Welcome to "The Diary of a Miner"; a blog detailing the adventures and mysteries that I, Syeonyx, embark upon in my quest to further my mining and survival skills! It'll be tough, there will be good times and bad times, but I'll always be alive to post my adventures... probably...

One by one

     We all turned around to Amie, who now looked decidedly worried, before looking around us. We hadn't even got that far into the building, so AMPHIS couldn't have explored any further ahead without any of us seeing! UOPETA asked me to check inside the actual tunnel we had made our way through, but after getting halfway down and still unable to see him, I assumed he must have gone off ahead. Returning back to the group, I noticed that everyone else seemed incredibly skittish, and they had every reason to! AMPHIS had suddenly disappeared, so everyone was slowly progressing forward looking all around, calling out his name. Then we heard the horrid sound again; the low grunt followed by a high-pitched whistle... We all froze! As I was at the back of the group, I was able to see everyone in front of me, and what I saw defies belief! UOPETA headed up the group and was searching a nearby archway that indicated another room. One moment he was there, the next, he was gone! Completely! I did a double-take trying to actual take in what I had just seen... Surely UOPETA hadn't moved through to the other room that quickly? Dashing forwards to the front of the group, I peered into the room that UOPETA had been standing before, only to be met with blank walls, lit torches and an unnerving sensation creeping throughout my entire body...

"AHH!!! Where's UOPETA?!?!?"

Panic began to spread through the group; with UOPETA, the accepted second leader of the group had gone, and now there was no way to reassure them. As they argued and shouted amongst themselves, I tried to take in the last few minutes. We had entered into the building, heard a noise and AMPHIS had gone... In the commotion, we had heard another noise, and then UOPETA had disappeared... Was there a correlation between the noises and the disappearances...? Then, once more, the low grunt and succeeding whistle was heard again, and I instantly looked at the group. They had now felt silent, and looked petrified, each and every one of them! Even OROTHO was showing signs of distress despite his usually calm nature about everything! I made sure I could see each and everyone left in the room. And then it happened again! In the single blink of an eye, Amie disappeared! I did a double-take once more! I rubbed my eyes and looked back amongst the group, but she was nowhere to be seen! I didn't now what was going on or why, but I knew one thing: we all had to remain calm! After a few moments of shouting, I calmed the others down... Well I managed to shut them up long enough to explain what I thought. It was now blatantly obvious that there was some connection between the noises and one of us disappearing... There didn't seem to be any link as to who was taken or why, but I got the impression it was random. That could mean any of us were next. I told everyone to grab onto each other and look at each other, standing in a circle. As there was only myself, THEROS and OROTHO left, that didn't make it very difficult, but we would find out. Then we heard the noise again. OROTHO and THEROS instantly grabbed my arm, and we locked eyes with each other. If any of us were going to disappear, I was going to see everything! I starred at both THEROS and OROTHO, concentrating on the feeling of them gripping my arm, hoping that it would count for something. My eyelids had begun to feel heavy, and I felt the muscles begin to twinge as my autonomous system tried to make me blink. My eyes began to water, and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't do it... I blinked! THEROS was gone!

"Oh God! What's happened? Where have they all gone? We have to go back! We have to tell the others!"

I maintained hold of OROTHO's arm making sure he didn't go anywhere! We had to find them! We couldn't just leave them here! They had to be somewhere close by. Looking around, I noticed that the bag that THEROS and Amie had been carrying was now lying on the floor... Odd. Who or whatever was taking them had no need of their equipment... Only the person themselves... I had initially thought that the Elite were involved with this, but surely they would take everyone's bags as well! Something that was making everyone disappear only had use of the physical body of the person, and not their belongings... It became ever clearer to me now though that OROTHO may be right... We were going to have to tell the others, otherwise if we all disappeared, no-one would know what had happened to us... The low grunt, followed by the whistle... OROTHO froze, and after a few moments, I shook him out of it. I carefully and calmly explained to him that if one of us disappeared, the remaining one would go back to the base and tell the others. If OROTHO was left, he was to run as fast as he could, away from this place and tell COLUS. He simply nodded, and we waited, staring at each other, playing the most sinister staring game ever! I succumbed to the blink first and instantly felt sick! Opening my eyes, I was face to face with a strange creature! Oddly dark, smooth, purple skin, and glowing purple eyes! It stared back at me, and it opened it's mouth, in a silent scream! I began to freak out, and closed my eyes, hoping I was dreaming, but suddenly the sensation of sickness and vertigo stopped. Slowly, I opened my eyes... What I saw defied belief!

The strange creature before slowly closed it's mouth, and began to speak to me, in a low, deep, voice, smooth as it's skin.

"Welcome Syeonyx. Welcome, to The End!"

Syeonyx signing off

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