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Day 137: Plan B

     That image... The End Men... Just standing there. It was very similar to the first image of the End Man we had found; a solitary figure standing in the centre of the page with empty purple eyes, the words "Homis Finis" printed above encrypted with the pig-pen cipher. I remember being unable to get that image from my mind, and now here was another, only worse! Now there were six on the same page, with the same words written above them, each standing still with glowing purple eyes. What were they? Where did they come from? Where were they now? How were they linked with the current issue, and did they have any link to the Ascension business...? We knew from the book 'Finis' that they had a link to the portals in some way, and we had begun to wonder if they originated within the Nether dimension as well.

"If you give us a little more time then I'm sure we'll get somewhere. Get some rest or occupy yourself whilst we continue. We'll call you if there are any new developments..."

We all left the lab, save for OROTHO who busied himself by checking the security doors, ensuring they were all locked and secure for the night. I headed off to my room to catch any sleep I could. We had walked quite a distance in the last few days, and not only due to the physical exhaustion, but the mental fatigue of getting my head around what's been going on may have just done me in!


     I was awoken today by AMPHIS who looked rather excited about something, before rushing out of my room and leaving me in a daze... After convincing Chiron to get off the end of my bed, I got up, was dressed in a matter of minutes, and began to head off to the lab where AMPHIS had presumably gone. As I got there, AMPHIS, THEROS and UOPETA were seated in the exact same positions as they had been last night when I had gone to get some rest. The mess of books and papers still littered the floor around the table, however a large collection of these papers had made its way onto the surface of the now cluttered desk . AMPHIS saw me enter into the lab, and approached me in a hurried and excited manner.

"Syeonyx! Good, you're awake! Where are the others...?"

Shrugging, I moved closer to the desk and the stack of papers, hoping to catch a glimpse of some of the translations that had been made in my absence of the night. The image of the six End Men, was still visible from my position for all of a few seconds, before AMPHIS moved in front to block my way.

"Not here; in the discussion room, when everyone else is assembled together. We've got quite a lot of information to relay to you, and a lot more to discuss! And the best thing is, if we've decoded and translated it properly: it could all work in our favour!"

Still a little dazed from being awoken so suddenly, it took me a moment for this statement to register, before agreeing and turning around, heading back towards the discussion room. From where I was, I could see COLUS, Joe, Amie, THEXIS and OROTHO seated around the central table in the discussion room, so I turned around and told AMPHIS. He nodded to me, before talking quietly with THEROS and UOPETA, before quickly collecting the mass of papers into a bundle and heading towards the entrance behind me. This was either going to be good or bad... Very good, or very bad...

     AMPHIS had been speaking for over an hour. Non-stop! He had managed to go through the entire stack of papers, passing key ones around the table, allowing us to see what they had translated. It seemed some pages were merely notes of what they had found out; a summation of the entire book, whilst AMPHIS kept the larger stack of papers to himself. Presumably the direct translations and decoded statements taken exactly from the book itself. It was hard to follow him at parts; it seems that over the night, AMPHIS, UOPETA and THEROS had made some assumptions based on the general information they had found, and the likely reasons for them, but they seemed to make sense... I think... Many topics had been covered, including portals, End Men, The End and many more, but no mention of the Ascension... Up until the later part of AMPHIS's talk. He had mentioned the Ascension as being "unavoidable" as they had assumed it was the name HoN Co. had given to the merging of the two dimensions.

"SERVERE seems to hint towards the possibility that this event HoN Co. is trying to achieve is avoidable through another method other than destroying portals. He makes reference to the End again, the location which is located through a portal..."

"But not one of the portals we've encountered before...? A new type of portal?"

"That would certainly see to be the case. End portal in fact... Well SERVERE gives s distinction between the two types, but refers to another series of books or book with the purple covers for the portals we've encountered. There is very little about the End portal, but it is said to lead to The End, where there is an item that possesses the power to destroy the master portal with no need to remove the link to the primary portals..."

"Does he say which item...? What it looks like, how it works?"

"No, he doesn't... Just that there are writings he has found that suggest this..."

"Writings... Written by whom?"

"Funnily enough... End Men..."

COLUS looked at AMPHIS a little confused, picking up the image of the six End Men, and pointing at it with his free hand.

"You mean these...?"

"Yes... Supposedly..."

"But... I thought these didn't exist... Do they?"

"SERVERE states that he has found substantial evidence in HoN Co. data stores that suggest significant interest is made towards investigating these creatures. They detail the possibility that they formed an advanced civilisation that actually created the portals we're dealing with now. A form of communications and transportation, they were used widely throughout the... Well, we translated the word "galaxy" but we're wondering whether that's accurate..."

"Wait, are you saying that these portals exist throughout the galaxy?"

"We can't prove that, but SERVERE seems to believe that these End Men did not originate from this planet... They were extra-terrestrial... The End Men are aliens... Apparently."

"So they did exist then? They're not some random imaginings of HoN Co.?"

"SERVERE mentions the existence of certain books and writings, found and collected close to images of these End Men... SERVERE also seems to make reference to a location for a place for one of these End portals..."

"Wait wait wait... SERVERE thinks he knows where one of these portals is? Where? Does he say?"

"It seems he was looking for it himself... That's why he had the wooden shack deep underground... That's where there is a partially finished tunnel leading away hidden by a lever... Using equipment either stolen or "procured" from HoN Co., he's using geo-location to find the exact position of the portal through coordinates. He was digging his way to the End portal..."

Syeonyx signing off

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