Welcome to "The Diary of a Miner"; a blog detailing the adventures and mysteries that I, Syeonyx, embark upon in my quest to further my mining and survival skills! It'll be tough, there will be good times and bad times, but I'll always be alive to post my adventures... probably...


     IT'S DEAD!!! I KILLED IT!!! I AM A MIGHTY WARRIOR!!! Sorry... I'm in an incredible mood at the moment! I kinda feel stupid about worrying now, it was easy! I ventured out into the house from the cellar and heard the zombie scuffling around upstairs. This gave me an oppurtune time to grab my dagger and I crept upstairs to where the creature was. It was standing with it's back to me in the doorway of my bedroom... I was wondering how to slay it, and then it occurred to me: it's a zombie... so it could be killed by "removing the head and destroying the brain..."! I crept up behind it and plunged my dagger into it's neck and twisted sharply. The zombie bellowed out at me and tried to turn around to attack me, but I grabbed the hilt and dragged it across the length of it's neck! It then turned around fully and faced me, head at an unnatural angle and ambled towards me. I managed to retrieve a stick and push it out of the balcony door, in the hopes that I could push it from the top. But as soon as it emerged onto the balcony, it stopped short and grabbed it's head. It then fell to it's knees and turned into dust... in front of my eyes!!! I stood dumbfounded for awhile, staring at the pile of dust, slowly blowing away in the wind, with the hilt of my blading protruding from it. After gaining my senses, I retrieved my dagger and returned downstairs. With a spring in my step, I stepped into the world, born anew!

     I decided that a better form of protection would be best as opposed to a weedy little dagger, so the first thing I did was construct a bow and some arrows. I'm not very good at aiming, so I made a target around the back of my house to practise.

It turns out I'm actually not a bad shot at all! I made a few more arrows to keep me well stocked, took some meat from the meat cooler in the cellar, and headed out towards the cliff system I found yesterday. With a new stride to my step, I felt like I could take on anything... a good thing too, what with the strange shadows lurking in the darkness of the cliff. However for now my interests were placed upon my saplings... I've planted quite a few, but they don't seem to be growing very well... I might need to find out any way of speeding up the process... In any case, as I went around the Northern side of the cliff, I noticed some mossy cobblestone, enclosed within the shadows. Curious, I took a better look. This is what i saw:

     I distinctly remember never being here before, and yet there are torches placed near to the cobblestone! I was informed by the Hand of Notch Co. that there were no intelligent beings in this land - the zombie seemed too brain dead to attack me, let alone make a torch. This suggests that there is intelligent life here... and therefore, I'm not alone... The cobblestone with the moss growing over it reminded me of castle walls from the fairy tales my father read to me when I was a boy. But that was no castle... how could it be? There was no recorded inteliigent life out there. To make matters worse, I could hear groaing coming from within, which suggested more zombies. On my first day i found a deep hole: thinking it might lead to trouble I sealed it. Then I get attacked by a zombie in my house, and then I find this... it's not just a coincedence... they have to be linked! I dare not go anywhere near it... not until I can properly defend myself! I've got a bow and arrows, but I don't know what could be in there... Better not chance it...

     On the way back from the mysterious mossy cobblestone wall, I found a more disturbing sight: a pit of lava on the surface!

I don't know where it came from... the only thing that came to mind was a volcano, but there are no volcanoes anyway near where I am to cause that! I'm starting to wonder if there's any more to these strange occurrances... maybe they're being planned... Maybe someone is watching me! All I know is, I don't feel safe anymore. It started getting dark after I poked around the lava pit, and I decided to head back and maybe practise a bit more with the archery. I suppose it could come in handy for hunting as well! I think tomorrow I'll mine all day and try to find some iron. From that I can make tools and armour to investigate this strange hole, and maybe find the cause of the lava pit. I never know... the pit could come in handy! Oh yes, and I need to contact the Hand of Notch Co. for hints about how saplings might flourish: I really have exhausted the wood supply, and the last thing I need is my mine shaft coming down on my head!

Syeonyx signing off

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