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Next step anyone...?

     The platform seemed to be supported purely by a single pillar of stone, positioned directly beneath it in the centre. However, looking further into the room, we couldn't see anything else holding it up. This included a pathway to get over to it. There was no path that we could see that led directly over to the platform. Instead there was a large drop right before us to the bottom of the chamber, which was shrouded in almost total darkness.

"Is that the portal we're looking for...?"

UOPETA shrugged and peered over the edge of the path hoping to see something that could help us get across, but he just shrugged again.

"I don't know... We're not going to be able to find out at this rate either. There's no visible path that I can see and there's no rubble below indicating that the bridge over to it has collapsed. I don't know whether the lack of rubble or the lack of a bridge is a good thing..."

"Could the bridge be invisible...? Maybe it's a bridge that only exists physically in the Aether, but isn't visible as result..."

"Are you serious? Where did that theory come from?"

"Look, we've encountered a lot of weird stuff in our time... A trans-dimensional bridge that's invisible wouldn't be one of the weirder ones, I can tell you that."

UOPETA turned back to face the gap and went to place his right foot forward, as though he was continuing across to the platform. Instead of his foot hitting a solid surface, it passed beneath the edge of the path and he stumbled forward slightly. THEXIS grabbed his arm just in case, and when UOPETA had composed himself, he turned around and gave OROTHO a stern look.

"It was worth a try..."

Then we heard a low, guttural sound emanating from somewhere inside the chamber, and UOPETA span around to look inside! We couldn't see anything, and oddly enough it wasn't followed by a whistle, which usually it had done. None of us had disappeared either, so it was likely to mean something else. Were the Endermen trying to contact us again...? Without warning, the harsh sound of stone grating against stone was audible, and UOPETA immediately looked down over the edge once more. When he turned back, he had a look of shock on his face, and merely pointed below the edge. Curious, I left Amie at the back of the group and pushed forwards. Getting to UOPETA, he just continued to point down. Holding on to UOPETA's arm, I looked down to where he was pointing, and could see nothing... Wait! Something was moving! As I peered into the darkness below, I could make out the movement of a large portion of stone; long and thin, it appeared to rise out from the stone chamber itself, and it continued to move inexorably upwards towards us!

We stood away from the edge, and watched as the long stone bridge continued to rise, now making no sound at all, until it was in line with the edge of the path on our side and the platform holding the supposed portal on the far side. UOPETA looked back at COLUS, who nodded, before turning back around. UOPETA once again tentatively placed one foot on the bridge to test if it was stable and secure. I can only assume he was testing to make sure it was even there! And not just some mirage or figment of our imagination... When his foot touched the surface, it made contact with the stone and went no further. The stone bridge also remained still, and UOPETA transferred his entire weight onto it. Standing there with his back to fully on the bridge, he was sure it was secure enough for us all to walk across. He stepped back onto the path and looked back at COLUS.

"Right, we can't guarantee the stability of that bridge, so we'll go across one at a time. No-one go across at the same time as any other. UOPETA, you go first."

UOPETA turned back around, ready to cross the bridge.

Placing his right foot onto the surface once more, he then transferred his entire weight onto the first few inches, before continuing across at a slow but steady pace. He made it to the centre of the bridge, before stopping and making the fatal mistake of looking down into the murky blackness below. I for one knew that you were never supposed to do that when suspended above a high fall, but UOPETA looked back up seemingly unfazed by it, and continued across. Once he got to the other side, COLUS crossed over, followed then by THEROS, THEXIS, AMPHIS, Joe, OROTHO, Amie, me and finally SERVERE. Once across on the platform, we circled the strange construction in the centre, peering over the side of what appeared to be a giant bowl.

"Is this the portal...?"

"It must be... Look!"

OROTHO pointed to the strange objects that were positioned in small openings on each of the twelve main sections of the frame. There looked like odd spheres with strange symbols on them; a main slit forming across the entire length of each pointed in one direction, as it did with every one of them. The main frame itself seemed to be comprised of an odd, sickly yellow stone with strange markings on them. Each had a strange top, as though it had been hollowed out and had this strange cover placed within the newly formed hole, allowing the strange objects to sit.

"These just be the Eyes of Ender... But... Why are some already here...? I thought they were all in the Nether...?"

OROTHO ran his fingers across one of the strange objects, trying to pry it from the hole of one of the stone pieces, but it remained where it was. In the centre of the portal however, was an alarmingly large pool of lava, which sat in the centre, bubbling and spitting occasionally.

"Now what...? We've found the portal... Do we go out and find the Eyes of Ender...?"

"That would be the next logical step, but..."

"But? But what?"

"Who's recovered these Eyes already...? Maybe HoN Co. has access to this place after all! With or without the help of the Endermen, I'm sure they would work out how to activate it on their own..."

"True, but that doesn't help us. Even if we do go back to the base and head to the active portal, we've no way of knowing where to look for the Eyes... There's no map, and the Endermen gave no indication of locations in that vision..."

We all stood there, staring at the portal wondering what the next step was. Without access to a list of locations for these Eyes of Ender, we couldn't really proceed. But judging from the looks of it, someone had been busy already; seven Eyes already sat in their respective places, which left only five. I couldn't tell if that was a good thing or not...

Syeonyx signing off

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