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Close to the chest...

     After SERVERE had left, UOPETA turned to us with a strange look on his face. It was as though he was trying to express shock at the same time as he was trying to express confusion, resulting in a weird facial spasm instead... I couldn't tell if this was as a result of SERVERE appearing out of nowhere, or instead because of what he had just told us about the Endermen. Then again, thinking about it, it could well be as a result of these two reasons as to why had pulled such an odd expression. Unbeknownst to even me why I did it, I went over to the lever which usually opened the door to the portal data room, and tried it for myself, hoping I possessed the magic touch to open it. However it remained closed, like before...

"It's not going to open, Syeonyx. It's locked... For good it seems. Looks like we'll have to acquire the information we need from somewhere else..."

"What information? I was under the impression that SERVERE had given us another task to undertake...? We need to go back to the base, inform the others about what he's told us regarding the Endermen and The End and then take the coordinates AMPHIS translated back down to the wooden shack beneath the cliff mine for him to finish off destroying the portals...?"

"No! We don't tell any of the others about the Endermen or anything that SERVERE has told us. You heard him; even HoN Co. are speculating most of it. It's unlikely that it's all true, let alone any of it, and all of this talk about civilisations using and building portals millions of years ago... Really?"

"So you reckon that SERVERE was lying to us...?"

"No, I reckon that SERVERE is either being misled or misinformed, which in turns impacts us badly as well..."

"You've changed your tune, UOPETA! It wasn't but a few days ago that you were still trying to deny SERVERE's existence at all! We have to tell the others about what he told us. How else do you think we're going to get away with heading down into the cliff mine otherwise?"

"The books...? We simply say that upon decoding one of the books, we found a message to decode a new set, a set that we conveniently left behind because we couldn't carry them."

"I don't know about that... Didn't we collect every book from down there already? How do we convince them there are more? And besides, I still don't think it's fair to leave them out."

For once, I actually had to agree with UOPETA! SERVERE had just unloaded mass load of information to us concerning the Endermen and other things related, none of which could be validated or proven otherwise. It was confusing enough as it was currently, without informing the others and then possibly having to change things if we found reason to believe it may have happened a different way.

"Exactly! I'm not saying that we shouldn't tell them, I'm merely suggesting that we delay telling them anything just yet until we can be clear of the actual facts ourselves. Surely it makes to clarify our findings before offloading a mass of unknowns to anyone else?"

THEROS couldn't and didn't argue with that, but instead nodded silently. We began to head back out of the tower, slightly worried about the length of time we had been there. As UOPETA flicked the switch to close the wall behind us, I took one last look up at the sky-high antennae. With twenty guards being posted here in the near future, this was likely to be the last time we'd set foot in there. At least for now...


     How we managed to get past COLUS and the others without letting slip anything that SERVERE had told us was way beyond me! UOPETA informed COLUS that we had checked the primary portal status, and it seemed the progress we had made alone was enough to distract him. He went on to mention a "lead" we were following up after AMPHIS had decoded the yellow book; luckily AMPHIS wasn't around at the time he mentioned this, and he gave us permission to head down to the wooden shack to retrieve the books. THEROS had a better idea instead though, and fortunately managed to sway COLUS around to the idea.

"We don't know how many books are left down there, so it might be easier if AMPHIS comes with us and decodes them there. We can help if there are a sufficient amount."

"Fair enough. He's in the lab at the moment."

Luckily I had left my pickaxe in the lab, and attaching it to the connection parts on the back of my armour, we headed over to AMPHIS, pretending as though nothing odd was going on. UOPETA was able to quickly inform AMPHIS about what he had just said with COLUS; at one point I thought he was going to involve him as well, but when AMPHIS stood up, collecting only a pencil and some papers, I knew otherwise. Before heading out, THEROS collected the pieces of paper that AMPHIS had written the coordinates on, and stuffed them into his bag, before leaving for the wooden shack. Now here, we're all a bit nervous. AMPHIS seems quite happy to decode the books, but myself, THEROS and UOPETA were visibly on edge. I'm just glad AMPHIS was too engrossed in SERVERE's books to notice. THEROS had left the coordinate papers in between a few of the pages of one of the red books, the books which were the basis for those decoded coordinates. UOPETA took me to one side and began to talk about the plan of action. It seemed that not involving AMPHIS was going to be difficult, but I assured him that he would remain disinterested provided he had a book to translate before him. UOPETA was still unsure, but he came down with me into the tunnel, allowing me to start digging out the tunnel.

"What do you expect we'll find then? Do you think SERVERE is right about this? An abandoned building that was once inhabited by Endermen...? Seems a little... Unbelievable to me..."

Usually I kept an open mind; I had had my eyes opened so many times since landing here in Minecraftia all those months ago, so saying no to anything immediately was usually a good way to show yourself up!

"True, but... There are some things that we didn't think were possible that are now possible. Things we didn't know existed or could exist, and we've been proven wrong. Humanity as a whole, not just us... But this... It just seems to be on a whole different level..."

At this point, I stopped and asked UOPETA a simple question: did he believe in aliens? I say simple, but I merely mean that by referring to either a yes or no answer. He replied immediately, which gave me the exact answer I needed!

"Of course, how can they not exist!!! With the size of the universe as it is, there can't not be aliens out there!"

With the size of the universe being what it is, it was surely plausible to believe in intelligent life out there somewhere, even in another dimension! We had already proved that by travelling into the Nether! There were so many unexplained things there that we couldn't understand, so as far as I was concerned, there was a very good chance these Endermen had existed, and perhaps they still do...

Syeonyx signing off

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