Welcome to "The Diary of a Miner"; a blog detailing the adventures and mysteries that I, Syeonyx, embark upon in my quest to further my mining and survival skills! It'll be tough, there will be good times and bad times, but I'll always be alive to post my adventures... probably...

Day 33: I set sail for adventure!!! Tomorrow... Maybe...

     Same dream again! Exactly the same as yesterday! Even the ending with the spider! I don't get what it means! If it does actually mean anything! As I have done before, I pushed it to the back of my mind and went on with the beginning of the day. I think yesterday took its toll out on me, because I overslept more so than usual! By the time I actually woke up - panting and sweating as if i had come back from a ten mile run - there was already enough light to see far off into the distance! Not wanting to waste any more time, I quickly readied myself for the day ahead and ran downstairs!

     As promised, I decided to check out the engine room of the ship. On the way, I did the customary check of the farm; nothing growing yet, but I had only worked on it yesterday! Opening the gate, I noticed nothing unusual, and continued towards the makeshift pier. When I had first found the boat, I couldn't gain access to the engine room, primarily because I couldn't find an access panel. It was unlikely that the panel was on the exterior of the ship, so I checked the lower level of the ship again. After about half an hour I finally found a latch that had been hidden by a chest in the crew's quarters. Pulling the latch I opened the access panel and looked inside. There was lighting still on down here, and the engine was humming ever so slightly, but there was no other sound aside from the trickle of water.

     I carefully lowered myself into the room and landed with a splash! There was a leak! In the side of the hull close to the panel was a small tear which was letting in a small amount of seawater. A small amount of patching would be sufficient for that problem, and luckily the water hadn't reached the actual engine! Unfortunately I am no mechanic, and I was unable to determine if the engine wasn't in working order, or if it just needed fuel! Even if it was the latter, the ship ran on diesel... not coal! Looking around the room, I didn't notice anything out of place... for an engine room! So I returned to the crew's quarters and closed the hatch. As the ship had beached itself the small leak was unlikely to get any worse. However, my main worry was the propeller; I was assuming that a boat this size made use of this propulsion system! I made my way out of the ship and down the beach where it met the waters edge. I waded in and went around to the back of the ship to inspect the propeller... or what was left of it! The propeller was now a series of jagged pieces of iron sticking out at weird angles! Presumably it had been damaged when it ran aground on the beach! The ship wasn't going anyway anytime soon!

     I got out of the sea and went back into the ship, soaking wet! I wanted to know if there was any other evidence to suggest what may have happened to the crew, so I went straight down to the crew's quarters and looked in the chests. There were quite a few items of clothing, a few personal items such as watches and picture frames... but no pictures! After further rooting around, I found another diary, but it only contained doodles and sketches; presumably of things the person had seen on the way to Minecraftia. It was of no real use to me, so I set it back in the chest along with the other items. I then through every bookcase on the ship! This took some time because there were loads of books spread out through the ship, and it was late afternoon by the time I had found that none of them could shed any light on ths current issue. I was up in the crew's recreation room, looking for anything that might suggest something unusual when I heard a skittering sound! I stopped and listened; I heard it again, and realised it was the same noise I had heard yesterday! Had something followed me out of the cavern? I had barricaded it up... but not straight away... It was possible. After awhile, the noise stopped and I returned to searching the ship, but more cautiously. I then noticed it had started to get dark! I was down on the lower deck, and because of the lighting I hadn't noticed the sun at all! Had I really spent all day looking onboard the ship? It didn't matter I suppose, the only other thing to do was to go exploring, but I had awoken a little too late for that! Before going back onto the main deck, I retrieved a few items from the storage crates; some meat, a few fish, a new bow, a small dagger and a series of torches. I wanted to make sure I was equipped, and there was no point going out foraging for these things when they were so easily available to me!

     I left the ship and placed the stuff I had taken onto the pier. Looking up, I stared at the sky as it went from light blue, through the shades and into a midnight/royal blue! It was then that I noticed something which I had overlooked: a ladder leading to the top of the ship! From the house I could see that there was nothing on top but the communications aerial and lights, but I was still intrigued! I climbed to the top and looked around; nothing... as usual! I looked out to the South, at the other stretches of land in the distance, and suddenly noticed something incredibly odd!

     Off in the distance, I saw a light... a rather bright light which seemed more like a fire! It was casting light around a large area, and it occurred to me that it may be a campsite! It was far off in the distance, and was unlikely to be connected to the landmass I was currently on! I was determined to get there, but not today... There was no time! This could be proof that the crew were still alive! That they had simply gone scanning the surroundings! Why they had ignored contact from HoN Co. is unknown but still! Tomorrow I would set out to that point of light and find out what is going on! As the ship was too big - and not going anywhere anyway - I knew I would have to make a boat to get over there! that would take up some of tomorrow too! It might not be for another two days before I could find out what is there! By that time, the fire may have gone out... Building a boat would be more than just contructing it; there was the waterproofing too! I lowered myself from the top of the ship, picked up the items I had taken and returned to the house!

     Just drawing up a few plans for this boat; it needs to be big enough to take me and possibly a few possessions... and possibly Chiron! I didn't know how long I would be, and I may need him for protection! Obviously I would take my bow and sword, but he could be the alarm system! I would need to dig out the compass I made awhile back and use it to get back! I know the brightly lit wall could be seen for miles around, but I couldn't predict the weather, and what if became foggy? I think I might look for the compass now actually, and maybe attempt to make a tent... I really don't know how long I'll be...

Syeonyx signing off

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