Welcome to "The Diary of a Miner"; a blog detailing the adventures and mysteries that I, Syeonyx, embark upon in my quest to further my mining and survival skills! It'll be tough, there will be good times and bad times, but I'll always be alive to post my adventures... probably...

Day 25: Taking a break from wall building...

     Due to the little incident yesterday, I had initially decided to devote my time to finishing the wall... or at least attempting to. But one thing hadn't struck me until I saw it; the trees! My forest was blocking the way for me to finish a part of my wall! I relied upon the trees as a source of wood to craft things, and to support the mineshaft - not that I had done much mining though. If I was going to going to receive the task force tomorrow, I wanted to ensure that they were safe! For all I know, I might end up going back to HoN Co. and the investigation team take over! I wouldn't necessarily mind... as long as I could bring Chiron back with me, I'd be glad to see the last of this place. I finished off the tower that I started yesterday, and began extending the wall as far North as I could, making use of the new wall-building technique I picked up yesterday! It wasn't long before the inevitable; having to go from builder to lumberjack!

     I devoted almost the entire morning - and some of the afternoon - to clearing the forest. I got a huge stockpile of wood, which I had to deliver to my house in small shuttle runs. In the end, I decided to make a chest, put all the wood into it and wheeled it back to the house on the minecart I had left outside during the night. Surprisingly it was still there, intact and it hadn't been moved! After clearing the entire forest, I was left with a lot of spare branches and twigs that I had no use for whatsoever, so I burnt them using a rustic lighter I cobbled together from some flint and steel, and a bit of cloth as tinder! I sat there and just watched the entire thing go up in flames, the only thing I wanted to see in flames! After the flames had died out, I stamped on the ashes and went to work to extend the wall where the forest had once been.

     I think the amount of work I did yesterday - and all the tree lopping i did today - has really taken it out of me; I'm really tired and I was easily working with half the effort as usual! Still, the sight of that Creeper in the early morning light behind my forge kept me going. I would make this area safe! The task force would get here and they would find out what's going on here! By about five in the afternoon, I had barely covered any ground at all extending the wall along the existing forest! Tomorrow, the task force would arrive and they'd have to make do with the inadequate security I had provided. I just hoped they had the manpower to help me finish the job in a short time! Then they could conduct their research quickly and safely!

     After making little progress with the wall, I decided to retire for the day and have some fun with Chiron! Today would be the last day of normality for us... if you can call the recent goings on "normal"! This place is likely to get very crowded soon, and I kinda liked being alone here! Even with the Creepers, and the zombies - and the spiders and skeletons apparently - I feel like I belong here, with just Chiron to keep me company! It's what I always imagined life to be; pure survival! Where each day you chose something new to do that would extend your life a couple more days. Back in the cities, it was all too hectic for me. Everyone ran around like sheep, doing the same routine, day in, day out! I could never do that... It's why I joined HoN Co.; they promised adventure and intrigue! Well, I'm definately getting my fill of those two!

     Can't wait until the task force arrives tomorrow! Partially so I feel safer knowing there are other people who have my back, but mostly because I can prove to them that I can survive and thrive in this land! I might even make a cake for their arrival! I have all the ingredients lying around and it's something to do at least!

Until tomorrow then...

Syeonyx signing off

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