Welcome to "The Diary of a Miner"; a blog detailing the adventures and mysteries that I, Syeonyx, embark upon in my quest to further my mining and survival skills! It'll be tough, there will be good times and bad times, but I'll always be alive to post my adventures... probably...

Day 10: I don't think I'm alone...

     Unlike yesterday, I woke up early today, very early! In fact, it was barely past dawn when I was up and about! I had planned on exploring today, but it hit me that it would probably be more productive to go mining instead! After all, that was why I was here, and so far I had done very little of it... After constructing my staircase down to the farm near the beach, I was running low on wood and decided to take a trip to my forest to collect some. This was when I really wish I hadn't... It was still slightly dark at this time, but I could still see into the distance relatively well. But what I did see I kinda wish I hadn't! Back up in the cliff system which I had noted before, I saw a moving shadow! You might not think this much of a big deal, but it wasn't shaped like any animal I've ever seen: it was definately bipedal, in that it was standing upright. It was slowly climbing up the inside of the cliff, when it stopped. I couldn't tell, but something obviously startled it, because it suddenly sprang into a run and melted into the darkness! I was thorougly freaked out by this especially as I was the only person supposedly here, and it coudln't have been another zombie; it moved far too quickly and with too much grace to be one!

     I headed back to the house in complete and utter confusion over what I had seen... The wolf (which was called Dash, but he doesn't respond to it) was on edge, staring into the distance, growling! He had obviously seen something... I just hoped he had the sense to stay put when I left him. Trying to cast it from my mind, I headed down into the cellar: I was instantly on edge again! I don't know why, but I've suddenly grown a fear for dark, cramped spaces... and a mineshaft is the darkest and most cramped that it can get! I felt like I was being stupid and continued down into the main shaft I had began digging out about four days ago, hoping to hit iron again! But all the while my mind kept getting distracted by what I had seen. There were so many mysterious and scary things going on, I actually considered contacting HoN Co. and getting a team down to investigate! I mean, first the strange mossy walls, the zombie incident, the skeleton in a cage and now mysterious shadows! I think they're linked! They have to be. I've even been over the book I found hundreds of times and can't seem to make any sense of it. I reckon by the end of a week, I'll have filled a bookshelf with the number of books of findings I would have created! I'm not kidding!

     With my heart totally not into the current task, I went back to the surface and took my bow and arrows with me. I took a shovel too, just in case something got a little too close; can't seem to find my sword... I returned to the cliff system and sat down for awhile, waiting to see if anything would move. I only saw a few pigs and sheep, nothing to cause any concern... then I heard a noise behind me! A shuffle... I bolted down the cliff into my forest and stopped beside a tree, trying to catch my breath. When I recovered, I turned back around to glance up at the cliff... I made sure I got a snapshot of this:

     It was definately there! Something was definately there... Whether it was the same thing from earlier, whether it had seen me, I don't know... After this snapshot, it hobbled away in the shadows again, but not with the speed of that which had been noticed... Now I had it on camera, I was sure that I could report this to HoN Co. and see what they say! If this isn't call for an investigation, I don't know what is... I thought that it would be a great idea as well if I could capture it, whatever it was, using some sort of trap! If I could get a better look at it, I might be able to determine what's going on here! I've got loads of evidence to suggest something is going on, and if I can catch whatever it was that I saw, maybe I can decipher this book! There has to be a link between the figure I've seen and the book I acquired! I spent a large amount of time digging a pit close to the cliff system, but shrouded by my forest. It wouldn't be very visible during the night due to the leaf cover, so it would be perfect! I then went to and from the beach carrying buckets of water to make it a water trap. I don't want to drown it, but maybe if I can tire it out, it may not be hostile when I find it... if it's hostile at all!

     It was still pretty early afternoon by the time I'd finished partially filling the trap with water, and I decided to leave it at that and return tomorrow. With the renewed vigour, I returned to the house and back to the book that was confusing me so! I spent at least 3 hours on it, trying to make some headway: I've seen so many different patterns in the runes from the book that it practically seems to confuse itself, let alone me! But I'm sure that I could get somewhere with it! It was then that the wolf started growling again (really need to think of a new name, something that fits his charater). Not a violent, angry growl, but a low cautious one... I went down to see what was going on, and he was sitting there on the porch near the steps; ears lying flat, staring out into the Eastern hills, growling... I couldn't see anything, but I knew that they could sense things that I couldn't... After awhile, he perked up and began panting happily, as though nothing had happened! He then trotted into the house and lay down next to the furnace! This practically confirmed it for me, and a little while ago I sent a report to HoN Co. with a copy of the image I took! I outlined everything, from the book, to the shadows, everything! I even sent a shot of a passage from the book, to see if they could make any headway with it... but I'm not holding out much luck.

Syeonyx signing off

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