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Day 139: Exploring the unknown...

     Just as predicted! I was the first to awaken again, and was half expecting to see SERVERE keeping a silent vigil over us. But instead, only AMPHIS, THEROS and UOPETA were present, still sound asleep, with no sign of SERVERE anywhere... I had to expect that to be honest. The amount of time he had spent with us last night was cutting it thin enough as it was. Let's just hope HoN Co. put a little more trust in him than we initially think, otherwise it might end bad... For all of us. Then again, after such a significant find, I would have thought he would have stayed with us a little longer... I awoke the others, and after a small breakfast - what was left of the meagre supplies we had managed to bring with us - we headed back up to the base through the main shaft. We were all incredibly excited, but also apprehensive. We had found the entrance to what HoN Co. supposedly found quite some time ago, and we were hoping to find anything that might help us. I think the initial purpose of searching for this place was to find a portal to travel into another dimension, retrieve an item, return and destroy the master portal in one go... But I'm pretty sure everyone else has cast that thought from their mind. HoN Co. have supposedly searched the entirety of the abandoned building and found nothing resembling a portal, nor any indications of one ever being there, so it was likely to be a translation error...

"Do you think COLUS is going to give us the go ahead? What we've found is pretty important. If there is anything more to it, we may find something that could help us with the portals, especially if this civilisation created them..."

"I've got a feeling that COLUS isn't going to allow it. Think about how much time we would essentially be wasting, exploring something we know so little about..."

"True, but there is little else for us to do. SERVERE has destroyed the only other portals that we knew of, and without going around randomly guessing like before, then we haven't anything else to do. Short of exploring this, we could... I don't know... Gain access to HoN Co. tower and see if there is anything there...?"

"I don't think we found anything relevant to the portals back there last time anyway..."

"Yes we did. It was were we verified the existence of the obsidian plant beneath the surface."

"Oh yes, of course! Well then maybe that should be our next step... We might find something of interest again. Better yet, something of value!"

We continued our way up to the base through the mineshaft, continuously debating the possibility of COLUS giving the go ahead. My guess was that now we had pretty much proved its existence, he couldn't really say no... Then again we still had to update him about everything SERVERE had told us...


     I'm a little confused but also thankful about the discussion we had had with COLUS and the others. We informed them of bumping into SERVERE again, and filled them in on the details about the Endermen and the location we had found. COLUS seemed more than understanding, and practically forced us all back down into the shack to explore further! We've been accompanied by OROTHO and Amie, whilst the others remain in the base. I've been helping UOPETA install the temporary wooden support to bridge the gap over the crossing so we can get to the other side, whilst OROTHO and Amie have been helping the others prepare for our exploration. It wasn't long before we had a practically completed patched-up bridge, and we called the others to allow us to begin exploring!

"Right, now before we go in, a couple of rules and things to remember: we can't anticipate anything in there, so suspect everything! Keep your blowpipes to hand at all times, and don't become separated from the main group. If you do become separated, make your way back to the entrance; don't come looking for the rest of us. Are we ready? Good!"

UOPETA began to walk across the bridge to the other side, obviously very confident of his own handiwork! The rest of use followed him across, with slightly more apprehension than probably necessary. On the other side, we were forced into single file, as the obsidian walls closed in around us. I suppose in this way it was better; if someone up ahead saw something, they could call back to the others and sop anyone else from progressing. The tunnel was completely pitch black; the obsidian walls did an excellent job of sucking up every scrap of light that was present anywhere, and even placing the occasional torch around did little to help. Eventually we were able top make out a pinpoint of light at the far end. It grew brighter and brighter in intensity with every step, and when we were close enough, we realised it was actually more than a light source. A pool of lava produced a surprisingly large amount of light into the small chamber, as well as heat. Oddly, the tunnel now veered off to the right, at practically a 90o angle! UOPETA took a moment to study the area around us, more specifically the obsidian walls, noting that they definitely possessed tool markings, albeit weathered tool markings...

Looking into the next tunnel, we could see more light sources, and what appeared to be smooth, stone walls... If this building was made from stone, then it wasn't surprising how long it had lasted. Then again, if it had been made from obsidian, it would still be around millennia into the future! UOPETA led the way once more, and we settled back into single file. It wasn't long before we reached the far end of the tunnel, and we emerged out into the opening of a building with stone brick walls, floors and ceiling. Despite the significance of this place, it seemed so unassuming, and it was hard to believe there might be something sinister here...

"Right, now everyone stick together!"

We continued walking forward, intrigued by practically everything here; there were torches placed on the walls, still lit and burning strong. Some of the walls had strange grates at the base, allowing us to look through to the other side. I wondered what these were used for...? Drainage perhaps? I noticed a few of the bricks were cracked and worn, showing signs of decay, whilst others looks brand new. Others seemed to be covered in a strange, greeny grey moss which OROTHO was keen to investigate. We all seemed rather engaged in the building, and it was odd, but not imposing or oppressive. Then we all stopped dead, as a strange noise was heard... It was like a long, low grunt, followed by a high-pitched whistle...

"What was that...? Did anyone manage to catch the direction of that...?"

"Alright, everyone stick together! I think we're going to have to be very careful..."

Everyone besides Amie and OROTHO reached for their blowpipes. None of us felt safe at all, and my initial feelings of it not being oppressive were wiped completely from my mind. Then Amie said two words that sent a chill right down into my bones!

"Where's AMPHIS...?"

Syeonyx signing off

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