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SERVERE calling the shots!

     SERVERE was trying to find an End portal...? How did SERVERE manage to find out the location of one at all? Was the information contained in these End Men books and writings that detailed he was able to pinpoint an exact location? How close was he to finding it then? There were so many questions buzzing in my head, it was almost painful! There was too much to ask, and it was unlikely that SERVERE would have gone into that much detail, even with a two-layer encryption on the text.

"Wait, going back to the End Men... You say they're extra-terrestrial... Do you mean otherworldly, or... From another dimension...?"

"It doesn't say, but the information that HoN Co. have collected on them seems to suggest that they're definitely not from this planet..."

"But how can they make that distinction? It's hard to say what's real or from this world as it is..."

"SERVERE goes on to mention environments detailed within this data which do not match any known terrain on this planet. "Thorough tests and experiments have been performed" apparently... It seems HoN Co. have even gone as far as looking for an End portal themselves, although not to find this item..."

"So let me get this all straightened out... SERVERE spoke to you back when you had left the outpost to destroy the portals from the map you found, which later revealed to be his in the first place. He instructed you to come back here, translate that book, and find out about the End portal, which leads somewhere where there is an item of great value which can destroy the master portal instantly, regardless of its current state...?"

"That's the long and short of it, yes. But there are many holes and missing pieces... We assumed that the tunnel that SERVERE was digging beneath the wooden shack was his attempt at finding the End portal. We could be wrong, we don't know. It seemed the most logical explanation as why else would he be doing that..."

"Well it seems to me that priority one is the need to obtain more information about these End Men, and uncover more about the civilisation they possessed. Who they were, what they did, where they went and how they tie in with HoN Co. and the portals..."

"I agree, but that means trying to contact SERVERE, which we wouldn't know how to. He appeared and disappeared faster than he allowed us to question him, so we're more or less waiting on him. Let's hope he finishes off with the portals and leaves us a sign to contact him. He knows where we are..."

"We can't just sit around waiting for a potential traitor to contact us with the next stage of his plan, or until we can talk to him about procuring this information!"

"There's very little else we can do..."

"Well we can't prove any of this is real. The existence of an object which can destroy the master portal immediately sounds too good to be true, and casting aside all other responsibilities and tasks to go in search of something we can't prove exists is dangerous at the very least! We need to continue with destroying portals!"

"But the only portal locations we know exist are given as coordinates from the red books to which we no longer have a map for... How do you suggest we go about destroying portals we can't locate...?"

"Fair enough, but we can't just sit around waiting for SERVERE to get back to us. I know what you can do; the progress you did make may be sufficient to make a change to the primary portals within the master portal chamber at the tower, and teamed with the work SERVERE is supposedly doing, we might be making some real headway! I suggest you, THEROS and Syeonyx head over to the conducting tower and check out the status of the portals."

"That's a good point. If we've made as much progress as we've hoped, there might not be a need to go in search of this End portal..."

"Standard procedure applies: get in there, check the portals, look for data in the portal data room and come back. Remain undetected at all times, and keep your blowpipes at the ready."

Myself, THEROS and UOPETA left the discussion room for our own rooms and began to collect the necessary equipment we would need. In everyone's case, all we needed was the blowpipe and a clip of darts, so it wasn't long before we were back together and heading through to the lab, where we would enter into the tunnel and head off to the conducting tower.

Syeonyx signing off

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