be tough, there will be good times and bad times, but I'll always be alive to post my adventures... probably...

Day 41: They've got in...

     I didn't have that dream last night, not that I should have... There had been gaps between having them before, but I had a feeling that I wasn't ever going to have it again! As soon as I saw the first rays of light creeping over the horizon, I was up and awake! I wanted to get off this island as quickly as possible! I gathered everything I could, including the survival books that were already here, and put them into the chest in the boat. I managed to stir Chiron from his slumber long enough to coax him into the boat, before he drifted off again. Before I left, I went back down to the dig site, bow and arrows at the ready. I wanted to see the entrance; I wanted to make sure it was sealed! As I got closer, I saw the ruins of the entrance that I had caused, and was happy that no-one was getting through it in a hurry! I was tempted to destroy the entrance on the far side of the island, where I had emerged yesterday, but what was the point. If this person or creature wanted to, they could leave and access the underground whenever they liked, regardless whether there was an entrance to use. I was also going to burn down the tents and remove all trace of the campsite altogether, but I thought better of it as I got to the top of the dig site. It wouldn't make any difference; there was nothing here of value to be used. I went back over to the boat, pushed it into deeper waters and climbed aboard. I was going home, and I wouldn't batter an eyelid if I never saw this island again!

     Usually the journey across the water to and from the island was a long and boring one; I had nothing to distract me from the arduous trip, but this time I had too much to distract me! I had experienced so many perplexing sights in the past few days, it defied belief! The dig site leading to the obsidian wall, proof of the crew being here, but mysteriously vanishing... again! The temple, the traps, the creatures, the hooded figure... and the obsidian gateway... Perhaps the most perplexing of all! It had possessed a strange portal-like purple shimmer before the figure had disappeared into it... perhaps it was a gateway to another location in this land! Perhaps it was more sinister... to another world, maybe? It was futile thinking about it; the gateway seemed to be inactive, and all trace of the figure had gone! I had loads of information to relay back to HoN Co. I only hope they don't think I'm joking... What I've been through couldn't be made up! I must have been incredibly deep in thought because it seemed only a few moments since pushing the boat off, to colliding with the side of the ship! Needless to say, it shook me from my daydream, and I got back into action, rowing closer to the pier and securing it. Chiron had since woken up, and was in a considerably chipper mood, now that we had arrived back home. He was leaping and bounding around the gate, but we couldn't get in until I opened it! I dumped the stuff outside and watched, almost in stitches, as Chiron kept jumping to scale the wall! I quickly ran over to the tunnel and moved the boards, climbed the tower and opened the gate. Chiron let out a very enthusiastic bark, and ran inside. I collected the bags, closed the gate again, and returned to the house! As I went, i noticed the farm had grown to bursting again since I was away! Excellent! After sending this message to HoN Co., I had something to do!

     The house hadn't changed at all! I was releaved to actually see it still standing to be honest! What with everything that had happened in the last few days, I was not prepared to deal with the smouldering ruins of a house! I took all of the stuff from the chest upstairs and put it near the bed. I would sort it out later... I had other things to do; harvest and reseed the crop, check on the open-cast mine, check on the forge and ensure the rear gate is still secure! It would take an hour at most for all of that, but I just wanted to relax for the next few days and get some peace! I locked the door as I went down to the farm and spent a good hour harvesting and reseeding the whole thing! It was back-breaking but worth it! I had enough wheat now to make hundreds of loaves of bread! It actually got me hoping that there was a basic cook book in the bag of stuff I had taken from the tents! Maybe there was one with basic recipes for survival food or something... I took it all to the house and stored it in the dry chest in the kitchen. I decided to let Chiron come with me to the forge and open-cast mine! I wasn't going to do any mining, so he would be safe! I took the long route around to the open-cast mine; yes it was tiring, but it allowed me to survey the wall, and ensure there was no breach anywhere! I was efficient like that! We got to the mine and Chiron sat there patiently, knowing he couldn't follow. I went down all the way to bottom, right to the wall which I had blocked off... I closed my eyes and leaned against the wall, remembering the zombie that had attacked me in the chamber back in there! The strange metal cage with a small child inside... the cage I had destroyed! It made me wonder how many more there are, and if they were connected to this strange figure I had seen a few times! A bark from Chiron back up at the entrance brought me to my senses and I climbed back to the top. Next the forge! As I got closer, I noticed that all of the trees had disappeared... the entire forest had vanished! A few tree stumps a few twigs and branches were all that remained! It made no sense; before I left there was an entire forest here, but now there was nothing! I checked the ground and noticed scorch marks all around... the forest had been burnt! Then I heard the sound of what seemed like rushing water and looked in horror at the forge... what had happened!?!

     As I got closer, I noticed that the rushing sound was that of the lava as it poured from the pit into a small pool! A huge chunk of the West-facing wall had disappeared, and small fires had broken out within the forge! What had happened? Had it been attacked? Was it an accident? No! I kept the TNT in the house.... well I had done until I used it up! There was evidence of explosions... and the only thing that could've caused it entered my mind: Creepers! Had Creepers blown my forge up? If so, how had they got into the confines of the wall!?! Had they been helped by someone or something? Was this the work of that strange figure? Had the forest been attacked as well, or was it simply an innocent victim in the main attack? The majority of the structure still stood, and with a few minor repairs, I could have it looking like it did... but my mind was set on the reasoning behind such an attack! Where they looking for something? Did they think I was in there? Why attack a random building for no reason...? Maybe it was a message... a warning... If so, what did it mean? Was I prying too much? Was this a message to leave? I didn't get it! I was confused as to how they had got in... I rushed to the rear gate to check, but it was shut, and with no sign of them getting in through the general area!

     I'm feeling really insecure now! Somehow, something got into the walled area and attacked the forge! Was it the work of Creepers commiting acts of suicide against my buildings... or the figure attacking for some odd reason... or maybe both! I spent the rest of the afternoon going around the entire length of the wall, both from the ground and the top of the wall, checking for breachs and holes that they may have come through, but I found nothing! The Creepers had nowhere to come from; the wall and gates were secure, the barricades at the mine were still secure and the back door near the farm... I hadn't checked! The door that lead directly to the first mineshaft! I raced back towards the farm from the wall... The door... it was open... That must be it! Something or someone had made it's way through the mine and into the walled area from the surface entrance to the mine! I needed to secure it! I spent a good few hours barricading up the entire stretch of mine so that they couldn't come through without force! If they did use force, I'd hear it! I then removed the chest of weapons from the mine-access room in the house, and boarded up the entire room! As far as i was concerned, that room no longer existed!

     I've just sent off a full report to HoN Co. detailing the recent events over the past few days! I've mentioned everything, from the figure, to the temple, the attack on the forge, EVERYTHING! They needed to know! By the end of it, it was a 12 page report! There was easily enough information there for them to send over another task force or investigation team! I even detailed my thoughts and hypotheses about what might be going on, but they'll probably dismiss them and make up their own! They're not the ones down here! They're not the ones going through hell! I've tried to calm myself down, and am going through the survival books I "procured" from the tents. Huzah, I found a cookery one, although whether it details anything to do with with wheat, sugar and meat, I don't know! I need to get my mind off of the current events so I can relax for a change! Tomorrow, I'll probably try to repair the structural damage to the forge, and possibly look for signs of entry on the other side of the wall! Until then, I was getting my rest!

Syeonyx signing off

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