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Day 143: The good, the bad and the ugly news

     Waking up this morning was definitely an odd experience; not a bad one, just very odd... Me and Amie had worked on the strange symbols, continuing along with the theory that the first word was 'fountain', but it hadn't been long until we had grown too tired and went to bed. I woke up this morning with Amie in my arms, but even more strangely, Chiron was lying across the top of both of us... I wanted to get up and start the day fresh and ready, but I couldn't really do that without disturbing Amie or Chiron. In the end, I managed to wriggle from Amie's arms, and somehow managed to pick up Chiron and place him beside her without waking either of them, but it was the papers on the bed that was my downfall. Sitting up on my shoulders to be able to stand, I winced as the papers made a surprisingly loud crumbling noise as I leant on them. Chiron was instantly up and alert, bounding back and forth across the bed, which ultimately woke Amie up.

"Morning Syeonyx... Sleep well?"

I must have done to ignore the fact that Chiron had been lying on me. I offered if she wanted to go out and get some breakfast before finding the others, but she said she needed a few minutes to wake up. As I went over to the door, I smiled as she made a huge fuss of Chiron, which he loved. It seemed that THEROS and AMPHIS were already awake, and they both had strange grins on their faces. I immediately knew what they were thinking, but I played it dumb and asked them why the strange looks.

"I see Amie slept in your room last night... Did... Erm... Did anything happen...?"

THEROS tried his hardest not to laugh as I addressed AMPHIS's question, and to be honest I was surprised at his bluntness. I told them exactly what happened, to the best of my abilities and they just sat there, still smiling. I was beginning to become annoyed by everyone's reaction to me and Amie's relationship; they seemed to make out that it was such a big issue, when millions of people are in serious relationships themselves.

"No, you're right, we're sorry. We don't mean anything by it. It's good to see that you two are getting somewhere together. To be honest, we were beginning to think that Amie was starting to feel lonely here... Before the incident with the Enderman, she had seemed distant all the time, and even COLUS was beginning to get worried. Since that time though she's been bubbly and alive, so if anything we have you to thank for bringing her out of her shell... So to speak..."

Taking that as an apology for them acting stupidly towards us, I settled down for breakfast. But I didn't get very far; COLUS came into the kitchen area and spoke three very urgent words.

"Discussion room! Now!"

He went back out the way he had come, leaving us to look oddly at each other. Amie had just come out of my room at that point and seemed equally confused.

"What was that about...?"

"Maybe SERVERE has come through for us on those Ender Eye locations!"

We got up and headed off to the discussion room hoping that UOPETA had returned with the information from SERVERE about the Eyes hidden throughout the Nether. It would be the breakthrough we needed to get going again.

     It was indeed UOPETA, and he did come bearing news from SERVERE, although it wasn't all good. He had found a series of letters and numbers, which he had assumed were coordinates, but now came the first piece of bad news. He had searched as much of the system as he was allowed, which wasn't a lot, and was unable to find a map to suit the coordinates. In fact he was unable to find a map at all! Then came the next piece of bad news.

"It seems that HoN Co. are after these Eyes as well... There are numerous reports and files showing signs that they have sent teams into the Nether to try and find these Eyes based on the map and coordinates they have. SERVERE thinks that they will likely store the map and the coordinates in separate places to prevent them both from falling into the wrong hands."

"So we have the coordinates but no map...? Surely that's something to go on? THEROS, can you do something with those coordinates as they are?"

"I'm afraid not. Without a map to refer to, the coordinates are pretty much useless. It's a vital aspect of the next stage..."

"Well SERVERE did go on with some more news... It's bad I'm afraid, maybe the worst... They've found evidence to suggest someone else has already been in the Nether. They believe that we have been going to and from the Nether for some reason, and have found traces of us being there at some point or another..."

"How do you mean? We didn't leave anything behind apart from the camp... Did they find the camp?"

"Not as far as SERVERE can work out. It seems though that they have found the platform we left behind when we went in to find glowing stone to destroy portals... We left it there fully erected without any attempt to dispose of it... They know it's not or Nether origins... They've been putting up their own indicators and posts to allow them to easily navigate the place, but this platform they've found they know doesn't belong to them."

"But that's quite close to the camp... Surely if they've found one, they've found the other...? Right, we need to get a copy of that map! Have you told SERVERE to search for it again?"

"I have, yes. I've told him to look in an obscure locations on the system, under strange file names. Anything that might help us. He's going to get back to us."

"Well at least we've got a start. I think we should head back into the Nether and begin searching for these posts of theirs. If they're as close as our camp it shouldn't take long to find something of theirs, and maybe we can make use of theirs to guide us around."

We settled on the idea of heading to the Nether, and have begun getting ready to head in. Once again, UOPETA will head back down to the wooden shack and remain there until SERVERE returns. As for the rest of us, we're all heading into the Nether to look for signs of HoN Co.! Not quite what we had in mind, but with the coordinates available to us, we're one step closer to finding these Eyes, even if we're now in competition with HoN Co. ...

Syeonyx signing off

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