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Preparation for a raid!

     OROTHO continued trying to take one of the Eyes out from its holder, but it remained stuck where it was. It seemed that once placed inside, they remained there until the portal became active. I suppose that was a good thing because it potentially prevented anyone trying to sabotage another's attempts at activating it. Not that it helped us much. Even with only five Eyes left to find, we still wouldn't know where to look. We had maps for possible portal locations and possible HoN Co. operational sites, but not for strange objects contained in the Nether. I doubted even HoN Co. would have any idea about them, unless... Unless they were the ones who had already placed the first seven in... But that didn't add up as there was no other way into this place that we could find. However we hadn't searched the entirety of it, but judging from its maze-like construction, I doubted we ever would.

"What about HoN Co.? Have they found any information telling them about this? Maybe they found something which pointed them in the right direction..."

"I don't know... I wasn't able to gain access to much of the system because of the security protocols in place. It blocked access to the more sensitive stuff..."

"Is there any way you could gain access to that information? With no other leads, this is literally our only direction we could head in..."

"I can try, but I doubt I can get much further than I did last time. I might have to take a few risks. The system is secured by a physical lock as well as passwords... I know who has those passwords, so I suppose I could make use of this suit and find out what they are..."

"Good! Meanwhile you three can check on the status of the master portal and the primary portals. See how much time we have on our hands..."

"Actually it might make more sense for them to head over to the tower off to the far South... There might be a few documents that could indicate a more accurate direction to head in."

"Tower...? HoN Co. tower? I thought that was where you were going? Syeonyx was imprisoned there for a few days after being captured by HoN Co. ..."

"Oh no, that's not where I'm going. That's just an outpost. They occasionally post important HoN Co. dignitaries there which sometimes results in documents being left behind. No no, the place I'm going is the main HoN Co. headquarters. That's way off to the North."

"Oh! Well... How do you mean it's just an outpost?"

"HoN Co. have a series of towers set up as outposts all across this region because of the master portal. When the scientists and officials aren't at the master portal, they're likely to be in a nearby outpost, waiting for pickup."

"So you think it's worth checking the outpost to see if any documents pertaining to this portal have been left behind?"

"It wouldn't be the first time... But obviously be careful; they've been beefing up security a lot recently, and last I heard the conducting tower is going to be nigh on impossible to get to. If you find anything, act on it quickly!"

We all headed back over the strange levitating bridge, across to the other side, and spent the better part of half an hour following UOPETA back out. It was a good sight to see the mouth of the obsidian tunnel before us, but I think next time we need to leave a trail so it becomes a faster operation...

     SERVERE left us outside the wooden shack, allowing the rest of us to continue on up to the base. He said that he had already spent too much time with us and was worried he might be drawing attention to himself. As SERVERE never really stated how far away this main HoN Co. headquarters was, we can only assume if it's far up North, then we've got plenty of time to search the tower. Well, outpost now... COLUS says that there's no point starting the journey off now, but when we do, we should take my boat again. It's faster and more direct, even if it is a little more dangerous. It was more or less due South the entire way. Although we had to ensure the boat was still in working order. We hadn't use it for a while and the last we had seen of it was when we had piled leaves on top of it in its usual hiding place. That would be the first task of tomorrow, so we had to guarantee we got a good night's sleep. COLUS arranged a meeting in the discussion room to get everything sorted and out of the way first. To make sure everyone was on the same level. Amie's still being really quiet about the whole incident, but nods occasionally when she agrees with certain experiences with the Enderman. I was initially under the suspicion that she had experienced a different vision or something as she hadn't really said that much since we had found the portal. She had also remained with me quite a lot; when we had all gone off to our separate rooms to calm down for a few minutes before the meeting, I found her waiting for me outside my door. She smiled and followed me to the discussion room. Now here, she's seated next to me, something else she's never done before.

"So it's settled then. THEROS, UOPETA and Syeonyx will head over to the outpost and look for any information linked to the portal we found. Meanwhile the rest of us will prepare a few supplies and equipment for a trip to the Nether. We then wait for either you three to return with something we can work with, or SERVERE."

"But if SERVERE doesn't ever come into our base for security reasons, how are we going to find out when he's returned."

"Knowing SERVERE, we'll probably meet him on our way back to the base. It's happened so many times before it's practically becoming predictable."

We continued to discuss the events after that; we were to head into the Nether, find the Eyes of Ender, if we could, return, and head over to the portal. We would then activate it and myself, THEROS and UOPETA would head in to retrieve the Keystone. There was no sense in all of us going, just in case it was a trap, or if HoN Co. were waiting to destroy the portal behind us. If everything went to plan, we would return with the Keystone, head to the tower and find a way in. I've got a feeling that all of us would be heading that way, and an entire operation to just get inside would need to be devised based on the amount of security SERVERE said there would be there. Once there, we would place the Keystone into the open site of an active primary portal and wait. Hopefully everything would go according to plan, but I knew right then that it wouldn't. There were far too many places it could go wrong; complications and errors in judgement were going to mess something up. Let's just hope it wasn't too serious...

"Right, well it's probably best if we all get some rest. It's going to be a tough few days ahead of us, especially for you three."

We all headed off to our rooms; Amie remained with me up until reaching my room. She held my hand, looked at me and smiled.

"Goodnight Syeonyx..."

I paused a moment, said goodnight, and watched her go off to her own room. Staring at the front of my door for a few moments, I then opened it and went inside. I wonder if she likes me...?

Syeonyx signing off

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